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Rob Wilson Photography

Quite a nice free campground with pit toilets, water pumps, and garbage disposal, run by BC Hydro. Some sites with shrubs/trees, others exposed. Telus signal is spotty but there...sort of.

BC Hydro - Lillooet Seton Dam Campground 50.66831, -121.97572
Vivendo Estradas

Lugar bem tranquilo, bem no centro histórico, achamos bem seguro...
dormimos duas noites por lá, até o por do sol (que por sinal é lindo de se ver) é um pouco movimentado por ser um ponto bem turístico, mas a noite é bem tranquilo, pode estacionar motorhome e é gratuito o estacionamento...
há banheiros públicos gratuitos há algumas quadras do estacionamento...
tem outros lugares ótimos pra passar a noite na redondeza também...

Colonia de Sacramento -34.47314, -57.85379

nous sommes arrivés tard
il semblait avoir quelques place
un autre personne était là
tranquille et boisé

Kaibab forest free camping 35.92463, -112.12472
Brendon & Kira Hak

Really a great spot, best for motorcycles and tents because you can ride down the tight trail and camp at the lookout. Vehicles will have to camp in a grass parking area.

Bozhenitza with a nice view 43.01281, 23.83627

Stayed here 3 nights, beautiful, right on the beach. Was great because we had a hot spell and the lake was great to cool off. Got a little busier during the day but tapered off in the evening. Always around 4 different campers over night.

Rose Beach 42.35496, -81.83336

Main road pull off, quite a few campsites, there are no fire pits however fires are permitted, no smoking, dogs on leash, a few garbage bins throughout, lots of trees for hammocks/slack lines!

North Creek Rest Area 43.07811, -79.51100

very quiet and peaceful. sweet trails with great views. felt safe and was clean.

Strunk Rd 45.58543, -122.19809

Stationnement à une intersection super passante... Des scooters ont passés jusqu'à 2h du matin et il y a aussi une centrale électrique et les employés gossaient sur une remorque. Je dormais dans ma voiture. Coin non recommandé pour le sommeil léger. J'ai dormis environ 4h... Mais positif, j'étais seule toute la soirée. Il y a beaucoup d'arbres et d'attraits intéressantes à quelques 2 minutes de marche.

mascouche..parc à chien 45.74617, -73.62298

We recommend this place. Only few noise from the main road. Each Site has its own ablution house which was unpretentious but clean. The water was hot. The restaurant was OK but nothing special. You can very well use the sites with a truck (2.5 m wide / 3.7 m high).

Khorab Lodge -19.66344, 17.32846
Wilde Weite Welt

Bushcamp on an open gravel area on a faint track ca 1 km from D3707. Not visible from the road. Quiet, no people, no MTC-Signal. In the Hoarusib valley to the west live a lot of people, but here you disturb nobody.

Hoarusib Valley -18.27339, 13.40972

Only ATM in Mafia Island. Charges 11.800, so pretty standart. Max was 400k

NMB Bank -7.91398, 39.66183

Small parking beside a road and train line but pretty quiet at night. Crowded though! Don’t arrive too late or it might be difficult to find a spot. Good for a night or two.

Bow Valley Trail 51.05244, -115.25617

The Innisfree Birch Lake Campground/Recreation Park.

A Concession is available at the Registration Office.

Firewood bundles are available for sale at the Registration Office.

Innisfree Campground 53.36326, -111.52508

The campsite is open. It was a great place to overnight.

Warren Bridge Campground-BLM 43.01595, -110.12053

um ótimo ponto de parada bem tranquilo rua sem saída

Estaleiro Beach -27.02627, -48.58132

fiquei nesse camping por alguns dias, durante a semana tem preço diferenciado (40 reais) por pessoa, fim de semana creio que esteja em 50 reais. o camping não é muito grande, mas é organizado e os banheiros estão sempre limpos. possui uma cozinha de uso comunitário com utensílios básicos, mas não tem geladeira de uso comum. tem área para motorhomes e uma outra área demarcada para as barracas. possui regras de convivência, onde não permitem caixas de som e não permite fazer fogueira.

Na Praia Camping -23.35018, -44.72265

Had city official writing up our vehicles at 8am in the morning. Park here at your own risk.

Homer Dock ‐ Free Parking up to 7 days 59.60821, -151.42507

Great camping sites and quiet, very little road noise.

Graham Cave State Park 38.90942, -91.58182

Not the right chords- will have to use the address given. great spot though.

WalMart 49.85443, -97.15888

Water in park on east side of town hall building

Dolores Town Hall 0.78940, -108.83933
Roadtrip 2020

Place as described. Totally awesome. Thank you Gleichen!

Gleichen Campground 50.86893, -113.05210

Nice spot. Quiet and nice hiking trail. The city is growing fast and so there are excellent resources (grocery, gas), no bathrooms around. Closest is a gas station 1km away.

Labrador City 52.94097, -66.87325

We could spend a night on the Church parking, big parking - you can drive to the back and have a nice view over Kigala (airport side)
Good for one night !

Church with big parking lot -1.97808, 30.11244

We stayed here at a room $35 per night and fixed our van in their private parking lot where they have a lot of space! The elderly woman is so nice!! And told me that not many people come around this time and she was so thankful. She speaks Spanish but I think if you ask her if you could spend the night at the parking lot for some money she would agree to it. She has nice facilities table tennis, football table, pool, basketball area, pool, nice bar, toilets etc. Fast wifi. Her whatsapp number: 099-441-3614

Casa Blue Tortuga -2.21095, -80.87801

There’s a pull out on the side of the road a small camper or truck with roof top can use

Right across the road from the pull out there’s a foot path that leads to a small spot you can pitch a tent.

Long steepish dirt road to access the area but doable.

Arapaho National forest 39.80194, -105.57159

Omalo guesthouse, the greatest family we have met in Georgia, they let us camp with the roof tent on the side of the house for free, and use the bathroom and electricity, all for free! In return we bought dinner and breakfast in there guesthouse, which were delitious, best we had in Georgia!

Omalo Guesthouse, lets you camp! 42.36885, 45.63458

this place has been bulldozed & is sadly completely gone

Diamond Shamrock Water Spigot 37.96180, -104.79420

This place is great! Not often we get to free c,qqmzmamp right on the shores of a lake. Sites have concrete tables. trash cans, and fire pits. There's swimming area but most everyone is just swimming wherever they please which is great. Running water, flushing toilets. 4 bars Verizon. Highly recommend

Rhea Springs Recreation Center 35.68170, -84.82791

We found a wild camping space on top of a hill, surrounded by trees. Enough space for 2 vans, somewhat flat but remote and nice. No fire pit but it was calm and not far from bear valley campground.

Lemon Canyon Road campsite 39.56410, -120.26042

Fantastic scenery!
Sit down and have a rest, cup of coffee and maybe a swim in a sweet water. There is toilets available as well.

Øyfossen / Honnevja 59.23054, 7.53139

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