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Sir Def 110

A very big place (totally free) with more spaces for camping (or bivouac only). Fire possible and landscapes WOW! ... Mountains, parks and sky. Quiet and reachable by any means.

the big place 38.76446, -109.69662

Found a boat from here to Idenau is 30,000 with life jacket.

Port Oron (Nigeria - Cameroon Fastboat) 4.82573, 8.23859
Kyldar Over and Out

visited as a day trip. off season plenty of parking for large motorhome if needed. no one around and beautiful sheltered spot. peak season with other vehicles parked not likely to be room for larger RV overnight

Lighthouse Rose Blanche 47.60579, -58.69143

the approach from the west was impassable for my stock minivan. road is steep and rugged.

Lake Sandler 37.50200, -83.16456

Nice area. fairly quiet. and occasional noise from the road but not much. lots of trash I had to pick up. Verizon friendly. no amenities big rig friendly.

FR181 34.29248, -110.85457

What’s left to say? Indeed, the best place to go in Tierra del Fuego if you have a problem with your car or need some changes to your rig. Very friendly, they speak English too and the mechanics are very knowledgeable. Great hospitality, big space inside and very high doors. A big truck can fit as well. Don’t look further, just go here and you won’t regret it! We came here twice. First time on the way to Ushuaia to get our dieseltank bracket fixed (welded) and too shorten the exhaust. We also did a full oil change here (brought our own oil and filters). On the way back we came by again to let them weld another part of our Defender. Recommended fully!

Clinica de Escape -53.78988, -67.71615

typical Walmart. very large lot with signs specifying rv parking. I parked on the far right next to a large dirt lot along with some trucks n other rvs. normal road noise but I expect it to slow down after the store closes at 11pm. it doesn't bother me anyway. well lit lot, which I like. feels totally safe. 5 bars Verizon.

Walmart Roswell 33.45088, -104.52493

Typical Walmart. I parked here for an overnight with no problem. Parked at the back near the tree islands on the home/pharmacy end of the building. Not too loud either.

Walmart 38.59489, -90.50735

Small area big enough for a van, in trees. Close to 16 but fairly quiet.

FRD 278 43.74476, -103.72929

Does the trick for a night. Lots of dispersed camping in the area so a little easier to find a spot. Plenty far enough off the interstate but… comically, it is the cows who are the problem. Super vocal all night long for some reason!

Highway 689. Roadside 34.69448, -111.72463

Abastecemos as caixas d’água aqui, não tivemos problemas!

água potável próximo ao estacionamento grátis -40.76326, -71.64780

Lovely place. But don’t go directly to the coordinates in the post! Google will take you down a back road (low power lines) to the pedestrian entrance. The main entrance (accessible by our high van) is a guarded gate off of the main highway 2:

Centro recreativo 13.48414, -89.33635
Francois L'Espinay

Nice spot near the 40 . Just off the side road. Place for one small RV. Quiet, good for one night.
Beau spot près de la 40. Juste en bas du chemin de service. Bon pour un petit VR. Tranquille pour un soir.

Cosnino 35.20458, -111.47522

We were the only ones there. Beautiful lake surrounded by wooded sites. Everything looks brand new. Picnic tables, fire pit and pit toilets. The roads were freshly graded

Morphy Lake State Park 35.94147, -105.39522

Best gas prices! The gravel RV lot is pretty level. The rest of the paved areas are very sloped. They are advertising a new RV resort coming in a few weeks. I don't know if that'll mean the old gravel lot will be removed. Nice quiet overnight stay here. Stayed for two nights without an issue.

Angel of the Winds Casino 48.21290, -122.18416

Drove a few miles down the dirt road and only saw a pullout near the entrance. 17 point turnaround on a wider section of the dirt/sandy road. Stayed just inside the gate and woke up to cows,, you nearby. 2-3 bars Verizon. Was able to take a video call with boost.

