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Nice winter stop along I15. Surprisingly the pit toilets were unlocked during the winter. Unsurprisingly, we were the only ones here. 5F when we woke up on March 6.

Lonetree Camprgound 44.94837, -112.87099

Stayed last nignt in the 2nd lot. One other rv and a truck. Ate in casino and grabbed some cake from the bakery. Told the lady at the concierge/valet desk i wanted to eat and rest after a long drive and asked if i could have a parking permit . Everyone was very nice and polite

Island View Casino Resort 30.36439, -89.09933

One of the easiest crossings in all of Latin America. Leaving El Salvador took only 30 min., entering Guatemala much longer because the (friendly) lady at aduana was VERY slow. You have to pay 160 Q. circulation fee at the bank in the same building - cash only! - before getting your TIP. Change your dollars on the Salvadorian side - recommendation from locals. Everybody on both sides was friendly and helpful.

Hacienda Vieja, Ciudad Pedro de Alvarado, Guatemala to La Hachadura, El Salvador 13.86020, -90.08769

There is a footpath leading to the bridge you see in a distance. Cross that bridge and you’ll see another path on your right. If you follow it, you’ll eventually reach a viewpoint with a nice view into a canyon.
Btw: camping now is 100 MEX$ pppn.

Xbulan-Ja 16.16655, -91.36322

Spent one night on a weekday. Was very quiet. In the morning the parking lot gets packed with folks coming in for confession, otherwise it clears up again. Great spot for a night.

Baines Park Parking 30.36056, -103.66181

Beautiful place and very quiet. No one around for payment.
1/2 mile access path is not maintained and grass is hip high. No access for big rigs!

Diana vow -18.36044, 32.29631

Stayed one night in a minivan. Felt safe, and it was a good spot. Downtown MV is fairly dense, and there were cars coming and going into the late evening and an early morning wake-up from a maintenance vehicle in the park. No restrictions on overnight parking EXCEPT for vehicles over 22'. One of many parts of MV where that restriction is signed.

street near park by library 37.38907, -122.08481

nice bush camp in the middle of the quivertree forest. 3 pitches at 3 kilometers from the road and the office so very quiet. amazing view, sunset and stargazing.
drinkable water. shade and wind protection thanks to the big trees.
4x4 trail for free. (a loop of 10 kilometers)
2 showers and 2 flushing toilets.
hot showers with donkey : they let wood, you had to switch on. no electricity, no light, no wifi, no garbage bins.
we liked it : 4/5 !
140 pppn.
messorus fossil tour : 130 pp at 9am or 4:30 pm. very friendly old owner.

Mesosaurus Fossil Camp + Bushcamp -26.40597, 18.47625

Good restaurant, dinner/breakfast with vegetarian options. Suitable for working & okay Wifi. Decent clean toilets. Safe, moderately quiet at night, some trucks and little traffic noise. Park at the right side near the gasoline isles, most of the trucks go in the back.

YPF -49.29607, -67.78353

Highly RECOMMENDED this place!
Swimmingpool & room where you can relaxd and chill out, you can take ☕️& 🫖. You can see movies if you want. New owner very nice and you feeling WELCOME! Very hot shower and good working toilet with toilet paper. You can do your dishes too. It is very nice and clean!! Come to this place and enjoy it! 😉

Hardeveld Lodge -31.14857, 18.35941

Amazing sweet little cafe with the best lemon meringue tarte and chocolates brownie I ever had! And the have super fast WiFi -
With starlink- enjoy

Coihue Café -47.07902, -72.77960

This is a building with 5 beds, a kitchen, warm showers, electricity to plug stuff, two fire stoves to heat up the place and cook. We had no idea this was here and after doing the ride from Candelario in the rain, this felt like heaven. It was advertised to us as a cabaña, not a hostel per say.

This is a paid spot tho - and a pricy one. We paid $20 USD/person for a bed here. Basic warm sheets but you need a sleeping bag to make it work.

This is how it went: we were on bikes (and one hiker) and showed up drenched at the germanderia. We went under a hut and they allowed us to change to dry clothes there. The , we did migration and one of the guys told us they had a cabana for rent. We were surprised since we had heard there’s no organized lodging here. It’s rather an expensive option but we were grateful it was here. We dry all of our wet gear and stayed warm inside. The folks running it are the same gendarmeria guys. They brought us a bunch of wood to keep both stoves going.

Refugio Punta Norte (paid) -48.87847, -72.73959

Supermarket . As usual, lot of things at a fair price. It appears that there is height limit for the parking lot (around 2.5 m maybe) but we are 3.2 m high and made it through by slowly pushing the hanging sticks. Its plastic and they wont damage your truck.

