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I found this place on Sekr - as I showed up, a large part of the lot is fenced off for what looks like construction, but I don't know how long that will be. Doesn't seem permanent. So only a small lot remains but as I pulled in there was already another camper van. So it might be a bit tight for parking.

I have AT&T service and only have 2 bars here.

Near the Washington and Old Dominion Trail which looks nice, leads to some parks.

Not far from a lot of useful resources.

Easy to get to.

Not super loud at nightime, but near an apartment complex so sometimes people talking and near the main road, so far it's mostly empty but there's a few cars going by every minute or so. So be prepared for that. Not anything like highway noise but not dead silent either.

Parking lot isn't flat but for me it's not an issue - the slant isn't too bad.

I attached the two photos from Sekr and one I took myself.

Public Parking Lot 38.85615, -77.10824

Just checked the papers. We had no issues.

Police control tries to get bribe -26.35958, -65.95691

+56 9 9454 2711 is the WhatsApp number to contact. Really lovely place. You book it in three hour slots, 12000 clp pp. The facilities are very basic but clean and convenient.

El Sauce Hot Springs. -44.02903, -72.53299

Small restaurant that serves delicious food. Can't see a name, but you'll see the food in bowls inside the window. Got rice chicken & meat. Cold drinks too

Restaurant with no name -10.06731, 124.22583

Very nice place quiet and friendly very safe 5$us per night

Rancho San Miguel 13.67820, -89.97897

As far as I dont write comments here, I have to. This was the most amazing camping on CostaRica, which we had in 4 weeks of being here. Dont need to describe equipment, which is really fine and nice to rescue after some days of wild camping... I want to say, that the human side of this camping is amazing. Really nice guy Dixon and his young doughter welcomed us with really good english and qe enjoyed stay here by 5$ per person per night. Whats ad-hoc?

Dixon is really good experience wild life guide doing amazing river journeys with his captain on boat. We came on Sunday 6pm and he organized for us whole day journey for following day. And what we seen? I guess everything. 100+ animals including monkeys, crocodiles and caymans, slotsh, various types of birds, jesus lizards and other reptiles, butterflies, snakes and spiders etc. But what was amazing was the program of his journey. We ate nice lunch and tasted coconuts on local farm on carribean coast, enjoyed quiet places of Tortuguero forrests where most of turist are not coming... and all with support with Dixon as a guide, one of best I have ever met. All this journey has been organised only for our little group for 100$ per person per whole day. He gave us the best CostaRica experience...Highly recommend to everyone.

Dixon' s Place 10.35411, -83.73521

We parked one night on the boardwalk, behind the "Hotel del Norte" it is safe, the place is in front of the port and it becomes very noisy. In the previous street there is a restaurant, bar and a cafe, at night there is food for sale on the boardwalk and toilets... we only spent 1 night here, the noise does not let us sleep.

Malecon Puerto Barrios 15.73535, -88.60437

Simple church-affiliated accommodation, 1500 for a clean single bedroom with communal cold showers and pit toilets. Nice people running it. A good budget option... although there is a distressing number of cockroaches running around at night...

CCAP Rest House -9.70506, 33.27681

Since new years you need a 'certificate de residence' to apply for a Ghanaian visa. You need to go to the police bureau (10 min drive) with a 'attestation d'hébergement' saying you temporary life with them (find an example on Google), copy of a resident card and a water/electric bill from your 'host'. Costs are 2000cfa and takes about 20-30 minutes.

The only problem might be finding someone who is willing to 'host' you and providing you the documents. For us going to a place all expats go in the weekend worked. Kame Surf camp for instance. Here we spoke to many expats who were interested in the car and after some chatting were very willing to help.
Hope this will work for others as well!

Ghana Embassy 5.35882, -3.98705

Very knowledgeable, hardworking and resourceful young mechanics who were able to solve my Toyota engine problems after two official Toyota garages were not able to do so. Highly recommended!

CnC Power fuel injection engine specialist -34.69468, -58.53306

like other comments, really nice place to stay.
good for all camping styles.

