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Propane refill at the uhaul. Currently $4.25 per gallon.

Uhaul 32.77774, -115.55191

One of many large pull-outs on the dirt road off of Alamo.
Lots of stars, gorgeous sunset and sunrise. Lights from town were visible but in-obtrusive, kinda pretty :)

Road would be fine for any vehicle - a little bumpy but fine. Pull off flat and big enough for just about anything

Alamo Road 33.41813, -104.34356

We asked at the reception if it is possible to take a shower here. We are staying at the parkinglot by the welcome center. The women there said the official price is 5000 CLP, she realised very quick that we didn't wanna pay that much for a shower. So she said, if we give a tip instead for the staff we could use the shower without paying the official price. We happily gave a tip around 2000 CLP per Person and had a great hot shower in the bathroom down the hall. Don't know it this is always possible, but it worked for us.

Refugio Torre Central (Fantastico Sur) -50.96544, -72.86588

Great place! We ended up here after a long day of bad weather. We camped right behind the building in the concrete area where the bathrooms are. We were hidden from the road (zero to little traffic). The area by the bathrooms was a good spot to avoid the wind.

The bathrooms were closed when we were there. Before we set up we stop by a corner where a lady was watering her garden to ask for water (we didn’t see any on site). We also asked if she thought it was okay we camped behind the tourist office. She said it was a very calm place and that no one should bother us at night. We had a pleasant night - it was windy night and we were glad to have ear plugs :)

behind informacion turistica -46.45783, -72.67556

What a beautiful place! We did the tour with the company called Panchito (25k or 15k) after being recommended by other cyclists friends. We did the 2.5hr for 25k/person. We paid by card.

We loved it! We had tried to go in the afternoon but unfortunately the wind was too strong that the port closed. We did it the next morning and it was truly lovely. The staff was professional and kind. Tour was in Spanish.

Turismo Rio Tranquilo -46.73985, -72.86178

Cyclists here! We found everything we needed here- flour tortillas, beans, fruit, dry veggie protein, crackers, spices, etc. They also have cheese and bread. Place is closed between 13-15hr.

Supermercado Campos de Hielo -46.62412, -72.67403

Cyclists here! Great camping spot, we loved it. This one offered a discount for cyclists, yay!

Discounted prices are for fellow cyclists are:
4,000 if you pay cash, or
5,000 if you pay by card.

WiFi is strong in the main building and showers are hot! There’s an area for washing clothes and lots of flat spots to pitch the tent. We loved the refugio, lots of tables and chairs and plugs to charge your stuff. Staff was extremely kind. We only stayed a night but this is definitely a great place for a longer rest.

Enjoy !

Bellavista Hospedaje & Camping -46.62893, -72.67433

This part of the campground is open in the winter, FF; register at campground office after you choose a site (or before) since won't let the registration progress beyond the FCFS designation.
Ponies were enjoying the campground when we arrived. Plenty of sites available, likely because the temperature was in the 50s at the peak of the day. Beautiful beach with boardwalks from the campground, bike paths, trails, water, and dump station. Moderate cell connection. $30/day.

Assateague Island National Seashore Oceanside Drive-in Campground - Loop 2 38.19858, -75.15465

We came here because La Rivera is no longer receiving motorhome. they gave us the opportunity to stay here for $10.000 COP and use toilet, shower and common area of the Hotel for plus $10.000 COP
but without facilities is complicated to stay longer.
Good for stay one night to rest ou stop during the trip.
we stayed 5 days!
pay Berlis, the woman that sells corn empanadas in front of the Hotel.
--> we went to Sisio Hostal and Camping ⛺ $10.000 COP/pp

Parqueadero - Parking Lot in front of Hotel La Rivera 11.25019, -73.55853

perfect place when it is rainy and windy ! or just to enjoy a cosy place with a fire. Be careful if you sleep on the bench in the opposite side of the door, the wall is not 100% waterproof !
we went to the little cascads 400m north to get some water.

Carretera Austral -48.15431, -72.79401

Good place to park in centro, cannot stay in vehicle overnight. No height restrictions. We stayed in the pet friendly hotel Posada San Augustin across the street and parking was here was free. Gates close at 10pm and open at 8am

Estacionamento Publico Palacio 24.02384, -104.67201

RFr 15000 for a double (2 people). Ensuite with hot shower, flushing loo.
Bar and restaurant on site with town nearby for other places to eat and shops.
Space in room for bicycles.

