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grand stationnement sur la gravelle on peut marcher jusqu'à une chute et se baigner par contre il y a une pancarte aucune tente ou camper , un employé de la ville est venue nous aviser et nous avons dû quitter.

Wood Street Lookoff 45.35517, -63.26208

Very affordable hotel (40 sol for double room), clean and with hot shower. Possibility to park a car or bikes in a garage 100m away. Ok wifi.

Hospedaje JAMK -9.32373, -77.60417

Nice people and option for the area. They're currently working on making a large camping area. They hope to have that ready in the fall of '22.

Blue Ridge Overland Gear 37.33164, -79.61728

I stored my motorcycle here for 2 years and 8 month over COVID and collected it on the 21 July 2022. When I left it I did the same as everyone else and stamped my bike out of Colombia, but not my passport. I then turned around and stored my bike here. Storage was under a corrugated roof but pretty much open to then elements. The bike had a cover when I left it but due to strong winds the cover got ripped and the bike was very very dusty when I returned. If I did this again, I’d by 2 or 3 bike covers and ask Eduardo to replace it every year when it rips. I would definitely use this place again. Eduardo and his wife are lovely. I worked on the bike all day when I returned and she gave me fruit and chatted to me from time to time. Upon returning to the boarder, I did as everyone else did. I drove right past the Vehicle Office and parked 30 meters down on the left. I then walked back up and only checked my self / passport out of Colombia. No one was checking vehicles. No one even so much as raised and eyebrow. This system still works fine.

Long Term Parking - Parqueadero La Amistad 0.82576, -77.62993

Basecamp type place for overlanders. About a mile off the highway is a big flat spot for lots of vehicles. Paved but rough road most of the way. 2wd low clearance friendly until the very end, finding a spot might be a little tricky for big rigs (our is 23’). 4x4 would have a great time out here.

BLM 4x4 trailhead 44.53892, -108.15428

Road was a little rough but we made it we our F150 and camper in two wheels drive but definitely should have turned on the 4xd as the véhicule was hot when we arrived up, the first spot is a larger flat platform but someone had claimed the entire space for themselves but the second spot is also incredible - the view is definitely worth it - it was just us up there!

Relatively flat with some cell service. Make sure to be there before sunset

Also a couple bear poops near us relatively fresh so be be near aware with your food

Ridgeline With a View 47.99376, -123.96728

I can confirm the other posts. From Caiundo going south the road is incredibly bad for about 100 km. I did it on a motorcycle and was struggling a lot in the sand. Took me 10 hours from Menongue to Katwitwi. No petrol available after Menongue. Small villages. Some sell sweet potatoes and oranges, but otherwise not really anything. People are incredibly kind and friendly and I wouldn't think twice about staying overnight on the road or asking in a village.
The last 50 kms before Katwitwi the road improves but gets bumpy. I did it in July during dry season. Respect for those who did it in the wet season!!! Would be impossible for me!

Rough Road south of Caiundo -15.72585, 17.46527

Very quiet and safe place. Near to the Polideportivo. One block above the market square.

Lugar muy tranquilo y seguro. Cerca de Polideportivo. Una cuadra arriba de la plaza de mercado

Near to Polideportivo 5.62979, -73.52012

Great place to spend a night in a quiet and safe neighborhood. Only problem was we got a knock at 10PM from a truck full of police telling us we could park AT the park but not IN the park so we had to move about 10 feet to the right, where it wasn’t so level, although we could have found a level spot if we’d done it when we pulled in. Sort of a bother, but still a great spot.

Masaja Park 18.39276, -88.38170

Great place! When we arrived we almost turned around when we saw the two small campsites, but it turned our there are plenty more places to camp.

We had such an awesome time here, owner Rupert is so helpful and relaxed and the vibe is really nice. Our kids were more then welcome and spend days searching for all painted ‘hidden’ stones. Together with the other guests we had two memorable camp nights around the fire. Ask Rupert to make his camping pizza.

Would definitely recommend to stay here if you are in the area!

Eselbe Camp -20.19232, 26.18628

A beautiful location on the beach with a large river running along the side of the property. They rent hammocks and pavilions along the beach. They also have a bamboo forest next to the river with shady spots to camp and relax. Tent camping is 50 pesos per night. Good wifi for 30 pesos per day. Large caravan parking for 200 pesos per day. Only locals use the area and you'll find it very quiet at night.

Camping La Güera 18.70377, -95.24032

small flat-ish spot for 2 vehicles max. slightly tucked away from the General's Highway.

Pull out 36.66954, -118.84994

Fabio is a life saver! We were going to ship our 4Runner out of Panama City with overland embassy. But due to roadblocks and protests in Panama, we could not make it there. We stumbled across the other reviews here and decided to message him on WhatsApp… he responded right away, sent estimates, and got the process moving right away. He sends high-end antique cars to the United States every two weeks and sent lots of pictures of these sweet Land Cruisers he exports to make us feel comfortable.

