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Vulture Val

I was a little confused about where to go, since they are doing construction. I went through the bus entrance, and that was perfect for my RV. Parked and inside the building to the immediate left, I found the Banjercito. The agent there spoke very little English, but I was able to speak enough Spanish to make it through the process. It took 1/2 hour to process the 10 year TIP for my motorhome and 6 month for my car. The agent explained everything and highlighted important parts of the form. I was able to pay with my credit card. Leaving was also confusing, due to the construction. I had to cut across a lane at a crosswalk. Overall, a very easy experience.

Aduana de Sonoyta 31.63650, -112.80838

Good place to start the walk up to the highest vulcano of Saudi.
When you reach the highest point the track make a left turn towards the only tree you can see. There's a flat parking spot for 2-3 trucks almost no rocks in this face. Beautiful few on the big black and white including sunset!

Near to Jabal Bayda (White Head) 25.66867, 39.96670

Lovely campsite in the middle of the park. We didn't book and were hoping on the exclusive sites, but they were all booked, but this site really doesn't disappoint. Nice views and sites are at a decent distance from each other, so enough privacy, and a shower and nice flushing toilet on site! We were on nr 5, all the way at the back on the water side.

Chinguli Camp Site #2 -21.40553, 32.02268

I camped here alone with my tent, and first felt a bit uncomfortable because there were still a few people around sunset. But nobody bothered me and a friendly guy (the security?) showed up, explained to me where I find light and electricity and then left again. I had a quite and peaceful night. There are small pavillons, great in case of rain, and it's nice to have a toilet even though it's very basic.

Phru Khang Khao Public Park 6.92127, 100.45360

Nice and quiet spot right at a lake. No facilities but pure nature.

Lake view 52.50099, 15.41953

Great spot. Grassy terrain with magnificent view on the mountains and sea. Next to a soccer field. They were training in the evening and everything was all good.

Picknick place next to sport ground 44.00310, 10.23721

This place is closed. There is already an entry with the new location.

Migración/Visa Extension -20.46320, -66.82648

For a stopover is quite okay. paid 30BOB for 1 night, 1 pax, and car with rooftoptend, has WiFi now. a small shop at the desk with basic necessities.
has a backyard outside lounge with roof. you could park your car also under a roof. bathrooms still not really clean, no seat nor paper.

Hotel Tropical -15.14932, -67.03281
Jamie Z

No queue. Open during siesta. Quick and easy transaction.

Western Union / Pago Facil -24.78628, -65.41193

German Bakery & bistro
Open Wed - Sunday
Bistro with German delights & Danish pastries, good coffee & bar in beautiful setting
Accommodation options available chalets etc
Millgate Cottages Balgowan
Tel: 0740190939

Shazorro German Bakery & Bistro -29.41369, 30.08254
JR Wayfinder

4 spots total. 1st is right against the road and not great. 2nd is far enough in that the road can be heard but not bad. Room for many vehicles for a large party. 3rd & 4th are up the hill with nice views. All have fire rings. No problem getting to all with 2wd Sprinter when dry. 1 bar Verizon.

on the Hole in the rock road 37.65353, -111.46220
JR Wayfinder

Pleasant, large clearing in the Ponderosa forest. Easy road in as long as it is dry. Many large sites capable of holding a lot of vehicles. 3 fire rings. Easy to level on the 2 sites furthest in (300 yards). Stone quiet. No cell service. I've marked the site Big Rig friendly as it is, though the Hells Backbone road to get here isn't good for big rigs.

Hells backbone road 37.96307, -111.55621

As described, but the vault toilet is not in great shape. Useable, has TP, but it is pretty full and the door doesn’t close very well. Did not check the water.
Campsites are on the far side of the lake, three designated sites with fire rings and tables. There are other sites around the lake that could work too. Good location if you are in this area and it’s free! Have had several cars/pickups drive through, but seems ok.

