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we asked friendly at the reception if its possible to spend 1 night at the parkingarea with our campervan, they charged us nothing for the parking, just 7usd pp for the great pool, that was ok for us. at the pool they have toilets and a warm shower, we had dinner in the Restaurant - ceviche is very good, rib eye steak for 10 usd is ok, we can recommend this place totally and we definetly would come back.

Country Hills las lachas 8.27181, -81.87441

Stayed the night here. The parking lot right next to the Tiki does not have any tow or “no overnight camping” signs. Was a very good spot for the night. It’s patrolled at night and no one bothered us. Pretty quiet except for a few trains coming through town early morning. Bathrooms located on other side of Tiki were locked in the early am and a lot of homeless over on that side. Again, no one bothered us and it was a great location for the night.

Rivera Beach Municipal Marina 26.77308, -80.05304

Campsite as described. Paid 130pp. Nice bar/restaurant/pool area. Friendly staff.

Audi Camp -19.93351, 23.50873

Excellent and beautiful camping, with all the structure for a motorhome. A true refuge in nature, with a river, fauna and flora typical of the Cerrado. I highly recommend it for a good rest and immersion in nature with great comfort. All the positive information in this app is true!

🇧🇷 Excelente e belíssimo camping, com toda estrutura para motorhome. Um verdadeiro refúgio na natureza, com rio, fauna e flora típicos do Cerrado. Recomendo muito para um bom descanso e imersão na natureza com muito conforto. Todas as informações positivas neste app são verdadeiras!

Refúgio Santa Teresa -15.20366, -56.50791
Cinquentões na Estrada (Marcia &Marco)

quiet place, for medium cars, if it is a large motorhome there is a street next to it, with police nearby 24 hours a day, we had a very quiet night.

lugar tranquilo, para carros médio, se for motorhome grande tem uma rua ao lado ,com polícia nas proximidades 24hs, tivemos uma noite bem tranquila.

Alto de chorrillos -10.75744, -77.76702

Bon petit camping. Emplacements parfois très collés les uns aux autres. Certains emplacements ne sont pas au niveau; prévoir des blocs pour rehausser. Durant notre séjour de cinq jours, le WIFI fonctionnait lentement et, trop souvent, ne fonctionnait pas. Beaucoup de chiens dont certains des jappeux! La piscine, le spa et les douches sont propres et très bien.

KOA Holiday Campground 30.39538, -87.45387
Wendy & Graham

Lots of room. West side of highway is more level but there is room on the east side as well. Quiet. Some interesting walking opportunities as well. Beautiful landscape.

Riverside -20.33487, -65.14198

We paid 100 reais non negotiable for the two of us and a car for one night, which is ridiculously expensive, considering that the other paid campsites so far have been 30-40/person and have been providing much better facilities. Here all you get is a cold shower and toilets. Doesn’t seem to have power, but we do not need it, so haven’t checked hard.
The road to here when coming from Diamantina is 50km of unpaved ripio, the first 35km are good and even, the last 15 are atrocious, lots of deep ruts and rocks. OK in a Land Cruiser, will be hell of an adventure in a van, but apparently the locals do it in Civics and Fiats Uno, so it’s doable.

Other than the price and the road, it’s a nice place. The waterfall is wide and kind of a stairway like. There is a huge white sand beach and lots of shadow to camp.

Telesforo Waterfall -18.19079, -43.92306

Don’t know. What to write, it’s an ATM CBAO bank . Nice town anyway

ATM for visa and Master Card 13.14399, -14.10610

Didn't work on the 1st of March 23.........

Roadside 38.69085, 35.17933

Incroyables village. We discovered a well 45m deep and an ingenious way to raise the water, if you're brave you'll look down. They told us many stories and have so much to share. Go to the school of the village they will welcome in song. To thank them we offered them notebooks and pencils. We stayed there for 3 nights. Without 4x4, big truck, tents,bike, OK

Famous Village of Fass Nguenth 13.89343, -14.16336

I would only recommend this place if you are really stuck for a stop. $55 for a site with full hookups but nothing else. Shower is shared with the truck stop and costs $4 plus a $20 key deposit. Pool is only for motel guests. Quite a lot of noise from the road. Mainly permanent residents. Did not try the restaurant.

Cuidad Del Rey Motel and RV Park 36.18869, -121.07645

They charge now 1500 per Person and 1500 for a big rig.