Shoprite Supermarket -12.79088, 15.74543

Nice and big supermarket. But when it was time to pay, there was no way to use our bank cards cause their all paiment system crashed. Even local cards didnt work. Seeing the look on the casher's face, it was not the first time. And we didnt want to use our precious cash because its Angola. There is an ATM in the store but, like every other ATM we saw in the country, there was a line of 30 people and you are not even sure the ATM still has cash !
Well. We left our kart there and went to the Shoprite instead... Smaller but you can use your card.

Yami Shopping -12.76057, 15.76285

If you arrive at the State Park and there’s a sign on the entrance saying “campground full” its regarding the other campground, with hook ups. This one is a little bit easier but you do have to show up around 8 to 10am. You wont get a spot here arriving in the afternoon. Its a very secluded campground, one of the bests ive ever camped. Totally worth it!

Valley of Fire State Park. Arch Rock Campground 36.41876, -114.55630

We spent a night for 100 Peso. Friendly couple, friendly dogs.

The beach is beautiful, showers and toilets (both buckets) were okay.

Quiet night. But many sandflies between sunrise and sunset as in a whole town/ area.

Suyan 21.54074, -105.28941

Spent one night here. The reason to stay here is its proximity to town. It’s a short walk to everything, and the town is really charming to explore. There are a lot of muddy puddles to avoid and trash around. But again, it’s worth it for the location. No bathroom facilities. Closest bathroom I know of is 1,000 COP on the right side as you go to the main square. But it’s only open during business hours. We recommend burgers at El Bacchanal and Koi for ramen and other Asian cuisine. The cinnamon rolls at Zocarolls are famous.

Parking lot Guatapé 6.23418, -75.16350

Great park. Very high end neighborhood and great people. Park near the center for solar.

street parking in quiet area 25.79666, -109.00449

Nous avons passé une nuit ici, came et safe. La rivière est chaude. Nous avons payé 10$ la nuit pour 2 adultes et 3 enfants, et 4$ l'accès à la rivière ( gratuit pour les enfants).

We spent one night here, cam and safe. The river is warm. We paid $10 a night for 2 adults and 3 children, and $4 access to the river (free for children).

Malacatiupan / Thermal River & Waterfalls 13.99646, -89.80014

We sleept for 2 nights ( 06-08.03.2023) with our RV on the Parking lot, which is levelled, big rig friendly and lights and a security camera. They charged us the 8,75 USD per Person. This is absolute ok, because you have Hot clean Shower, clean toilet with seat and paper and a beautiful pool with mosquito protection. You have also free drinking water and WiFi at the dining room. The Staff are sooo friendly. Perfect place for bird watching. You will find some hikes around the Center. Here are a lot of Parrots and sometime Owls. Walking to the Zoo ~15/20 Minutes

Tropical Education Center 17.35928, -88.54313

We came in the morning, the parking lot was empty, plenty of room to maneuver, our 38 foot bus. Lots of room for the dogs and kids, come during the summer and there is a spray park that should be open.

City, water and playground 30.40682, -88.78537
Danes on the Road

Went here to work for the afternoon and hoping that our hose was long enough to reach the spigot (which is still open). However, there's about 20 meters / 65 feet from the nearest parking spot to the spigot.

Restrooms available at the park, however they are not exactly the cleanest. The area is frequented by homeless people as well, but felt completely safe.

Brackenridge Park 29.46286, -98.46862

Absolutely loved this place. Had a very peaceful night with not one car driving past between 6 pm and 9 am. Stunning view across the mountains and lovely sunset.

Bosua Pass -22.69242, 16.04262

Crashed a night on the side street right in front of the zoo. Light traffic and a few dog walkers but that was about it. Left early since there is a school right there. No bothers no signs no knocks

Eureka zoo 40.77597, -124.14444

Safe camping location after visiting Joshua tree. 24hr restroom access. Make sure to check in with security & they’ll give you a parking pass. Can be 1/2 or 3 nights free of charge.

Tortoise Rock Casino - Twentynine Palms 34.12037, -116.05052

Tranquilo small hostel with a great view over the valley and mountains.
They are in the proces of building the ground floor, where the hostel is. But you can stay here, everything works.

Luan Hostel -43.07054, -71.45590

Secure parking for overnight stays, super clean shower and toilet and very friendly staff. Walking distance to La Candelaria. We enjoyed our stay very much.

Parqueadero en Macarena 4.61427, -74.06758

Very good spot, wind sheltered, away from attention. One main spot and two potential smaller and less flat ones.

Hidden Campsite El Chaltén -49.32807, -72.88133

good spot near Coyahique. I do not understand the previous comment, the area is a big gravel spot along the road, not possible to be "closed".

few car passed in the evening but ok with the noise

river place next to climbing -45.65969, -72.08387

Slept at the end of Calle Davis. Safe place to sleep one night. A bit noisy in the morning because of the trush truck. Wifi code from the restaurant El Zopilote : Hotel1697ONE / password guestaccess1

Quiet road near public plaza 26.01147, -111.34182

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