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A spectacular motorcycle oriented hostal/ campground. Tim and Isa are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the area and Colombia in general. Can give great advice about what roads to take and things to see. We did some really fun group rides in the area, it seems there’s usually volunteers here as well to join in on the action. I got some stickers printed here in town! I was able to work on my bike here( valve clearance and some other small stuff on my drz). Some great hammocks to chill in. Overall this is a really sweet place to meet other riders and have a good time! It feels like you have a new family and it’s actually hard to leave!(I’ve been here a while lol)

Donkey Sunrise Guesthouse and Campground 4.55112, -76.08621

good price and more ore less friendly. But the registration process was horrible and at the end not possible. So in the evening we have to shift to another more expensive hotel. laundry 60000sum but super wet and not really clean.

Karakalpak Travel 42.42904, 59.59712

ótimo local pra acampar, seu Emerson e família muito acolhedores, comida do restaurante muito saborosa também, recomendo. estivemos na época de chuva então o espaço pra estacionar estava com água devido ao rio ter subido.

Pousada Remanso do Boto -4.71260, -61.29353

Central de obras da equipe de manutenção da BR 319. Perguntamos em Igapó Açu onde encontramos uma oficina pra fazer um aperto no pino central da nossa direção (VW Kombi) e eles indicaram pedir ajuda aqui. Entramos e falamos com o pessoal e foram bem solicitos nos ajudando. Não é uma oficina de atendimento ao público em geral mas numa emergência pode ser um apoio.

LCM Construção - DNIT -4.73032, -61.30092

Small pizza restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating tucked away from the road but does have a small sign pointing to it. Staff are attentive and the pizza is delicious! Genuinely some of the best I've eaten outside of Italy - service was fast too. Pizza served in less than 20 minutes

Pizza starts at around 6000cfa and can be up to 11000 I think. It is not cheap but honestly worth it if you are fed up with some of the typical African foods.
Parking could be tricky so recommend a taxi to come here if staying in Yaounde, after a tough day it really brightened us up and wholeheartedly recommend

Dolcezza pizzeria 3.88854, 11.50414

Camping on farm. Looks like you can do hikes and other activities. Unfortunately I only stayed overnight. Has all hhe amenities you'd expect. R150 pppn. Ground is quite hard (for tent stakes). Lots ofndemarcated spots for vehicles, although it looks like you won't get much privacy when it's busy.

Pedroskloof -30.13805, 18.10715

It’s a hostel in Kirova ulitsa 64, Vladikavkaz, close to Main Street and local market behind. There is a little yard at the entrance. It is use to local paint seller. It’s easy to cycles and motobikes,( Max 2). Private room without bath 1700 R x night.

Art Hostel 43.03537, 44.68590

It would be a good place, but unfortunately we were turned away, you are not allowed to stay overnight!! But there is no sign saying that staying overnight is prohibited!! The policeman told us the rule! What a pity!!

Hartwell Park 38.15177, -107.75502

A YPFB station where not so much cars waiting today. Fast service and friendly staff.
As part of the official ANH they have to give gasoline and diesel to foreigners.
We asked for a sin factura price today and they offered us 6 BOBs for the gasolina. They fueled directly in the tank, it was not possible to fill in the cherry cans.

YPFB -16.52194, -68.11516

Friendly service. Gravel driveway was a little holey from the recent rains but otherwise lots of room for any size unit. Price today was 0.904 cents per liter.

Lo-Cost Propane Lethbridge 49.70469, -112.79127

Nice park but unfortunately still closed (winter break?). Showers unfortunately closed as well. Pit-toilet is open.

Free shower at Islands Provincial Park 43.76455, -65.33592

Picnic table, lamp post, etc. on the upper bank just past the boat launch. Not part of the boat launch parking, a separate spot you can park your van right at...
Weak cell service. Outhouse at the campground.

J9 is another 100m or so down the road.

Joyce Kilmer Road 35.37206, -83.90669

NF campground, $15 self registration. Half price with National Park Pass. The lower loop with half a dozen sites with tables, lamp posts, and fire pits is right at the river and is open. Well stocked outhouse.
The upper loop is closed until further notice due to a water leak. No cell service.

Horse Cove Campground 35.36600, -83.91910

There is a tent pad, table, metal fire pit, and lamp post non-descriptly up right by the vehicle parking. The real treasure is down the 5 min walk at the lake! Another tent pad, picnic table, metal fire pit in a beautiful setting right at the water.
This place is set up for tent camping, and it's awesome for that.
The vehicle parking is not too level, definitely not for bigger rigs and very close to the road, although quiet enough.
Very weak and spotty cell service.

Santeetlah Lake 35.37096, -83.89936

This is a great spot, roomy, open feel at the river, with several porta-pottties. Several others her already, but if you go past the boat ramp at the very end of the road is a private spot with a rock fire ring and picnic table. No cell service.

Magazine Branch Lake Access 35.45300, -83.94500
Dalmatiner on Tour

Still there as described. Spacious, quiet and beautiful view. If you're a good walker you can walk downhill to the Rhine river and Loreley. There's also a supermarket.

Parking Dreiburgenblick 50.15584, 7.72079

Nice restaurant next to the workshop. We eat here while our car wars repaired.

They have WiFi, good food, cold beer and a friendly owner, the sister of Pedro the workshop owner.

Oforno Restaurant Mediterranean taverna -8.97967, 13.17931
Life Remotely

This is a test place delete nice moderator thx

Test place pet delete 48.90631, -122.56645

Shaded grass camp sites with electricity on the Kavango River. Beautiful Garden and fully shaded

Redfin Campsite -17.85076, 19.66330

nice place for overnight camping.
had a great sun set last night would of been a nice spot for sunrise.

top of the hill 48.15832, -72.22468

Just stopped for restroom. Still opened.

South Glenn Falls Rest Area 43.27420, -73.67704

This location is not the actual site…campground located at the fairgrounds. See attached photos for directions and info.

Kamp Siesta City of Oswego campground 37.16697, -95.11964

Restaurant is opened but rooms are under renovation from what I could gather. I was not able to sleep there.

Hotel and restaurant Shar-shara 38.45681, 70.78837

Paid 60bob to camp here. Showers and baños are neglected and indeed dirty. It’s not like there is shit on the walls but just old and probably never cleaned with lots of spiders, especially in the shower. Just don’t touch anything, wear flip flops and you will be fine. Added some photos for reference. Shower was warm though!

Residencial Tarija Camping -19.58950, -65.75368
van Fernweh

Not "closed". Wild camping spot between road and signage. No knocks overnight, just some light road noise. T-mobile spotty; had to drive up the hill to get better signal.

Gemini Bridge Road 38.57303, -109.79225

Nobody here. Was probably a one-time thing.

Police control -45.03197, -70.02582

Can confirm; road is in bad condition around this location. From here to the museum further north is a detour gravel road and from here south to just before the junction of 26 is touch and go.

Bad road 40 -45.13179, -69.99659

Just a test.

TEST 36.01838, -5.61036

My checkin.

TEST 36.01838, -5.61036

Just a test.

TEST 2 36.01856, -5.61170

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