Old corral 37.17820, -112.01283

Described as below, but important information when your vehicle is registered as an LLC. Ours is registered under "owners name LLC". They said we would need a Poder signed by the president (my partner) to allow himself as an individual to drive the vehicle and cross borders. We used the template from and added a letterhead with the name and address. We had to go to Chetumal to get this printed and then go back to the border. Fortunately, in Quinta Roo no TIP is needed so we drive there. When we returned with the printed Poder they complained that it looked too simple and that we would need to add the company logo and maybe a footnote with the logo and address to make it "look official". We eventually where able to get our TIP by showing them all documents related to the LLC that we had. If you want to avoid the hassle, write yourself a Poder that looks official (design a company logo, add header and footer) and print it out before the Mexican border as there are no copy shops around. She showed us one examples where someone added a logo saying "official" to their Poder. Good luck and happy formating! No notary or really official stamp was needed. Just need to pretend.

BELIZE TO MEXICO 18.48482, -88.39932

12k with AC, 8k with fan. Nice small annex with gates parking for vehicles. Full electric, running water, clean and comfortable room. Very friendly staff. Have a restaurant in the other hotel of theirs round the corner. 2.7k for big plate of rice/plantain/veg sauce and drink.

Did have a visit from a man in the morning from the local state guard. Very pleasant, wanted to check passport and enquire about my journey. He advised it was a ‘rouge’ area, so camping wasn’t advised/allowed in the vicinity. Had a nice chat and laugh.

Hôtel Calypso Annexe 6.46484, 12.62251

Honestly the PERFECT spot! We were the only ones here. I do have a 4x4 vehicle but never had to put it in 4WD. Clearance was great never had an issue or a concern getting to this spot. The path is pretty rocky though so if you do have a low profile vehicle you just might do some scraping… so I wouldn’t recommend that. There are two fire pits so you can set up camp however you want without having to move a bunch of stones! I have Verizon and had full and fast service the entire time which was nice!

Cliff overlooking Moab&La Sal Mts 38.46869, -109.36913

Good night spot. No wind at night. Quit.

Salinas Grandes Stop -23.60892, -65.86437

Der Wasserhahn befindet sich auf der Rückseite des Betongebäudes am Ende des Parkplatzes.
An der Vorderseite hängen Schilder, die besagen, dass die Wasserstelle verlegt wurde. Sehr gut, um Kanister zu füllen. Max. 40 Liter.

Millenium Park 45.06477, -77.85928

As described below. Very quiet in a residential neighbourhood, will add translation of the entry sign.

La Gare St-Agapit 46.56408, -71.42907

Called the store and got permission. They directed us to park at the back of the parking lot close to the gas station. Nice and quiet.

Walmart Branson West 36.70060, -93.37086

Lots of trucks in the back, in front cars etc. Porta-potties only. Dark, loud noise (few trees between highway), somewhat rough road (not really maintained). Building but totally dark at night, maybe closed? Seems pretty safe though, cars coming and going.

Rest area I-95 N 42.00968, -71.27990

Adding a few details: There is free wifi under the pavilion near the store at the entrance. Nearby 12 mile Cade's Cove Loop road is closed to motorized vehicles every Wednesday, a fabulous opportunity for bicyclists to enjoy the wildlife (black bears!) and open pastoral countryside.

Cades Cove Campground 35.60118, -83.77536

Public restroom for all, not the cleanest - as it is in a beach parking lot - but gets the job done. No signs around as to whether they close at night but the lot itself closes at 9pm

Tunnel beach public restroom 45.46065, -123.96999

Adjacent rest area was still closed, so we transferred on this small road in between highway 17 and the shore of Lake Superior. Very nice spot for 2-3 small campers, some litter around though (which we picked up for recycling.

Beach 48.83894, -87.48562

Good, easy to access parking area with good views of the Tetons. Road closed beyond this lot due to snow. Several vehicles overnighted here. Everyone was friendly. Vault toilet was a bit messy but actual toilet was clean and no smell. No TP however.

NFS designated dispersed FREE camp 43.76382, -110.55693

Gorgeous, serene spots all along this road. There are lots of moss covered trails near the river. Very large sites for rigs of any size but the road has some spots that have been washed out from snow melt, so watch for pot holes. No cell service.

Muddy Fork Rd 45.52252, -122.65808

Pasamos una noche en este lugar,
Las personas de la recepción fueron súper amables !
El lugar cuenta con todos los servicios y está muy limpio.
Volveríamos sin dudas.

Mountain Road RV park 35.16226, -103.70318

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