SMATA Camping -32.43395, -63.17895

Very cool place. Hosts are nice. Very well located near center. We came there with one motorhome and one expedition truck

Camping Oasis del roble 5.64474, -73.51816

Go station car pool lot

Parking up to 102 hours

Close to highway but steady white sound noise from highway

Good for a night

Erin Mills GO 43.55259, -79.70104

great for car but probably wouldn't put my tent here. directly on the road and not a huge amount of wind protection. amazing views

Viewpoint on the cliffs -44.49468, -72.57658

Nice little shop with local products. If you look for natural body products (oil, solid shampoo, creams) they have different products :) Also arts, little bit of handmade clothes and souvenirs. (But more alternative).
Lovely young women that’s runs the shop.

Shop local / natural products, arts, body products -41.96863, -72.47615

Not sure how anyone had a quiet night here. It is kind of quiet from 11pm to 3am. Then garbage trucks and busses come in and out, honk, and idle engines. Personally, would never stay here again, but other might tolerate it better. Charged 18k for the night. Safe enough to leave the vehicle, and close to town.

Parking Santa Fe 6.55358, -75.82241

Ok for a night, but millions of moskitos here - at least in rainy season. River bank is just mud, so not really inviting for a swim.
It's not very noisy though and nicely leveled.

Fire-flies, mossies, birds and bats -14.87421, -66.73005

Goes every 15 Minutes & costs 2680 Pesos for us (VW Craffter).
No reservation needed, Just row up :)

Ferry to Isla Lemuy -42.65040, -73.73530

Nice very natural, informal (eco friendly) place for cake and coffee. (Maybe more but I don’t know) End of the road, cross the little bridge and just walk straight. You find the house. Also possibility for renting kayaks and there are campspots too.
See google for pictures.

Café Literario -41.96904, -72.49378

Acceptable accommodation on the side of the road near Bolivia. Only option before this is the nature reserve. Here they charged 225.000 guarani for a private room with bath (two person price).

Parking available. No WiFi. Food available on site (only milanesa), grocery store and more actual restaurant walkable. Not a very nice room, but okay to pass a night. I believe there are other hospedajes in town as well.

Rancho Ruedo Taurino -21.35305, -61.52353

Super busy Walmart with tons of campers and transport trucks.

Walmart 32.47199, -83.74111

Great quiet spot. One other mid sized non camper suv in lot. Felt very safe. Very quiet. Got in at 9pm leaving at 8am. Coffee a hop and a skip away. Lovely town. Could hear ocean at night.

Overnight parking @ edge of dirt lot 35.44892, -120.90448

We did blood test for malaria in this clinic. Its away from downtown Luanda so not much trafic. Very friendly people. The woman at the reception was very sweet, she spoke some english and french, very helpful. Cost us 13500 KZ for blood test (27 $), results in 2 hours by WhatsApp or email.
The streets are not paved around the clinic and the area looks a bit rough but its a legit place. Its very modern inside. Lot of place to park in front, even for big rigs. Its on Google Map.

Clinic "Vida de Viana" -8.92958, 13.36336
Domhnaill O Doherty

fantastic little spot! bar, restaurant, pool fed by the spring river. the pool is flushed every night, so water is fresh. there are leaves in the pool, but that's to be expected. showers and toilets also available all day / night.
150 pesos for a bucket of 10 coronitas. there were a family of howling monkeys in the trees right next to the resort. there is water available by the toilets. However, I didn't want to rish crossing the bridge with our transit. They provide WiFi 20 p for 2hrs 40 for 5hrs.
otherwise VERY limited Internet.
owner was very friendly and chilled with us for about 30 mins.
very happy with this place, especially for 100 pesos / car (we were 2 people). there are sockets scattered around, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind plugging in.

los capulines 17.32266, -91.70094

At this date very doable. The water level is very low. 2wd high clearance would so the job

River Crossing - Rió Bongo 9.74475, -85.21167

At this date the water level was low. You don’t have to drive left on the river anymore, it is straightforward. Around 15/20cm max water level

River crossing - Cano Seco 9.73613, -85.19490

At this time the water level was about 30cm. Going to montezuma, drive up the river bed on the left to take the other road.

River Crossing - Rio Ario 9.72434, -85.19317

today there was nobody here. We didn't see a police car.

Police corupt 17.92511, -94.99788

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