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Free dry camp with extras. Read the website and don't break the basic simple rules. Have a beer at our campfire.

Honey’s Park -Arco Idaho 43.62849, -113.29457

super quiet and clean. store reasonably priced. wash is $1 and dryer $1.50. states shower cost for hot water. turn it on. never had to pay. swim in the falls across the street. I just wanted a one night stop to do laundry and charge up as it's been rainy and cloudy.

Coos Canyon Campground & Cabins 44.72028, -70.63204

still here and still delicious. the chocolate pastries are indeed incredible and the pesto version was stuffed full and very good. we paid 9.6k for 2 of each.

Ambrosía Taller de Pan 5.60208, -75.81349

Nice spot kinda different.. some ruts coming in but doable with my minivan…

Cliff top 35.21146, -100.86166

After staying for longer, discovered it is not an ideal spot to stay as people regularly come out to use it for target practice.

Bridger-Teton National Forest Gravel Spot 42.61226, -110.89453

Nice and quiet spot for rving.
No shade from the trees but if you have a camper and a/c that shouldn't be an issue.
Bears in the area however we never saw any.
Full hookups available with 1 shared washroom at the main office along with showers. Showers are used with tokens.

Sagitawah RV Park 54.19157, -115.78648

This place is permanently closed.

Beach -40.16044, -71.36080

River was high. Couldn't find a good site for camping.

South Side Gravel Bar 61.50341, -149.02787

Private property signs posted.

Knik River North 61.50742, -149.02868

A relatively crowded State Park on the shore of Lake Champlain. It is also a very convenient place to stage before crossing into Canada as we are getting ready to do..

Cumberland Bay State Park 44.72400, -73.42181

good place for camp. with tent or camper.
place for 3 a 4 tents.
there is a Firepit. there is a lake 10meter walking. good for fishing en swimmimg.

ipenburg camp 57.21008, 14.37635

RV and tent campground. Seems nice tho didn’t stay overnight. Clean bathrooms.

$2 coin operated showers. They are timed which is not posted. I’d say was 8ish min before water shut off.

3 5G bars AT&T

Estes Park Campground at Mary’s Lake 40.34691, -105.52972

no charge for water or dumping
right up king st from Cabelas

Essential Fuels + Propane + Dump + Water 61.12836, -149.88114

Ótimo apoio para os viajantes, agua e energia

Kite Lagoon / Praia do Guajiru -2.88072, -39.91062
Stephen Nell

This place is permanently closed.

Laksavika 59.12303, 5.70763

This is a nice spot, not much to add to the good description. With T-Mobile I get 1-3 bars 5G with 11,58 Mbps downstream. This is my First "Check-In".

Juan Creek 39.70225, -123.80392

Perfect place near Denali Park for big rig.

Huge paved pullout riverside 63.51937, -148.80316

we thought the grass spot was way to visible, so we explored a bit and 5m to the left there is a way to go behind the threes where there is enough space for a tent
here is quiet and protected, the sky is beautiful and the 4g reception is impressive!

Nice and peaceful -18.19521, -63.87668

amazing camp ground. 50 pesos fee for a van. camping tables and bbq pits, restrooms and trash cans. some palapas too. and, you can go hiking to the Rio Caliente Cascadas and hot springs. trail open 8am to 4 pm. apparently super busy on weekends

Parque La Primavera Campamento El Pedernal 20.71086, -103.57070

This place is permanently closed.

Beach by a fortress ruin 56.55395, 16.64127

This place is permanently closed.

Clavet Junction Gas Station 52.01590, -106.38227

Sign at entrance says NO OVERNIGHT PARKING

Walmart 40.65868, -95.85766

Beautiful spot. Getting there is kind of an adventure but it is worth it! Best view on mountains!
Getting out is an even bigger adventure. But we managed it with a renault kangoo.

mountain view 46.26766, 14.00278

Beautiful camping and lake. 15 sites all free and lake access with dock. About half full but got space 15. It is close to the lake and pit toilet. No cell service.

Heart Lake Provincial Campground 55.49925, -122.56778

Multiple camping locations here. Drive further to get away from the highway noise.

North of Radio Tower Road, Clear Air Force Station 64.30591, -149.07502

Excelent! siendo las 2130 me recibió don Leopoldo para pernoctar en mi Motorhome. Gracias y gracias por la App ioverlander.

Los Nogales de Roan Jase -33.71691, -70.33066

Area verde no centro da cidade, com muitas araras e tucanos.
Temos.ponto de água, energia e deacarte.

Casa de Campo na Chapada Camping -14.13359, -47.50697

Calm and silent place to stay overnight.

san ignacio Axion gas station -27.26727, -55.53952

I and a bunch of other campers were just kicked out by the Police at 10:15pm. Apparently the owner of the park (?!) complained. The police was kind and offered us to go to the WallMart parking.

Wood Street Lookoff 45.35546, -63.26221

This is a neighborhood, next to an elementary school. In a state with unbelievably easy national forest and camping access, this is plain lazy, and is angering local residents due to the 3-4 vans that have started to block the road. Please delete this, as it’s not even a boondocking site.

Dirt pull off 45.64333, -110.94401

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