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cheap place with small rooms. My room is very humid. 20 Bolivians for a private single room. Shower not included (10 more bolivians) place for bicycles. No wifi

Alojamiento -22.08569, -65.59721

Super night in the calm at the back of the gas station. Very nice staff who allowed us to refill our water tank.

Delta Station 7.53702, -80.02655

Easy and convenient stay if you do not mind the noise from the road.

Ontario Rest Area on I-84 Westbound 44.01576, -116.94403

Lugar tranquilo para passar a noite.
Água gelada, banheiro e ganhei o banho por abastecer.

posto falcão -19.04780, -42.15415

Small shack on right hand side leaving town towards Nicaragua. Fresh cooked tasty food. We had deep fried tacos. Also had fresh melon juice. Great value

street food shack 13.53309, -87.49816

On a Monday at 5 pm we are the only ones here I think. tons of places to park, a little washboardy coming in. Should have pretty night view of La Paz. We are here with friends in a Winn View and Navion. Lots of firm ground but sandy if you get too close to the beach. Will post an update if we have any problems tonight.

On high ground at the beach 24.12503, -110.42182

Basic campground with flush toilets, hot showers (only near the store), a dump site and potable water. It was pretty quiet and peaceful. Tent site was pricey at $39 but there are limited options for free camping nearby so it was ok for a night and nice to take a long hot shower

Pinnacles National Park East 36.49350, -121.14612

Mega parking lot. restaurants and stores located within walking distance. just parked it up and will report back in a day or so. #vanlife #suvlife

Walmart Supercenter #1541 26.69067, -80.19902

They are here they pulled me out ask for passport, the tip and tourist card
They ask me few questions about where I’m going and some others stuff and let me go after some minutes

Military Checkpoint 16.03574, -93.69685

Place does not exist anymore. This area has been built with residential buildings.

Parqueadero para carros grandes 4.75322, -74.06507

Staff is very nice water is free and drinking water!

Chevron 32.27171, -107.75368
Danes on the Road

Didn't stay the night, but we parked here for most of the day while visiting the French Quarter.

Seems like a sketchy area, but we had no issues - and there was plenty of room for big rigs when we got there just before 11:00 - and again when we left at 17:00 / 5 PM.

You could probably stay the night w/o the police waking you.

parking parc Louis Amstrong 29.96430, -90.06812

We were able to fill up our Chilean gas bottle here without having an adapter! $5 for every 3 kilos, for 4 kilos we paid $10.

Don't come here if you're in a rush, we had to wait almost three hours, not sure if that's standard, just a heads up!

Eni Gas -0.28810, -78.35241

Spent a peaceful night here. Nice flat parking. I was still there when Apple Anne's opened and no-one said anything. No signs cops right there. It was good.

Apple Annies Country Store 32.27227, -109.84111

we didn't see any sea elephant today, but the beach is beautiful. there was no one, so we had the entire place to ourselves.

Colonie d'éléphant de mer -43.67920, -65.34087

no water at the moment. container are full of trash.

Acton Canyon Campground 35.04615, -116.39193

We arrived at dark, but the campground looks decent and was a trip to get to at night. only staying 1 night, but I hear there's a pit toilet and some panthers! it is dirt road for about 6 miles after the last paved road to get here and as most people with 9ft rigs said "we scraped by getting in". Also there's a faded sign at the entrance/payment station saying the gate closes at 8pm and it is $12/night now.

Hopkins Prairie Campground 29.27501, -81.69301

This place is the same as Laguna Larga hotel and it is a big facility with cabanas, hotel rooms, restaurant, lack and hot springs. We arrived on Sunday afternoon and it was very crowded until Monday morning. We still has a quiet night in the parking lot in our van. We got to enjoy the hot springs in the pine forest in the morning and it felt pretty good. They have hot showers near the hot springs. It was pretty nice. Still 170 pesos per person for camping and using the facilities inside.

Campamento Turistico Laguna Larga 19.79937, -100.68652

Camping and fishing place ,on the edge of Tibagi River
Easy access , rural area town of Ponta Grossa ,Paraná state.

Quiet place 12km of BR 376 , 8 km of which good ground road
Between the woods some kiosks bbq grills potable wather clean restoon

Good for mortor home , camping ground , Kayak and very samall fishing motor boat.

If.. no one is at main entrance , cross the chains find the campsite ,the park ranger will find you for payment
shower not yet , but you can ask for .
Worning ..
not swimming Be careful with chilldren .
Bring repellent and your fire wood
No permite for music sound

Open seven days all year
Call for availability and conditions are recommended

Call or WhatsApp
42 99958 3437

Pesqueiro Potreiro das Éguas -25.08991, -50.11404
Danes on the Road

Just got water from here today. Seems clean enough and doesn't smell, but as mentioned by others there are no signs indicating whether it is potable or not.

The spigot is located behind the white wagon with toilets, but you can just park on the pavement. The provided hoses are long enough.

Bathrooms are still locked, but porta potties are available.

Bucktown Marina Park 30.02190, -90.12554

Indeed full of holes.
Some of them really deep.
It's well marked by signs, but still be careful.
No cell service on this section in case you need to be towed.

Bad road Ruta 40 -45.22071, -69.95097

No one here at 16:30.
Don't know if this was a one time thing.

Police control -45.03095, -70.02627

Looks like a very nice campground, but I just went to use dump station. $4.30 to use. Rinse water and good hose available but no potable water.

Lake Monroe Park 28.84127, -81.32198

very beautiful here with nice views of the mountains. there's a massive flower bloom happening now, very cool to see! about as good as it could get being so close to phoenix.

Saddle Mountain BLM 33.46034, -113.03126

This is now a shell but there is still free water on pump 1. Really helped us out!

Shell 38.82528, -104.83982

Drove up at 5pm on a Monday. Lock and no people. Too bad...

Eco Parque Don Pastor -21.25993, -63.41806

Service station closed since the beginning of 2023. Passed on February 27 still closed. The nearest station is in Esperanza in Argentina. There is no gas station in Cerro Castillo in Chile. The first Chile Coast service station is in Puerto Natales.

station service fermée depuis début 2023. sommes passés le 27 février toujours fermé. la station la plus proche est a Esperanza en argentine. il n’y a pas de station service à Cerro Castillo au chili. la première station service côte chili est a Puerto natales.

Torres del Paine -51.07937, -71.68298

The employee wanted to pass my bank card a second time because he didn't have a ticket on the first time. I refused and showed on my phone in my banking app that the withdrawal had passed. I felt the scam coming because it was looking for another device when it already had one. I will very well hear the printable printer the first ticket I saw that it pressed the enter key for the edition of the 2nd ticket but the printer did not come out.

l'employé voulait passer une deuxième fois ma carte bancaire parce qu'il n'avait pas de ticket sur la première fois. j'ai refusé et j'ai montré sur mon téléphone dans mon application bancaire que le retrait était passé. j'ai senti venir l'arnaque car il a été cherché un autre appareil alors qu'il avait déjà un. je vais très bien entendu l'imprimante imprimable le premier ticket j'ai vu qu'il a appuyé sur la touche hunter pour l'édition du 2e ticket mais l'imprimante ne sortait rien.

Cargo Gas Credit Card Scam 25.41828, -100.96780

Water dispenser. 1 gallon 0.30$, 3 gallons 0.90$ and 5 gallons 1.50$. Cheaper than the one at the Blue Marlin Supermarket on South Padre Island.

Water Mill Express 26.07591, -97.20890

Hear is on the wall some water connectors with good water presser!

Water station fill up 24.14059, 47.27724

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