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Big grassy gravel spot directly on the cliffs and sea. Amazing vieuw, no signs of not parking and overnight. Stayed with a few more campers

South of Sines 37.87021, -8.79373

Lugar tranquilo, em frente ao mar e próximo do rio.

in front of ocean -10.74512, -36.85614

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 48.72661, -122.68661

Pull-off 48.72661, -122.68661

Taller de mecánica en general y chapa y pintura. También tienen electricidad básica…
Luis el mecánico y Diego trabajan rápido y eficientes.
un problema con la transmisión, violetas y extremos y en 2h reparado.

Taller Diego Gomeria y Mecanico -54.80317, -68.31134

This place is highly recommended. They take good care of your vehicle. Fast and well priced.
They take big rigs with no problem as they usually wash the town buses.
Interior and exterior wash.

Fabrizio, the owner, even gave us a hand repairing the support for the rear lights that were broken.

If you need a wash, I really recommend this place!

Rulli Detail - Car wash -23.82648, -64.80036

várias vagas de estacionamento ao longo do rio pipo. A estrada de terra solta muito pó, incomoda quando passa carros.
Domingo estava lotado, quase não havia vagas, mas o incomodo maior eram os carros passando e levantando pó.
na segunda o lugar ficou vazio e foi incrível. o Bonito aqui não é muito onde você estaciona, pois não é tão colado no Rio, mas o lugar é incrível. caminhar ao longo de todo o rio e apreciar a paisagem é uma experiência fantástica.
há banheiros químicos. sem água, luz e lixeiras (por conta de animais).

Rio Pipo -54.82076, -68.46875

got this one of 22dollars a night secure parking for Moto fast internet Aircon suicide shower

Hospedaje San Miguel -25.23995, -57.50817

Nice grassy Area with little shade overlooking the dam. A lot of space to camp. Some locals pass by, very friendly. Had a small talk and they moving on. At night only nature noise. No ECONET signal.

Nyika Dam -19.99616, 31.56467
De Chapa em Chapa

They continue where. Said to us that the radar was 8km before - we can make sure that is our car in the photo bus impossible to see the number plate. The fine is 30000 tsh (limite is 50 and we were doing 56) and they said that if you drive a foriegner car you need to pay cash or with Phone. Say sorry and they will let you go without problems.

Corrupt police speed checkpoint -8.50580, 35.06781

Perfect place under a very big tree close to the river for overnight. Friendly people around.

Birchenough Bridge -19.99616, 31.56467

This place looked closed. There was a cow on the lot.

welder 31.91587, -116.27208

They pull me out ask few questions open the door and let me go they were super friendly

Yucatán border 20.53386, -89.98850

beautifull place, has everything! like descibed in last comments. When we were there the owners were not there and family took care of the place. But not really good. The garbadge build up (also in the toilet) showers werent cleaned. I guess it is time for the owners to come back

Punta La Barca -0.98796, -80.84765
Brendon & Kira Hak

1000TL for two people including breakfast. A bit much for us, so we didn’t stay. Looks nice.

Hotel Grand Silopi 37.24094, 42.47933

They wave me trough without asking any questions on the way to Merida

State police checkpoint. 20.90051, -89.67951

I was told by the female cashier that this is not potable water. She advised not to drink it.

Speedway 32.33798, -111.05517

fíjense que siempre te van a decir lo de las luces aún llevándolas puestas. lo de pagar ahí y te hacen descuento,cualquier mentira, si, que lo hacen ,pero fuera y dentro de los 10 días siguientes también pagas el 50%

Police control -32.39594, -59.75215

We stayed here one night for 15000 for 1 van, two persons. It’s a nice place, but at the other side under the bridge you can boondock for free. We just noticed too late. Lots of good spots to wild camp on the gravel road a bit further too.