M&N Smart Hotel -2.46834, 29.58017
Roadtrip 2020

Very nice lady helped us with the cheapest water we’ve got so far in Mexico.
0,7 pesos per liter.

She was so happy she gave us a bag tortillas as a gift. 👍

San Pedro purificadora 16.68892, -93.71985

4.500 COL for 20l
Very friendly and helpful. They sell water tanks but can also refill containers directly from the tap.

Agua Pura La Gota Fria 9.23914, -74.42676

Lovely place right by the river! Very refreshing swim. There are also 2 pools, but they are only filled during weekends or for groups on reservation. Pilar is such a friendly host and very welcoming.
12000 COL for 2 people and a van.

Balsas Paraiso natural 7.45007, -73.21155

I stayed there because night fell. The place is barely accessible, and muddy, got stuck on the way in and abandoned it, so I stayed next to the road itself.
Not a good place at all, more like an emergency spot.

BR-156 - wild camp near Vista Alegre 3.01153, -51.45193

Nice spot at the clean beach with shady places. Friendly locals and a safe feeling.

Perfect to stay!

Playa Matapalo 10.52951, -85.75566

A little pricier than standard restaurants but excellent seafood and live music at lunch. The shrimp skewers seem to be a big hit. I also recommend Tacos Cancun. It feels like upscale dining at a reasonable price. They even offered us four pours of mescal and oranges for free.

There's ample parking on the street, even for larger rigs. They have some macaws and a toucan as well as a small play area for kids.

Restaurants La Cienega 19.90325, -101.15597

Nice big shady spot. Heads up the dump station (an open septic tank) is quite high up off the ground. A standard length hose just reaches. Does the trick though! Looks like only 2-3 spots have electricity atm but it was quiet when we were here. Friendly staff and very pretty.

Acapulco Ak-Pulco Camp / Laguna sécréta 16.70177, -99.66709

Verbrachten eine ruhige Nacht am Parkplatz vor dem Gelände. 8km Schotterpiste von der Straße nach Cerro Sombrero.

Reserva Natural Penguino Rey -53.46078, -69.30601

This is a harvest host location that takes same day bookings. They never officially accepted our request however when we got here their was already at least 4 other RV’s here. We left to go to Walmart it had even more people parked. After we shopped we went back to the winer. By night time at least 10 different rigs. Great flat gravel lot to rest for a night. I wouldn’t stay more than that. Great little pit stop. Town also has free water at chevron.

D. H. Lescombes Winery & Tasting Room 32.25762, -107.66413

Maybe with 4WD posible? Soft sand, we nearly got stuck. No space to turn!

river bank with nice view to mountains -46.17281, -72.35985

This is the right place of you’re coming for the south to fill your propane.
95 pesos for a 10 pounder.

Caligas propane plant 24.03710, -110.29869

Beautiful spot as described. Lots of wildlife (dolphins and seals) and the black sand beach was amazing, including sunset and volcano. No issues overnight and a few other camper vans on both ends of the beach.

Playa Santa Barbara -42.85262, -72.80049

Perfect spot for tents next to the road, but pretty well hidden behind bushes, which provided good wind protection.

Grassy riverside for tents -45.97828, -71.93297

Great camping!!! Alfredo y Roberto are super friendly. Beautiful, safe and clean!!!! We recomended 100%

La Isleta 8.21919, -81.74098

A National Park Ranger came in and told us to move to a legal campground otherwise it is a 150 dollars ticket

Kite Point 35.29314, -75.51526

The access to the lot is closed. Don't know if it is définitive

Old Ferry Landing 35.89655, -75.96977

we have been there. not visible from the road. nothing here except sunset if cloudy

RP42 - Close to entrance to Punta Tombo -43.96867, -65.41707
Domhnaill O Doherty

Great little spot, so chilled. plenty of room, however beware there are a few low hanging branches but avoidable (our van is 2.85 metres). had the whole spot to ourselves and stopped off after finishing the ruins, which are fantastic.
Well worth the stop off. They have a trash bin right at the entrance.

Jungle Calakmul 18.37892, -89.89470

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