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Journey Dog Training

WONDERFUL spot. We drove all the way out to the end of the peninsula and had STUNNING panoramic views. We enjoyed all day birdwatching, great solar charging, and a delightful breeze with few bugs till dark. The dogs were welcome to come and go and swim; the pizza at the restaurant was delicious (hot cocoa is a must have). There’s a 24/7 bathroom to the left of the boat launch and plenty of shade if you prefer not to be out on the peninsula so far.

Cabañas Agua Azul 14.90824, -87.96849

One of the 'bigger' supermarkets in Cochrane, open every day from 8am to 10pm. Has everything you need, even bread, cheese and eggs. Selection and quality of fruits and vegetables vary from the day of the week (fresh delivery on Friday!). However the most expensive supermarket in town (example: 500g Argentinian coffee for 23.500 Pesos!!!), usually no price tags, so you have to ask at the cashier.

Supermercado Rojita -47.25330, -72.57562

Beautiful refugio on the base of Monte San Lorenzo. Owned and maintained by family Soto who is living at Fundo San Lorenzo. They charge 6.000 Pesos ppn. The refugio is a 3 hours hike from Fundo San Lorenzo, and from there you can advance more towards the summit. The refugio has space for more than 12 people and is quite spacious. Well equipped and designed even with a stove. An amazing place 😍

Refugio Toni Rohrer -47.51805, -72.31602

clean showers, friendly staff, towels provided. Ladies room has 1 stall and a curtained off dressing area before the shower. Men's has one large shower stall with 2 shower heads. Great water pressure and hot water!! Super awesome place to shower and/or work out

29 Fit 34.15043, -116.05230
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

There are many possible spots along this beach. We enjoyed birds, dolphins, seal, waves and privacy. It is much more peaceful than the city and very easy to access. (Must cross a 5T bridge, but we are wide and heavy and had no issues) Good cell service. Too much trash. Perfect for dogs to run.

Beachside. Quellon -43.13432, -73.50372
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

What a horrible experience. We passed this area today. No construction. No stopping. No hassles. Worth noting the next right turn leads past the island rodeo, swap meet and festival grounds. Just stay aware.

Ruta 5 near Conchi, at construction lights -42.65000, -73.80000
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Buy a tank of gas. Fill water tanks. Use a filter perhaps. Also large area for parking in back. Nice folks.
New coopec across the street is smaller and has a shop. But same price today.

water -42.62194, -73.78117
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

You WANT this bread! Small side street. Room for big rigs to turn at the end. Many types of delicious fresh bread.

Corteza panaderia -42.62593, -73.77387
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

I have added a photo. This place is closed for remodeling. Do NOT drive to the gate in a big rig- it is impossible to turn. If you see this sign on the road- heed the info and turn around now.
They are adding a visitor center, bathrooms and likely a toll and more rules. The future as an overnight parking spot remains to be see.

Fortín Tauco -42.55237, -73.75087

What a fabulous service stop. Top up minimum 20 litres of petrol and you get free access to rest area that has AC and free hot shower, TV, pool table, soccer table and coffee, tea and nice sofas. We stayed the night in our truck camper. Tranquil with security guard. A little noise from trucks but we slept well.

GasMaz Station 22.78471, -105.68976

About 5k from the highway so we decided to stay in one of the pits along the road close to the highway. Very beautiful and quiet. Also very close to the hoover dam.

Kingman Wash 36.03683, -114.70947

Parked here for one day and one night no problem while visiting the city via Metro. TAP card can be bought down in the Metro station to get more than 24h of parking.
Metro ride around LA was an experience though, interesting people on the Metro.

Metro Park and Ride Station Car park 34.14016, -118.36405

Saw some motorhomes parked and even some plugged in electric boxes around the parking lot of the Seahaven Resort. So, we went at the hotel office to ask for spending 1 night there in our van. Turned out to pay 25$, no hook-up. Right on road 30, walking distance from Pier Park, beach and other attractions. I think it's around 45$ if you want hook-up, maybe more if you are taking 5 spots with a big rig. No reservations and based on availability only. We arrived a Sunday night, so there was a lot of room. No toilets.