We were nervous about doing RoRo and handing over the keys, but everything showed up totally fine and absolutely nothing missing or stolen. He even got our car on a flatbed in San Jose instead of needing to drive to Limon, and drove us 45 minutes to our hotel afterwards!

We would definitely recommend using Fabio if you’re trying to ship your car to Florida. Nothing bad to say at all! His colleague Carrol, the customs agent in Florida, was also very helpful when we landed in Tampa.

Grupo Internacional Jomar 9.99485, -83.02970

Highway noise is a thing for sure… so keep this in mind if you’re going to crash here for the night. I nicely asked the ladies working, “do you allow humans to park in the back for the night?” They laughed and said, “only aliens are allowed.”

Cracker Barrel. Troutville 37.39272, -79.90058

Quiet and convenient. Wasn't bothered for an overnight. Tons of open parking spaces.

Williamsburg Apt Parking Lot 37.25133, -76.67095

Passamos algumas noites aqui. Posto com bastante estrutura. Tem wi-fi e banheiros com chuveiro.

YPF. South Mendoza -33.09350, -68.87919

Beau petit camping, 4 terrains avec vu sur le Saint-Laurent. Les autres sont plus privée. Proprio sympathique.

Motels Camping Des Flots Bleus 48.09069, -69.25919

Bueno y tranquilo para pasar la noche con el ruido del mar, no se puede acampar solo Camper o casa rodante no muy grandes por que el camino es un poco estrecho

Puerto Oscuro -31.42257, -71.59312

Bueno y tranquilo para pasar la noche el camino es estrecho para llegar y donde uno estacionar así que no es recomendable para casas rodante grandes

Puerto Oscuro -31.42263, -71.59290

Renato is a great guy. If you are looking for an alternative to all the agency in town, he is the man. He not only tells you what he knows as most of the tour operators do, he lives it. To get to his Basecamp we had to do some river crossing. From there we went fishing (first small and then big fishes), collected fruits and produced delicious jus out of it, went for a night walk and saw birds, alligator, tapir.... was a great experience to live with and in the nature with him.we can definitely recommend him if you don't need a luxury jungle tour.

RENATO -14.43701, -67.52550

NFS Campground on shore of Crane Prairie Reservoir

Crane Prairie Campground 43.79721, -121.75864

Fresh water spring, it is on, could be difficult to find if walking from the nearby campsite

Water 42.60935, 25.30776

Garde et propriétaire très gentils qui nous ont accepté pour une nuit avec notre van. Douches chaudes et toilettes. Endroit très calme et surveillé. Ils nous ont rien demandé de payer.

Camping Sindicato Camioneros -33.76450, -61.98982

muy recomendable, solucionó mi problema de forma rápida. La ubicación no corresponde, contactar primero por WhatsApp.

Eduardo MOBILE servicio technico automotriz -38.74054, -72.64052
Wilde Weite Welt

Bushcamp along C35 behind a hill. Good option for a bushcamp before or after Etosha Galton Gate entrance. Few noise from the road, but not visible, slow Edge MTC-Signal.

bushview C35 -19.04105, 14.35349

It's a gas station that has a large parking lot at the back. We asked the staff if we could spend the night there, and they said yes. Shortly after, a guard from the station arrived saying that he would charge 2 dollars. We ended up deciding not to go out the next morning, and spent another night there. We filled up on our way out and asked who we should pay for parking, and they said no need to pay. It is possible to fill the water tank and has a convenience store. When the weather is clear, the view of the Cotopaxi volcano in the background is beautiful.

É um posto de gasolina que possui um grande estacionamento ao fundo. Perguntamos aos funcionários se poderiamos passar a noite lá, e eles disseram que sim. Pouco depois chegou um vigia do posto dizendo que cobraria 2 dólares. Acabamos decidindo não sair na manhã do dia seguinte, e passamos mais uma noite no local. Abastecemos ao sair e perguntamos para quem deveríamos pagar pelo estacionamento, e eles disseram que não era necessário pagar. É possível encher o tanque de água e possui uma loja de conveniência. Quando o tempo está aberto, é linda a vista do vulcão Cotopaxi ao fundo.

Primax -0.75274, -78.61495

Busy place right on the lake. Pretty clean and well-kept (didn’t try the bathrooms as I have one in the van). LOTS of people mid-week, some who seem to stay awhile. Stayed here one night, didn’t notice any no camping signs and the lady I talked to said the limit was 14 days.

Free Campspot at Riffe Lake 46.48743, -122.18449
Kali Barlow

This is apparently not a legal place to park. NOT VAN FRIENDLY. Parked along Baseline Rd and police showed up and threatened to ticket us. Made us move as they said it was illegal to camp overnight here. DO NOT PARK ALONG BASELINE RD or you are risking a $200 ticket!

Chautauqua Park 39.99953, -105.28065

well equiped mechanics, owner is David Vargas

complete auto repair 9.37152, -83.72240

Best propane price around. Really friendly and helpful employees!

Black Bear Outpost 47.11047, -122.43524

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