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Entry 10.000 pp includes 2 miradores and pool. Canasta (ferry) 20.000 pp. Great view from ferry

Salto El Mortiño 1.87802, -76.20448

Really good pizza made in wood stove infront of you. You can even order to camping La Cumbre. 20.000+ for a pizza 9.000 for delivery.
Place looked lovely, staff was nice and fast. We were here twice and one time we ordered. Better to go to the restaurant then order (but it was not completely cold, so fine)

El faro Ambrosia 1.88497, -76.27158

Alternative location .5m away , nearby beach, go down Curtis street to Loyd cove, stayed at the beach parking lot next to beach, you can see this spot on right as you travel to Sydney Mines cliffs. The area has some litter, a few late nite cars, but no signs disallowing explicit overnight parking, for sleeping, the place was super peaceful, with the howling wind on the beach.

North Sydney Cliffs 46.25451, -60.20691

Nice spot. Quiet off season peace. Mountain range in background still has snow in the slides

Codroy Provincial Park 47.82903, -59.33101

We drove the mountain road, but it was not without its difficulties! It's steeply uphill in places and the road is very narrow. What's more, the road is angled in places, so you're leaning directly towards the edge of the narrow path. We wouldn't drive this road again. What's more, we didn't see a spring or any kind of building at this location around.

Hotsprings of Modiyan 38.10984, 73.60684

Perfect place with good local meal (35pula), cold drinks, shower, electricity and WiFi. You can also change your pula with Namibian dollar for a very good rate.

TswanaFuel Truck Station - Camping Possibility for Cyclists -22.28178, 20.01400

We struggled finding any information from South Botswana into the CKGR.

After trying multiple roads from Kang, this turned out to be the best road. 180km Sandy but not too scratchy. Would not advice with trailers or big rigs.

Unknown Road to Xade Gate CKGR -23.32181, 22.46909

large flat creekside campsite. Has enough room for 3-4 tents. Has a picnic table and fire ring. the creek is nice to cool off in when its hot. lots of bicycle and foot traffic from nearby Camp Sherman. You're permitted to collect wood to burn (at least 300ft from creek). no bathrooms, can dig 8inch deep catholes 200ft from creek. pack it in, pack it out! Road will allow rvs or trailers but turn-arounds could be tight. we could get 2 bars of 4g with Verizon in some spots, enough to send a text or photo to husband at home

Riverside camp near Suttle Lake 44.43736, -121.70268
Tendance Montagne

une ou deux places pour un van ou un fourgon surplombant une petite gorge.
Chants d'oiseaux et de rainettes assurés.
Plat mais pas d'ombrage.
idéal pour un bivouac à proximité du village avec boulangerie et supérette...

Bivouac nature 43.04990, 2.90058

At first a bit weird because you have to pass by the entrance of villa radusche. Was there with a tent and personally didnt feel comfortable at the marked place, followed the path like 150 more meters and camped behind some bushes. Was alone all day/night.
Would probably stay there again.

Wild Camping in quiet place 42.09175, 21.21025
David V

No that quiet. Dozen of quads at 00.06 🤬

Étang de l’archevêque 47.55532, 0.86135

Great spot. Keep driving up past the campground and there’s tons of dispersed camp spots. Big area that can fit Bigger rides and a turnaround pull out.

Stoddard Creek Dispursed 44.42149, -112.23186

Indeed also a good place to put the tent, especially in rain/to wait for better weather for the final kilometers up to the pass.

Water from pipe 38.67127, 70.73787

Lots of wild camping when attending the CAMP ROCK FESTIVAL
which takes place at the Monte Christo Farm.

Monte Cristo River Site Camping -22.36761, 16.97916

nice quiet spot with beautiful views
wild camping for a small rig

Eagle BLM tuck-in 39.65588, -106.79836

Beautiful & quiet place, well treed parking lot.
Heated (!) bathrooms with flush toilets.
Weak cell (Telus).

Parc Sanctuaire 45.94719, -72.52935

This campsite is located in a large beautiful clearing by the lake. For those who want to camp with the Van, the space available is only in the upper part (not exactly flat). The bathrooms and showers are about 300 meters away where there is a beautiful campsite... but only for tents!

Guatavita El bosque 4.92807, -73.84048

Great place to spend the night. Calm, not crowded.

Denver Zoo 39.75066, -104.94622

buena atención, duchas agua caliente, cafetería, estacionamiento techado, excelente y muy tranquilo

dapsa -31.00840, -62.65859
Tous Azimuts

Nice rest area behind the diesel/petrol/LPG station.
There's a playground for kids ( swings, slides, turnstiles, etc...)
Clean toilets, picnic area and 3 little groceries. Owners are friendly, no problem to spend the night here. Quiet. Nobody bothered us.

Nice rest area in diesel station 37.40730, 56.51234

Emplacement très bruyant en tente de toit, toilette à côté, on y a passé une nuit

Paul J. English Park 44.37218, -78.38687

Beautiful place, the wild animals are free to walk around at the campsite. And they do: Kudu, Springbok and warthog were walkibg by as we had dinner at our camp.

As it is a game farm there are no pets allowed on the campsite.

Palm Afrique -21.77973, 21.69122

excellent host and a nice place to be. farm birds and a farm dog all around the house. peacefully place to stay and then go to the Ciudad Perdida de Falan. we were a party of 3 Overlander rigs (6 persons) and we managed to camp there without a problem

Finca Villa Maria 5.11559, -74.95412

Tranquille. Près piste cyclable, poubelle, 5 tables pique-niques, cell 2 bar LTE

River Road Pullouts 43.14302, -79.04567

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) now suddenly enforcing no overnight parking rule. One night, on 12 May, I noticed the parking lot was more empty than usual but maybe 6 cars were still parked around midnight. I decided to park and sleep in the back of my SUV. At around 4am, an FHP police car came in with strobe lights on and the police officer kept announcing via loudspeaker "no overnight parking, no overnight parking". I woke up to this and immediately started my car and drove to another location. Other cars that were parked started and drove away. The FHP officer didn't bother asking if anyone of us were present for less than 3 hours --he just wisked us away by loudspeaker. I don't know what triggered the FHP. I don't know if an incident happened a few days prior. Or if Turnpike employees started complaining of nuisances caused by people camping/sleeping here. What is certain is that FHP really does NOT want anyone using the parking lot at night. It used to be a reliable parking spot, but NOT anymore. We should consider this place closed.

Snapper Creek Service Center 25.66155, -80.38699

Turnout on the side of the road In national forest, Logs about 15 feet off the road. Arrived late Departed early

River Sound Bath 38.79948, -120.01835

We stayed down before the spot next to the road because the climb up was not worth it and trees were hanging in our way. But perfect spot for a night

Close to Lussier hotsprings 50.13123, -115.63578

Amazing spot over the salt next to the border of the salina. To get here you can drive from the access to the salina situated in the town Lucio Magallanes. You just go to the left about 2km and choose any place to stay. Almost nobody pass, I saw only one motorbike. The night here is so paceful and silent in this particular enviroment. Enjoy!

At the salina border -29.83768, -64.68864

Wild camp site for tent, one small place with ground almost flat (but not fully) among trees, bad place (better than nothing), in front of the sun in the evening. Easy access from the road. Partially hidden. Some mosquitos. Good 4G. Leave the place clean!

Forest 59.40336, 11.64005

As described. Free dump. Right by pump 30.

Mavercik 38.48842, -107.88773

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