Overflow parking of Seahaven Resort 30.21000, -85.86446

Very kind, put the clothes that shouldn't go in a dryer on a line for us - will do it if they have space. But our clothes came back with the same stains they had before, a lot less smelly, but very badly washed. We told them to use agua fria but it looked like they would do that anyways.

Lavadera Maori -49.33329, -72.88399

Stayed here. Decent place. Paid 50 bol per person for a double room. We asked about showers but the man helping just said no. Later found out through someone else that they did have showers, at an extra 10bol per person. Pretty basic otherwise but good enough for passing through. Courtyard area to safely store bikes.

Alojamiento Copacabana -20.93572, -66.22024

The road is unpaved but decent. The actual spot is at the National Park sign a few hundred meters before the coordinates. There is not much shelter there. When we went we had a crystal clear night and in the morning thick fog.
The waterfall is 5.4km and -300 vertical meters along the trail from the park sign.

open plain at top of tabuleiro waterfall -19.11241, -43.56398

Clean restrooms. Good cell service. Fairly noisy.

Gee Creek Rest Area 45.77672, -122.66931

We loved this place! Nice grassy area along the river, we stayed 2 night of which one of them we were the only ones. We don’t enjoy full caravan parks so this was a treat! There is a little camp kitchen too with free wifi. Payed 200R per night for 2 people.

Riverdeck Backpackers -34.03567, 22.93928

Lovely spot with a waterfall view. We parked between a falling down building and the river. The water sounds drowned out the occasional road noise. Probably our favorite mountain camping spot to date! One truck turned in after dark probably to sleep too but when we flashed out flash light towards it they decided quickly to turn around and leave.

Pauccaraya river -14.33325, -73.17910

It’s a really nice calm beach at the end off the restaurants/ bars area , a little busy during the day but keeping a relaxed and friendly ambience , there’s no street light at night but people where very respectful and we felt very safe , spend two nights here with no trouble

Playa Negra 9.74357, -82.85294

Cool place close to Ayampe and las tunas great beach big rigs can enter

Ayampe Camping Park -1.66125, -80.81661

Worked with a visa card, no fees. But a Maestro Card didn't work. 200.000fr max per withdrawal but possible to do one after the other.

GTBank ATM -2.07113, 29.35241

Better to avoid weekends, we had a party in front of us from 2am till well into the day. We made it there with our big camper 6.8m long) and one night, we had 2 RTT next to us, but that was the limit. 4x4 good to get back up again. The gate is grey, not blue.

Iliza Beach Kibuye -2.06305, 29.34371

I tried to go around the péage using this route. The village on the route advised me that due to rain the road was likely too difficult. I didn’t try and decided to pay at the péage instead.

Road to pass Iema road tax checkpoint -9.00521, 13.52590

Friendly and nice people but we had quite a long discussion about the price. They wanted to charge 50k francs but the price for a ‘voiture’ was 25k. Price list was on the wall in the office. They said that this cheaper rate only applied to small cars and not 4x4s. Eventually they agreed 25k but said that they would do it as a favour.

Road tax -5.77657, 12.30480

Excellent place, completely protected from the wind. Two pit toilets. Rather large such that you do not hear the neighbours. Sometimes noise by the dogs, however. Best place to stay in Ushuaia!

Municipial Campground -54.78107, -68.27142

Pasamos unos dias ahi, hay agua y wifi libre. es muy seguro y tranquilo.

Train Station / Fire Dept -25.30727, -57.38090

The spot is close now by pile pf dirt, we can't pass.

Quiet place with rocks and mountains -17.86882, -60.74039

Great restaurant, dinner/breakfast with vegetarian options. The staff was amazing and prepared custom things for us. Suitable for working & okay Wifi. Decent clean toilets. Safe, very quiet at night, little other vehicles and traffic noise. Park at the back in the far corner.

Axion Gas Station -43.28775, -65.26570

Just a place for stopover. Hot shower but bathroom not clean. One tree for shade otherwise open grassy unleveld fenced Aera.

Kei Bridge Private Camping -32.50959, 27.97827

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