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Good place for stealth parking. You're on the road right in front of the cemetery but it's very quiet and after 8pm there were maybe 1 or 2 cars. Arrived around 7pm and left at 8.30am. there were 2 vans already here and a few more pulled up during the night. no knocks, all good!

Golf Course / Cemetery Sandwich 36.63277, -121.93232

beautifull clean place, a lot of trashcans, water availlible, swimmmigpools very clean but ice cold at the moment. in evening time we had the whole park for ourself . highley recommend

Parque Aurora 14.29525, -87.40444

Good showers indeed! Price is 4 000 pesos per person. Cash only. The hostel looks very cosy.

Puma house -51.73121, -72.49881

While all the campings are already closed for the season, we came here. We were the only ones. Night was calm. There is a housing area construction on the opposite side of the street so the traffic was quite heavy in the morning. Lots of birds, also flamingos!

best place in Puerto natales -51.74244, -72.49382

Parfait pour passer la nuit après le passage de frontière ! Nous y sommes restés une nuit et c’était tranquille ! Pas beaucoup de passage de voiture.

Perfect to spend the night after the border crossing! We stayed there one night and it was quiet! Not much car passage.

Pull-off beneath RN3 -53.31090, -68.42917

Needed welding and was recommended by overland host!!

Soldadura- WELDING Location we recommend highly. 17.04141, -96.62347

Propane to fill RV’s right out front with plenty of room if you’re towing. $3.09/gallon. This Loves has an Arby’s.

Loves 40.34072, -88.76161

a beautiful Hotel, clean, with good food, friendly stuff and a very helpful owner Tosim. they will very helpful to all matters.
call +2348038328176
Deluxe Room with shower 30.000 nrg

LA GRANITA 7.65956, 5.20597

A lovely lovely place , quiet and nature surrounding it. Nice trails to walk the dogs, but I am unsure if it's actually closed that's why they told me that for one night I can stay.

Fang Aventura 42.11095, 2.68661

our Kombi engine broken and we foud Mr Pinto, very good mecanician to arrange our Kombi motor. very friendly, fair price and resolved pir problem very quickly. if you need, just go to his house

mecánico Kombi -3.22219, -39.26426

Easy…just asked where we came from and I here we were going. Asked for our passports and let us pass.

Army Control -4.93588, -79.10508

As previously described, FREE and is located at the very last bay.

Wave Car Wash 39.49489, -119.75406

it's kind of a high knob so expect it to be windy. avoid the area if it's been wet or expect rain. coordinates brought me right here. I sprained my wrist before coming here and the latch on the blue gate was a bit challenging. you have to lift the gate while pulling the latch. pushing the latch closed seemed more difficult than opening it. expect cow poop. full LTE att.

Martinez Road Dispersed Camping 34.99808, -105.78464

Update: Papers needed as below, also we brought everything else incl. motivation letter, bank statements of last 3 months, travel route (google maps), hotel booking, travel insurance and police clearance for our car, so it took only 5 minutes at the embassy. BUT: they now charge Europeans 3.500 NAM$ pp on top of the 120 US$ you already paid online when applying on innovate1service! 😳

Nigerian High Commission (embassy) -22.54979, 17.09152

Impressive building, the cartaker opened up for us and showed us around for free

Cathedral Benguela -12.58555, 13.40253

Cold drink bar with the possibility of eating Nyama Choma and freshly made chips.

Small bar restaurant -3.50066, 35.39314

there is space downstairs, opposite the "el eden" cafeteria or in the parking lot 30 m then high, very flat, 5 drinking water taps available under the trees. very quiet night

il y a de la place en bas, en face de la cafétéria "el eden" ou sur le parking 30 m puis haut, bien plat, 5 robinets d'eau potable à disposition sous les arbres. nuit très tranquille

hay espacio abajo, frente a la cafeteria "el edén" o en el estacionamiento 30 m luego de altura, muy plano, 5 grifos de agua potable disponibles debajo de los árboles. noche muy tranquila

el eden -26.93940, -65.71034

we overnight here before to go to vegas, a lot of truck noice but ok.
we are with 25 ft rv

love's parking 36.38194, -114.89653

Wonderful Core of Everything campground. Free, well maintained. The camp host gave us a 2 weeks tag.
Please respect the area and keep it clean.

Steele Creek Park 32.00342, -97.44633
Go Go Gringitos

Nice little breakfast spot with ok prices and good wifi. Felt safe and private to pull out electronics

Memo’s Coffee Bistro -20.46093, -66.82703

Very nice Restaurant with good burgers and Pizza.
Also Cocktails and Wine.
Nice atmosphare outside with trees.

Goodfellas Pizza & Pub -22.55335, 17.08770

Perfect place for refill water opens to 8:30 am to 4 pm

Paria Contact Station 37.10751, -111.90545

gas station with 11.14 MAD for diesel today

Dakhla Junction Fuel 23.89302, -15.68449

gas station with diesel price of 11.11 MAD today

Shell fuel station 23.89124, -15.69866

Nice water dam, Lake with birds. We saw (surprising) Flamingos and pelicans.
Still 30NAD per car / day.
NO camping allowed.

Avis Dam -22.57687, 17.13011

Everything as described! Nice place and easy night. Airplanes make some noise but it’s not that bad! Great views!

Chabunco -52.99886, -70.82107

Right now there’s a big construction going on. So unfortunately no water. But just go to any other Copec in town and ask nicely, was not a big deal to fill our water tank!

Cópec garage has free drinking water -53.16648, -70.91060

If you want to save the 5000COP, just use the side entrance. You’ll find places to park along the road. Nice to visit!

Cemetario Municipal -53.15271, -70.89876

We got our exhaust fixed there. 40.000COP for almost an hour of work. Guy was nice, work was done ok!
Can recommend!

Welder -51.73281, -72.48331

Quiet place to spend an overnight. However, even though we were next to the cell tower, we got no reception at all. I have T-Mobile.

Flat area in Prescott National Forest. 34.70786, -112.15220

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