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8 sites on grass with electricity in a lovely little town park. $20 per night.

Town of Yellow Grass Campground 49.80485, -104.16625

Gravel road that reaches into the hills, with a good choice of fire pits and places to pull into. Road noise is less the farther you go. Couple tough bumps but I could do it going slow in my 2wd honda crv. at&t good service

Ibex Pass Solitude 35.80325, -116.35158

Una esquina, descampado, en las afueras, súper tranquilo, espacioso.

Villa serrana -34.33237, -55.00424

Several primitive sites on a hill side, not level at all. There is a turn around area. AT&T service. Main road very washboard into hot springs. Great view of snow covered mountains and nice breeze. Currently 2 other campers here.

Bridgeport / Travertine Hot Spring 38.25441, -119.21023

We asked, and it was no problem to fill our watertank. Good pressure.

Water at the soccer field -17.25947, -62.55423

The automatic paiement did not worked! It charged me but did not open the trap!!! Itc was a chance the a man start is Night Shift. He opened the trap with his card.

Sudbury Waste Water Treatment Plant 46.46594, -81.03268

Stayed for one night. Large pull off fits 2-3 vans. Fairly quiet from 11pm-5am, then cars start going past. Good for a night or two.

Roadside pull off 42.06301, -124.26631

The roads have been re done so it was a bit confusing getting here but there are a bunch of dirt roads and spots to boondock

Further Down Remington Ranch BLM 44.31985, -121.08684

The roads have been re done so it was a bit confusing getting here but there are a bunch of dirt roads and spots to boondock

NE Remington - BLM Land 44.32263, -121.09455

Street parking. Free Saturday and Sunday. Safe neighborhood.

street parking weekends 19.43676, -99.19378

Drinking water accessible next to the visiter center. Spigot outside, you must have a long hose.

Drinking water tap 60.76905, -135.14704

Great location to stay one night.
In front of police station (they told us it was ok to stay).

Plaza en frente policia -18.02442, -70.26328

A lot of out of order machines. What did work was WAY overpriced. The washers didn't really clean well. Dryers didn't dry in a timely manner. Would not recommend.

imperial dry cleaner and laundry 48.20017, -114.32590

Cool area. I googled creole mine as mentioned in the initial post, it’s just up the road. Definitely a hazard and not for accident prone people. That being said, it’s awesome! Fun shiny rocks and tunnels. Gets very steep with loose footing eventually and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Highly recommend

Parking area near mines 38.26237, -112.89843

Great place. Nice facilities. 200m walk to the beach, plenty of restaurants near by. $10/night me and my moto @montysmotoadventures

IguAnitas Place Camping 9.65416, -82.76846

What a majestic spot! Absolutely beautiful 360 views of the canal, forest and surrounding peaks. This is a steeply graded drive up to the top but it’s well maintained and thick gravel. There are several (4-6) small fire rings and relatively level spots to set up around the ridge. 2 bars service.

Forest Road Ridge Top 47.58040, -123.04031

Established campground by the Staircase NF area. There’s about 35 spots with picnic table and fire ring at each. No amenities besides pit toilets and dumpster. $24/night (1/2 off for seniors / disability). FCFS. Spots by stream and by trees. Most are flat for parking and setting up a tent. Really nice area and the Staircase Rapids Loop trail is a MUST! Gorgeous. No cell service. Mixed gravel and paved road to get here. In NP so need NP pass.

NF Staircase Campground 47.51517, -123.32867

Asked the employee inside if it was okay to fill up and she said yes as long as the water had been turned on for the season. Took a couple pumps but it was. Backed my van up on the far side of the parking lot (not a parking spot) and my hose reached fine.

Pilot Travel Center 43.21555, -121.78342

Used this dump station today but there was nowhere secure to pay / leave cash. The box has been broken open and probably the cash stolen 😔 It isn’t very clean but it does the trick.

Walt Haring Sno-park 43.22708, -121.79566

It’s right next to the gravel area, very small only a small vehicle.

Nash Rd, Seward 60.10117, -149.36385

Fantastic campsite 5 minutes (or less) off the highway and total wilderness. I’m here by myself. It’s at the top of a hill with trees and a few nice level spots. My 2WD sprinter was slightly challenged so I wouldn’t drive a big RV up here but most anything else would make it here just fine. It’s the best dispersed camping I’ve experienced on this trip. Many thanks to whoever first found it.

Primitive Site-Custer nat'l Forest 45.55820, -105.89824

As described. This is right on a very busy highway, so the traffic is loud. The waterfall is a nice sound to concentrate on to feel calm. Feels like a safe spot to spend a night, & yes, the mountain view is gorgeous!

Turnagain Overlook 61.02773, -149.75321

Tried getting there with a Dodge GC. Road was little bit rough but doable - until the last part, because there was a big hole filled with water. We didn't risk it. Shouldn't be a problem for a 4wd.

Willow River 53.87274, -122.27725
Pussycat Mamba

wonderful night, woke up to turkeys grazing in a nearby field.

Devil's Tower near admin building 44.58328, -104.71236

Just to add that, unsurprisingly, they close for lunch from 12-14, I assume every day. Since you need to buy the insurance to enter, it would be wise to plan to be there beforehand.

Ins instituto national de seguros 8.53502, -82.84034

Overpriced Bar with bad cocktails. Really disappointing. Sunday evening entrance fee of 30bs.

La Boheme -18.18024, -63.87607

Very quiet and clean. Arrived 6:30pm and several spots available. None quite level but only one was really bad. Not every spot was good for longer vehicles- we were in a van.

Hickison Petroglyphs Campground 39.44925, -116.75090

I entered to the Reserve cycling and into the reserve it's prohibited to camp, but for emergency you can find the ranger house in this place and he could help you to stay safe during the night, there are leopards around and it's dangerous and ilegal to wild camp into the reserve, I only paid 100 ND to him. Be Safe!

Ranger house -25.03577, 16.09498

With all the respect for all of you, but if you don't want to be the tipical idiot that drive 4x4 with all the services, but all the time need a campsite only to have a toilet and electricity and pay lot of money all the time follow the next steps:
Stop next to the road
Put you tent after sunset
pick your tent before sunrise
enjoy, be free and wild
respect the nature, don't produce trash and sounds.
You are in Namibia dessert not in NY town!!

Near Gate -24.52212, 15.80591

They are doing blasting works here and close the road while the clear rubble away, it opens again from about 12 until 1

Pamir highway road works 38.45064, 71.03083

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