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Really glad we read the previous visitors entry- it was perfect !!! We have 2 dogs that love off leash- so the campground up the road wasn’t for us. This was great- quiet, right on the river, and no one around. Great dispersed site for sure !! We did clean up the trash from the previous camper - which sucks…. But we like to do our part to keep these free sites clean.

Dirt road off Hwy 2 48.54124, -115.96171

City of Charlottetown bylaw states no overnight camping in any parks. Enforcement officers will make campers move.

Charlottetown 46.25015, -63.12056

They are re-routing the highway and the turnoff is not accessible right now. Construction equipment parked there. Once site C is running, this might have to be marked closed as it could very well be under water.

Riverside 56.13456, -121.64887

Access In the middle of a construction site for Site C (BC Hydro dam). We did not try to drive down thinking they will either tell us to disappear or 7am the beeping construction noises will start. I don’t believe anything close to the river will exist once the flooding will start (don’t know that timeline). New spots will have to be found once the lake has been created.

Lynx Creek 56.06696, -121.83682
Direction East

Very nice campsite for tents and vans. Quite flat you pitch the tent on a grassy-sandy ground 5 meters away from the beach (clean, sand).
The owner is super friendly, brought us çay in the mornings.
There's a restaurant and you can buy some drinks.
Basic Asian toilets get cleaned several times a day, sink to wash dishes, fridge, wifi, electricity, shower (solar, so depends on sun how warm/hot).

Gölge Camp 41.11315, 37.71214

Picnic place, playground and shady spots near the river Çoruh

Alıçlı 40.43816, 40.76645

Lind, WI Natural Spring 
N1315 County Rd K, Waupaca, WI 54981
At Lind, WI Old Town hall at corner of Cty A and Cty EE

Spring is located on Right Side of County Road A South just before inersection of County Road EE West, where Old Lind Town Hall sits, and is near Ditch of County Road EE, to the North.

Hope you understand Directions Very Easy to see from CTY Rd A North or County Road A South and County Road EE West , Spring is on the Right when heading South where the Old Lind Center Hall sits, Spring can’t be missed someone put an old fashion Pump and welded the handle open so it can’t be shut off.

Continuous flow.
Open to the public.
Open 24/7.

Lind Spring 44.28734, -89.04722

Flowing Well Ft Atkinson
W5469 Bark River Rd, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

This well is located on the Rustic Road, Bark River Road east of Fort Atkinson, WI. The water has the flavor of iron and is popular with folks from as far away as Milwaukee.

Nearest Address
Between Rock River Rd and Kutz Rd on Bark River Rd just outside of town.

Continuous flow.
Open to the public.
Open 24/7

Fort's Artesian Well 42.92360, -88.80718

Little Girls Point Spring 
Lake Rd, Ironwood, MI 49938 at Lake Superior

Metal pipe draining to a concrete bed. There is parking off the road.

In 2021 there was a yellow sign saying NonPotable…with no indications why

Little Girls Point Spring Lake Superior 46.58086, -90.27736

Sundown Saloon And Campground, 3508 WI-35, Frederic, WI 54837

Primarily a permanent site Campground but will allow overnight if there's space.

The Saloon is CASH ONLY and a nice modern bar with some really good large burgers. I believe they're 1/2 lb ea, don't get the double unless you want extra. I think buns are a type of Sourdough. Burgers are sold á la carte and range about $9-$13(double), sodas are fountain and free refills, play some corn hole if you want.
Nice place in the middle of nowheresville WI

Sundown Saloon & Campground 45.71452, -92.39482

The Desert Moon camp and product is the main entrance to Qabr Aoun Lake

Desert Moon Tourism Club قمر الصحراء 26.58760, 13.17305

اسعار رخيصة جدا يوجد به فندق ومكان تخييم ومكان هادي وأمن والموظفين قمة في الاحترام والخدمات

Desert Moon Tourism Club قمر الصحراء 26.58760, 13.17305

Excellent land rover parts supplier,
29 years in business, very helpful and knowedgable

Auto Rover -6.81872, 39.28148

Very friendly staff. Good English speaking host.
No barking dogs... cute cats.
Would come again.

bivouac lot of stars 30.90884, -6.89711
Frederic Deleu

Small parking spot near to a beautiful small beach on the lake

Sjötorp beach 58.10615, 11.95483

A few parking spots by a gravel road just before no-entry sign. During weekends parking fills up quickly in the morning hours. So because of the cars, no more than individual spaces should be used as parking spaces. The driveway seems narrow and a little bit steep but in reality is short and fine.