Kiowa County State Park 37.61166, -99.30302

Not possible to sleep in our car had to rent a room. Very unfriendly lady

La Forestière Plaza 2.17846, 13.70210

This is a fairly convenient and clean dump station. The minimum spend for free dumping is $70, but that worked fine for us. Otherwise it is $5.60 to dump.

Can’t comment on the water as we didn’t use, but they are doing work on the car wash which makes me think it may not be an option right now.

Shell 49.88892, -119.40899

This is a nice provincial park campsite. Adequate facilities, varied site sizes. Early season there are a few spaces but I imagine this books up quickly in the summer being so close to Kelowna.


There are sites with full hookup so I imagine it is possible to dump if you speak with the host, but if not there are a few shell gas stations in the area with dumping facilities.

Bear Creek Campsite 49.92875, -119.50991

Very oké spot on the lake. For rigs and tents. Water, electricity and fire place.

Rencanto do Lago -24.88186, -53.31114
Sueños Colectivos

A 3D design shop where they can fabricate basically anything and they can do it very quickly. Relatively cheap as well.

Aditiva 3D -16.51861, -68.16699

Some road noise. Sleep well with ear plugs. An airstream was also spending the night in the camper parking area. WiFi worked well from the parking lot. 24 hr gas station nearby for restroom use at night. Good breakfast.

Cracker Barrel 35.30322, -93.13405

Full services, tent area 31.50$, rv pull inn, 30 amps 52.50$, 50 amps 57.75$, washing machines 2$, dryer 2$, coin showers 1$, gazebo, very clean.

Sherk's R.V Park 55.05459, -117.29836

Bom local para parar tem wifi, não me cobraram estadia mas abasteci o tanque. Emprestaram uma tomada para carregar

Posto Shell -32.08461, -52.19771

Street next to the stadium is free where there are no events. Make sure to park on the street and not in the parking lots.
However it was very noisy. Lots of traffic going through this street. We even had police cars with sirens. We stayed only for 1 night.

Titans Way (next to Stadium) 36.16587, -86.77371

Small neat waterfall, nice to swim, very clear water. Start of trail is on Google, about 20 minutes along a less-maintained jungle trail.

Bica do cabeça -1.94294, -59.42934

Attention, new price. Since 2024 it costs 70 RS per person, making it very, very expensive! We were also unlucky that the river dried up and couldn't even swim. Everything else is as described above, Marc is incredibly helpful and his poultry reliably woke us up every morning at 4.30 a.m. 😆

Fazenda Iguassu -21.02645, -56.61564

The roads were a little muddy. it's a beautiful spot right next to the creek. No phone service

Indian Canyon 41.87301, -111.74184

It’s a school in the little city. I asked in the health center and they sent me to the school, saying that the teachers would give me a room. Unfortunately the teachers were out to Sucre. I could enter and sleep inside, but the bathrooms and all the rooms were locked. The sink is outside so you can clean your dishes.

To get here, you have to go down in a dirty road but it’s easy to find because you see the gymnasium.

School in irocota -18.68205, -65.36982

Take the entrance to the Teetering Rock Trail. There is no access to the spot directly from the road. And now the access is blocked by some rocks at the end of the parking trail. We stayed on the parking for the night. Good for a night. Quiet
The trail is about 23km round.

Luven Camping 58.67139, -123.90680

Very nice park little noisy up until about 10 o’clock. Park host. Mark is a
friendly guy $30 with electric 25 without along the river sites are not very close , no water they do have flush toilets. Enjoy your stay.

Rogue Elk Campground 42.66104, -122.74879
Sir Def 110

A very big place (totally free) with more spaces for camping (or bivouac only). Fire possible and landscapes WOW! ... Mountains, parks and sky. Quiet and reachable by any means.

the big place 38.76446, -109.69662

Found a boat from here to Idenau is 30,000 with life jacket.

Port Oron (Nigeria - Cameroon Fastboat) 4.82573, 8.23859

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