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Cash or credit, bathroom, soap, coffee, anddddd showeerrr hot! Dont ask just use otherwise they say no. Door at the left

Copec - Villa Cerro Castillo -46.12212, -72.16310

Very good wifi. We chilled here the whole day

Wifi and atm -46.12214, -72.16310

Works well:)
You can fix a hose on it too

Water Tap next to the street 10.16798, -84.90891

didn't even see the no overnight parking signs. decided to risk it and nobody said anything. bathrooms, showers all open. nice night, got some good pics of the sunrise! thanks for the heads up on this one IO

Beach Rest Stop 29.99043, -81.31507

there is a free shower at the beach, maybe it is from the near hotel

free shower at the beach 16.51521, -88.36583

Estacionamento no parque la carolina com segurança 24h. Custa 50 centavos por hora e cobram das 6h às 21h. Por dia fica em torno de 8 dólares. Tem banheiro pago próximo.

Parking at Parque La Carolina with 24 hour security. It costs 50 cents an hour and they charge from 6 am to 9 pm. A day is around 8 dollars. There is a paid restroom nearby.

Estacionamiento La Carolina 5 -0.18416, -78.48299

Lugar muito movimentado a noite, com muitos carros e música alta. Preferimos seguir pela avenida e parar depois de terminarem as proibições de estacionar à noite. Foi ótimo. Super tranquilo.

Praia Laranjal -31.76827, -52.22742

$12 fee for 24 hr parking in quiet, lakeside parking lot location. Bathrooms currently out-of-order. Much better than the alternatives in town near the freeway. Verizon 3-bars, T-Mobile 1-bar. Note: (very nice) gate attendant on at 7:30AM will collect fee if you overnight, but no way to collect $ if you leave earlier. Gate always open to parking lot, which is to left of attendant. Campground gate (straight past attendant) was closed when we arrived - not sure if seasonal. Campground is $30

24-Hour Fishing Pier Parking Lot 34.50019, -118.60800

They still have a hose and I was able to fill my 40 gallon RV tank. There was a loud gunshot just as we were finishing up, and the boys working yelled some profanities in Spanish, and they ran to the side of the building to see what was going on. I went into my vehicle and when they came back, I paid and left immediately. Taco shop also was closed.

Agua Purificada: La Gota del Desierto 27.64425, -113.39177

Free hot shower in the copec. Go inside to the right and then the door all the way in de back at the left. That toilet has a shower.

Copec -46.12215, -72.16310

Craft beer in the heart of Panama city in one of the oldest buildings. Good vibe, many kinds of beer for everyone to find their favorite. They also have a range of other drinks and food.

La Rana Dorada Cerveceria 8.95293, -79.53629

Water tap stil here. You can fill bottle but even portable solar shower if it fits

Montezuma 9.65345, -85.06871

Montezuma waterfall. Entrance is free. About 15min walking from parking lot.
Parking lot cost 2000C per car!! But a little down the road next to playa montezuma you can park for free

Montezuma Waterfall 9.65231, -85.07237

Nice clean campground. Also horse stalls available at campground. Just stopped in to check out on way across border. Boondocked about 2 miles away last night as it was late when crossed into US from Mexico. San Diego campgrounds all seen to have great facilities like washrooms and showers. Open field like but somewhere to camp close to border.

Tijuana River Valley Campground 32.54464, -117.10331

I paid in pesos, but there was a sign on the diesel pump that says they accept cards. No shady business, the pump zero’d out and I counted the money in front of them to make sure they saw it.

Pemex 28.00510, -114.01171

Super nice people, thanks a lot for letting us stay and allowing us to fill up our water tank! :) All the best!

HouseWheels Shop 33.53144, -112.18242

Bridge still under construction. We paid 30 sols for a van.

Puerto Pizano -8.00961, -76.64994

Best supermarket in town of non-fresh products. Lot of things and prices are nice. Little amount of veggies and fruits, but on the other side of the road is the biggest fruit and veggie shop ;)

Supermercado law Bandurrias -41.96515, -72.46987

Shell gas station SP market. Use the blue handle to turn water on. You need your own hose.

Superpumper Shell 33.74134, -111.97891

Entrance to some nice places at the beach. After about 100m keep right. We only stayed for lunch, don't know if it's safe for staying over night. During the day, several locals were at the beach.

Playas Gringos -9.98571, -78.19476

Francisco is a very friendly and helpful host. He is really keen on improving the place for overlanders. When I asked him for electricity, he mounted a new plug outside to have it easier to get power. Payed 60s for two person/night. Could use the pool, had electricity and refill the water tank. Safe place to stay! As all the rooms where used, we couldn't use the hot shower, but the one at the pool. Entrance is possible 24h.

Las Palmeras Hostal & Overlander -10.79555, -77.73579

we asked the police if there's a place where we can put our tent. They send us to this park. there are tables and there's a bathroom too. It is a wonderful place and when we arrive there are more tents.

Parque Ruben o. Olive -34.20623, -54.77354

Acceptable laundry mat with reasonable prices.

Coin-O-Matic 32.79881, -115.56589

No longer allows overnight parking.
Pretty run down it's too bad. Kansas Route 66 sign right down the road.

Route 66 park 37.06669, -94.72683

This man, Victor, helped us renovate our camper truck. He built us a new sofa, changed the curtains, changed the carpets and some other fabric stuff we did inside. All for 2700 pesos - good price for us.
Although, he didn't made it by the times we set, but what to do? ;)

Victor - Tailor and Sofa Builder 16.75278, -93.07599

Potable water tap on building is not on when I was there.

Visitor Center Kamloops 50.65480, -120.36761

I've stayed here multiple times with no issues. Around 35 mins to Snowbird and 45 to Brighton, not including traffic. The road is along an industrial park with apartments further up ahead, so you're not right in front of people's houses. Traffic is pretty busy around rush hour, and dies down around 9pm. It's pretty level but not perfect, kinda slopes down and to the left.

Street Parking 40.51431, -111.90938

Amazing place to stay the night. Theoretically you should stay on the Camping but we didn't even enter as this place is the perfect spot. Right by the shore with the best view in the city. Other Motorhomes staying there as well. The gates were open and nobody was controlling the parking places.
Best place to stay on this amazing city!

Beach parking -42.57631, -64.27629

Limited washers (2/4 working), but I was limited to one load anyways. And it had to fit inside a small basket. Cost 90 pesos, and includes drying.

Lavenderia Neptuno 23.44756, -110.22536

Nice quit free place. Ok for tents or rig. So many choices.
Keep it clean!!!

Keyesville blm 35.64222, -118.48548

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