Even with some houses close by it is very quiet and peaceful place. So pay respect for locals to keep this place open for overlanders. ;)

Forest and creek gives great chill during hit summer.

Forest parking by the creek 47.86151, 13.99182

Great place to stay on the way to/from Aktau. It was too windy for our roof tent and we desperately needed a shower and AC. 8000T for double room with great breakfast. Very friendly owner.

Gostinitsa Daulet 47.65090, 53.33902

7miles off the road to campsite in the forest. stone table and benches. licked toilet water from a stream nearby. very quiet

kisegese forest reserve -8.15104, 36.33868

We are on our way from Europe to India overland and tried to get our Indian visa here. Because Wagah Border in Pakistan is not officially open, they still don’t give visa.
Visa for flying into India are easy to get.
So the only option is to apply in Islamabad with Visatronix.

Indian visa office 35.76382, 51.41902

Belle arrêt dodo très tranquille comme place

Boat area 38.98674, -74.84102

Great place
i paid 40 for bread, vegetables, soup, and coffee, friendly guy

Restaurant 38.69876, 70.48488

Some electronig parts like switches, inline fuse, soldering equipment, ...

Electronic Store DAC 41.77987, 44.78006

As described. Great for a quick night. River is accessible through rough path for a dog swim on river side of big field. Beware the 10’6” underpass to enter area. Nice field for activity. TREVELN!

Water Street 42.15445, -72.32954
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

This place no longer exists after the COVID pandemic.

Pov Socheat Guesthouse 13.52468, 105.98065
4ever2wherever (Margriet & Jan)

We paid USD 15 for a 2/3 person room. Room is OK, but nothing special. Parking in front of the hotel. Owners are friendly, but do not speak any English. Our Cellcard data didn't work here.

Moni Ratanak 13.52537, 105.97161

Cute little grocery store with basic things like soda, pasta and bread. There is not much else on the road between Gweta and Maun so this is a nice stopover.

little groceries shop -20.20189, 24.53653

There is currently no signage on the highway for this rest area. I think it’s due to the pipeline construction going on in the immediate area. There is a fence that sets off the construction area so there is no problem getting to and using the rest area. But, I think as a result of no signage on the highway, I had to place all to myself. I was worried that construction would start early in the morning but so far I’ve only seen one security guy and that was last night. He was over by the fence for about 15 minutes and left. It’s currently 6 AM and no sign of any activity at the construction area. Such a great place to stay!

Thunder River 52.22461, -119.21772
Des routes & nous

Sénégal>Guinée. All good, stamp on the Passeport and CPD. Very friendly. You can change some Franc cfa to Franc Guineen.

Senegal - Guinee Conakry Border 12.92444, -13.63840
Wyld Eagle Adventures

The official campground of the Recreational Park, offers stunning views over the lake, and the opportunity to see some 18 Rhinos the small park has to offer (minus their horns which already apparently were cut off for their protection).
As far as the campsite goes, it's falling apart. Be prepared for basically a wild camp. Water and electricity reportedly haven't worked since 2013.
$9 pppn for international visitors, plus the park fee of $10 per person or auto, comes to $48 for a vehicle with 2 adults, for a night in the park.

Lake Mutirikwi (Kyle) Rec Park Campground -20.21964, 31.00357
Wyld Eagle Adventures

Still as described. Reportedly 18 Rhinos with cut off horns and friendly rangers with AK-47 to protect them. Also saw some Zebras. Offer Rhino drives with rangers who know where they are in your vehicle, 2h $15.

Kyle National Park -20.18578, 30.99557

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