Camping Quilmio - A must stay. -39.70481, -71.90077

Half wind protected shut-down railway ditch at a huge goat pastureland. You'll get shadow from noon till sunset. The farmer had no problem with me and my motorbike camping here. Unfortunately some trash but lots of wood for a fireplace. 4G Wom signal, check

Railway ditch -31.93248, -71.51041
Wendy & Graham

2500 pesos per person. Plus 2500 for the camper truck. We stayed two nights. Easy walk (20 min) to centre. Very crowded and busy. Campground was packed but sites are well delineated. Busy road but otherwise quiet, no music. Note that the YPF next door had a long lineup both days and ran out of fuel. As did the YPF further down the road. We finally got fuel at the Axion station in Junin de los Andes. (The YPF there also had a long lineup.)

Camping ACA San Martin -40.15325, -71.33287
Wendy & Graham

We were told to come back at 1630 to get money. We knew from past experience that the money could run out quickly so we returned at 1545. We were first in line but there was a long lineup by 1600. They opened early at 1615 and we got $500 CDN with no problems. These WUs often do not have money until late afternoon but find out the best time and get there at least 30 min early.

Western Union -40.15791, -71.34919

Ficamos muitos dias parados em frente ao Hotel Ankara e foi muito bom.

A região é silenciosa, tranquila e segura. Muitos ônibus de turismo ficam estacionados ali.

Ao lado do hotel tem uma vendinha com lavanderia e banheiro por 1 sole; e do outro lado da rua fica o Hotel Selina que vende serviço de banho e um café com internet boa para trabalhar.

Em 2 quadras existe um banheiro público

We stayed many days in front of the Ankara Hotel and it was very good.

The region is silent, peaceful and safe. Many tour buses are parked there.

Next to the hotel there is a shop with laundry and bathroom for 1 sole; and across the street is the Hotel Selina which sells shower services and a cafe with good internet for working.

In 2 blocks there is a public restroom

In front of Ankara Hotel -13.51255, -71.98355

Ao lado do Hotel Ankara tem uma vendinha, um quiosque sem placa. A senhora lava a roupa por 5 soles o quilo.

É bem lavada. Entregando até as 11h da manhã ela fica pronta para o mesmo dia, as 17h. Se entregar depois desse horário, é só para o dia seguinte, também as 17h.

Next to Hotel Ankara there is a vendinha, a kiosk without a sign. The lady does the laundry for 5 soles a kilo.

It is well washed. Delivering until 11 am, it is ready for the same day, at 5 pm. If delivered after this time, it is only for the next day, also at 5 pm.

Side of Hotel Ankara -13.51255, -71.98355
Wendy & Graham

We found this place at the same location as what was previously known as LavaRap. We dropped off clothes at 1500 to be picked up at noon tomorrow.

Lavadero (de ropa) Mary -38.90028, -70.04729
Wendy & Graham

Lots of space for parking. We checked with the management and it is free to stay overnight. Wifi available.

YPF Gas Station (ACA) -38.88978, -70.03752

Unfortunately they no longer fill bottles here.

Lipigas Osorno -40.57646, -73.09861

Some back and forth info here. Recent visit has signs clearly indicating camping is allowed Friday through Sunday. Back gate is not open to vehicles that we could tell through the weekend so walk-in camping is the thing here. Or parking in the lot. Nice area with small trees and some shade. River close.

Coon Bluff Recreation Site 33.54665, -111.64476

They offer camping with tent 50000 GF or room 250000 GF. Shower was ok, bathroom clean. I did not test the Restaurant.

Hotel Tata 11.31243, -12.29148

Very nice coffee place with amazing coffee, chocolate caliente (very thick and chocolaty, not too sweet, really good! big portion) and tasty cakes, cookies & co. We didn't expect to find a place like this here! :)

Fenn Coffee -45.40664, -72.69723

Had some lovely fish for lunch here. Simple but delicious. Most of the dishes here are a main+side (salmon, merluza, puyes) - they also had crab chupe (kind of like chowder). Prices range from 12000 to 22000 CLP.

El Volcán Restaurant -42.91456, -72.70956

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