Lago Villarino -40.44680, -71.54482

passed by early on a Tuesday morning, qt 9am. nothing to see

Bribery - Roadblock 16.33869, -95.27657

didn’t make it to the site, the road was far too treacherous for my SUV. had to drive through a lot of what looked like private property, wouldn’t recommend without 4WD, even then i wouldn’t attempt. ended up taking a wrong turn and our car was chased by a pack of beagles, so definitely don’t do that lol

Dispersed Camping 36.67869, -83.77346

A public parking lot in San Miguel Allende. pay 400 for 2 nights. It's 10 or 15 minutes walk to the city center. Feel safe

Public parking 20.90614, -100.75168

alors waow! je conseille, car 300$p la nuit peut paraître cher, mais tout est réuni ici.
installation d' hôtel, vue incroyable, salle de bain, vidange, le staff est juste GENIAL. Pour aller au centre c est 4$ca de Uber.... deux défaut mineurs, le wifi passe pas au park RV et c est pas très plat. Ah oui desayuno excellent avec une vue imprenable.

Casa Estrella Wellness Center 21.04263, -101.26030

We asked in the police office about sleep in our car in front of it and they said there were no problem, the wifi signal of Jujuy Energia Viva works good and fast!

Street Parking -23.39781, -66.36745

parked in frony if thus location.seaside.there s about 2 kms of restaurants-palapas with parking all along the beach.any will ket u park.I ate here yesterday.didnt ask for $ to park.will stay 1 more night.showers n wc use paid separately 1-2000

Park lot Azul Profundo 10.95215, -75.03299

Drinking water available at the spigot located on your left at the very end of the stalls where you can dump.

The spigot is painted in red. Be careful, one is for drinking water and the other, for rinsing when you dump.


Flying J 29.77963, -95.95242

Un arrêt apprécié après une longue journée. Ne pas arriver trop tard parce que ça se remplit. Dans notre cas, nous avons pris un des derniers endroits de stationnement. 50 pesos pour la nuit. Les gardes sont sympa. Notre chien a pu marcher sans se faire harceler par des chiens errants. petit espace gazon dans le fond. Beau réseau cellulaire.

Hotel del Viajero - Pemex 17.99909, -93.39607
Warden & Ariane

We didn't have a ticket, we couldn't book online because the last step in the process didn't work. I sent them an app twice, but no reaction. We showed up this morning a little bit before 10 o'clock and we could do the tour. Nice to see the animals. We paid 12000 pp.

Reserva Natural Penguino Rey -53.46078, -69.30601

We checked it out, no way are you getting in with a travel trailer or anything much bigger than a small class C.

Free Dump station 18.50199, -88.32519

Reiterating what others have posted - although it says no dogs on the signs, they do allow dogs.

Rada Tilly - Camping Municipal -45.91740, -67.55128

Very nice place. Oscar and his family are very nice. Good place to stay.

RV Park Eco Tours 27.42980, -112.52605

It’s now 100 pesos per person, lots of room, telcel coverage, dog friendly it’s okay for a stop or if you have a very large vehicle. The owners are not very talkative, not overly friendly but not horrible either. You pay your money and that’s it 😉 they keep the place clean and they also have 3 small/medium size dogs which are friendly with people and other dogs.

Camping Sindicato de Azucareros 18.69407, -88.38666

We spent a few days here without any problems. Nice quiet and a lot of wildlife, but don't stay near the water (pretty smelly but a lot of frogs to watch). Police walked by but did not say anything.

Old parking lots next to the Smithsonian Rescue and Conservation Project 9.12001, -79.70027
Solar Dave

Great stay! $380 night upstairs room w/king bed. Moto parked around in the back. Little store with drinks and snacks, Awesome food in the restaurant. Great staff!

Hotel Real H&M 16.46577, -98.40027

nothing going on today. Tuesday morning around 11a.

Road block for money 16.50424, -94.48447

Perfect, needed two minutes and got a better rate for EUR cash than transfer with WU

Money Exchange Office 'Meran' -45.86205, -67.47750

Double track trail for hikers and bikers only. many possible places to set a evening camp to spend the night. that area use to be visited a lot along the day, but is quiet at night. the town seens to be safe enough. not accesible for cars.

many options for tents along the river -42.88987, -71.30098

Free parking by Valence Cemetery, hav slept overnight here and stayed half the day, can explore the old cemetery in the day time when gate is open

Saratoga Street 29.93120, -90.10647

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