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Hard to find - thankful for pics. Tight. Wouldn’t attempt big unit.

Shell gas station 46.53808, -84.31983

Great spot! Stayed here for one night. Arrived around 8:00pm and the lot was almost full. Presumably some people left after watching the sunset, but I didn’t check. There were about 8-10 other camper vans who stayed overnight as well. There’s enough separation from the highway that highway traffic isn’t very noticeable. I didn’t see any “no overnight parking” signs in this lot.

Moolack Beach Parking Area 44.70411, -124.06135

Best Steaks (Veggie Food available, of course)
Cool big Pool.
Fantastic bread.
Farmers around.
Stayed 9 nights.
Loved it!

Charly's Restaurant and Bungalows 20.46495, -102.49686

flat site beside a creed no cell service. on the idaho bdr

idbdr creak site near reservoir 44.32598, -115.62620

4 nice sites only 2 are level. right on a creek. pot toileta

buck mountain 44.68172, -115.54067
Al Fontaine

large parking lot by the side of the road near trail

parking sentier matawinie 46.35111, -73.66317

Would fit a camper van or small (21 feet or less) trailer. Quiet street. Flat first pull out.

PageMill pullout 37.36568, -122.12249

Booked two nights and left after one due to minute site and no privacy. We moved to Pioneer RV where the sites larger and some privacy in the trees. Don't recommend.

Hi Country RV Park, Whitehorse 60.68234, -135.06180

great spot ! super quiet, light at night but many trees to park under.

Street Parking 33.88907, -118.37797

There are mixed reviews and hasn’t been updated in several years on here so we were hesitant but arrived at 9pm on a Saturday and stayed until 7am on a Sunday. No knocks, no one bothered us, quite a bit of noise from passing planes. No “no parking” signs, no other RVs in lot but a few were parked next door near Chuck E. Cheese.

Lowes Parking Lot 37.64012, -122.42102

Yup. Most definitely closed. I was kindly informed by the folks that run the place.

Montpelier Waste Water Treatment 44.25510, -72.59536

Nice big spot right off the road with some great rocks and a great view. Has been a party spot in the past with some graffiti and trash but it’s now a bit cleaner than we found it!
Stayed one night on a Saturday night and was very quiet.

Mt Herman Road 39.05587, -105.00749

Beautiful pull off along the beach on Ocean rd. Public bathrooms at visitor center nearby. Did not see any No Overnight Parking signs. Slept and cooked here peacefully with no issues. Beach campfires at night with amazing sunset. Dream spot please keep it clean!

Manzanita Beachside Parking 45.72051, -123.94107

Stayed at the end of the road/turn around. We picked up a lot of trash. Several trails. Sound of the river. Lot of broken glass so beware if you have dogs. Verizon has 1 bar.

Wold Rd 46.74828, -121.93631

Fills up fast. Bring bug spray, mosquitos are horrendous. We stayed in spot #2 and were on the cove of the lake… y’all, there were eagles everywhere! I don’t think other spots could see them bc they were all further in the woods but we woke up hearing them call out and having them in the trees right in front of our tent!!

McCoy Creek Campground 43.18365, -111.10302

Price for foreigners now 250 N$ pp.
Trip as described, very beautiful

Brandberg National Monument -21.09386, 14.67641

Lugar tranquilo para pernoite! 24 horas. Equipe bem solicita.
Caso precise pode solicitar água e energia

Posto Tulio -25.25070, -48.90932

this campground is open. I'm staying in it now. The campground is about 1/3 full

Last Chance Campground 44.98963, -116.18820

This place is permanently closed.

Club d’aviron de Boucherville 45.59729, -73.45988

Pet friendly, and has Wi-Fi.

Ponderosa Campground 44.51855, -109.07261

small patch of gravel with a panic table & some large trees. Between two roads. Good for an overnight. Also used by large trucks, may be noisy for some.

crystal spring rest area 37.53274, -115.23260

Lovely shady sites along the river. Free. Room for large groups nearer the road.

Lower Lost River Access Free 43.93939, -113.65041

Decent - small parking area - they ask 20 $ for a room incl. breakfast & wifi - we did bit spend the night

Wailers lodge -1.97802, 30.11242

Closed when we came - manager wanted us to wait outside the gate until he came (but didnt come until the night) we didnt wait and look for other places

Mamba Club for Overlander -1.97803, 30.11244

Closed down permanently!
High commission of Mozambique is now at the premises

ViaVia Kigali -1.97804, 30.11243

Closed down permanently- taken over by a fancy new place Atelier (looks brand new)
Dont know if its a restaurant or workshop

Discover Rwanda Youth Hostel -1.97802, 30.11244

We couldn’t find it - either permanently closed or wrong coordinates

One Love Club -1.97804, 30.11243

peaceful starry night with a gorgeous sunrise and lots of birds.

Service Road 42.19027, -73.74301

Stayed here last night, a Saturday. A good option, no signs about overnight parking. As others have said, people hangout here in the evenings. Last night things shut down at 12:30am. Probably earlier Sunday thru Thursday. Also, people with fishing boats on trailers start showing up at boat launch at 5:30ish. Porto Potty on site.

Guilford Harbor, CT 41.27172, -72.66391

This is a public Beach not a place for overnight camping. Campers Block the access to the Beach for other people.

Vestsidaveg 59.57525, 9.16035

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