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Elephant Rock
They put a sign up today that it is prohibited to litter, camp and offroad dunes driving. Fines up to SAR 10.000

Elephant Rock 26.68705, 37.98261

No water bathrooms closed but there is a vault toilet
Nice campground at the fairgrounds
Quit, we were only campers here

Drummond, Montana Town Pump 46.66743, -113.14729

Exited ESwatini in no time (they checked VIN number of vehicle), Mozambican took a while although there was no line, payed 200 Rand tax (in lieu of a visa, had US passport), then got immigration stamps. Vehicle customs took a long time to enter data into system. Also payed 100 Rand road tax (USD 3).

Namaacha border post -25.98928, 31.99903

small little section of road next to an RV park. note the signs that prohibit driving ON the beach. we stopped just short of the signs. saw millions of mobula rays! municipal police and National guard patrolling several times but didn't stop to say anything. felt safe. quiet except for lots of ATVs going. 2wd fine if you stay before the sign prohibiting driving on the beach.

Open Beach Area 23.67124, -109.69816

Lots full looks like a great place for one night. You can hear the freeway a lot.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 35.19411, -101.81096

This place is permanently closed.

Ledioulaba 12.55981, -12.17812

April 24. Now 1000TL for ONE person, brkfst included. Nice rooms.

Çukurova Suit Otel 37.06280, 36.20017

Quiet night under a tree with some grassy area. Many other car campers and trucks. 24 hour Walmart no problems.

Walmart 40.25998, -103.77115

Belle endroit en nature, une superbe découverte. Douche/ près de l'eau/ table de picnic/eau potable/ 18 us par nuit(tente). reservation en ligne/wild life/arbres partout, donc protéger par le soleil!/spot pour marché

Donald MacDonald Campground 27.81850, -80.50729

Always a good overnight stop. Hot water shower in a room. Hippos in the river, many birds, some monkeys and very friendly owner. We slept like logs and enjoyed a hot shower before setting forth.

Hippo bridge -6.62927, 31.14865

Lugar seguro para ficar. Perto de tudo, da sky costaneira

San Cristobel Park Entrance -33.41548, -70.61743

The two previous reviews pretty much sum this place up… Apparently it is quite unused during the off-season, as tonight there was only one other camper here, and I believe there are around 50 campsites. After May 1 you will need a reservation.

Beautiful views of the lake, in fact, one of the previous photos seem to be the exact spot I had chosen. Sites 6 and 7, right when you come in, are level and both have great views.

You can periodically hear a freight train across the lake somewhere, but not annoying at all.

A group of five deer roamed through the park late in the evening and I think I saw a raccoon waddling along the beachfront.

The beach has thousands of very small clam shells and an assortment of wildlife tracks in the sand.

You will like this place!

Turkey Point Park Campground 38.49793, -95.78833

great spot. easy going campground. hot showers. 17$ tent spot 22$rv spot, pay by envelope after hours
easy in and out. pretty lake!

Lake Perry Campground 31.13280, -88.91286

stayed here for one night, and people were whistling and yelling at all hours of the night. people with loud cars revving their engines at 3am. i didn’t get much sleep. would not stay again

Cracker Barrel 35.40544, -97.54626

Very nice and clean. No bothers I overnighted in my Yukon a few nights nobody bothered me or anything the highway is a little loud but it don’t. Bother me I can sleep through it. Two RV have been here for a few nights in a row and they don’t seem bothered at all. I go in and eat and everyone’s so nice and welcoming l.

Cracker Barrel. Loveland 40.41054, -104.99458

Everyone’s super friendly in the inside stayed a few nights in the back parking lot I’ve seen other RV and vans parked for a few nights also. A little noise from the highway but other then that it’s nice and quiet I like it much more then the loves down the highway. To me as a female traveler it feels much safer.

Cracker Barrel. Loveland 40.41054, -104.99460

Posto de gasolina 24 horas, banho quente com temporizador, apesar de ser movimentado por caminhões é bem seguro e tranquilo para dormir.

Shell SIM -28.23023, -52.43887

Fica no centro da cidade, ficou apenas nossa casa rodante no lugar o que faz chamar a atenção. Não é seguro, um sujeito às 03h da madrugada bateu em nossa porta para “vender um celular” depois disso não conseguimos mais dormir, por conta do risco. Não tem movimento nenhum de guarda/segurança na rua.

Parque da Gare -28.23022, -52.43886

Beach front parking for $15 all day. Great beach boardwalk and grassy areas for dog. Dogs allowed on beach after 5pm all year round and during day before Memorial Day and after Labor Day. Get there earlier for a prime spot.

Beach Parking 33.69072, -78.88051

Stayed in the First Come - First Serve camp ground. There is a good amount of traffic for the water fall towards the entrance of the camp ground. Over a very beautiful spot with a stream near by.

Kens Lake Campground - First Come First Serve 38.47819, -109.41821

Water and dump point. Laundry. Park for kids to play. Cute little spot with pizzeria and iga market across the road.

Derby Park -41.16843, 147.73825

this pull off was also great! the initial spot we were looking for was already taken! beautiful camp spot very quiet and gorgeous views. sad we couldn’t stay longer.

Indian Spring Road near lava field 35.18380, -115.83594

I wasn't able to find this place.

San Pellegrino camperplace 45.85425, 9.66480

Very nice and proper place. Camping on green grass, lots of trees giving shade, and everything is nicely kept. Camping 20,400 kwacha for 1 person, so on the expensive side. They also have Chalets for 70,000+. Bathroom clean, electricity on site. Nice bar area to sit and work or have a drink. Restaurant food is nice. Very friendly owner and staff. I stayed for a few days and regularly got from them fruit from their garden.

Definitely a good place for both stop over and to stay for a few days. In the evening in the weekend there was some noise from people at the bar (only from people talking, no music). But if you pick a campsite further from the bar this is a quiet place. WiFi didn't work when I was here, but Airtel signal is good. Shopping center 8kms down the road.

Barefoot Lodge and Safaris -14.00225, 33.67233

Beautiful views, though road is rough in spots. Stayed 1 night in Ram Promaster. Road actually smooths out further uphill (west - i hiked up) but several very rough areas on the way up. convenient to Carlsbad Caverns if you have an early Timed Entry. Visited by some wild cattle too!

BLM camp spots near Carlsbad Caverns 32.20541, -104.33211

we asked the man at customer service if we can park over night, he said, normally not, but there are alwais someone there, so you made your own décision. we stay overnight and it was a little bit noisy at the beginning of the night but calm after.
nice place to stay.

Walmart Super Center 31.98031, -81.17405

it is the same property as the established version of the entry> it is not wild camp if you pay for it idk 5$ pp so we changed it but: Absolutely worth it for the vibes/ view etc
We were not alone at the weekend- bunch of campers around but at night is calm - brace yourself it is „lil“ windy

360 Views sunrise and set, penon de comasagua 13.62899, -89.37166

Free dump.Plenty of room for any kind of RVs. Althought today, there's a sign of "hydrant not working" ..the screw in thing is missing and water turned off.

Osoyoos. Free dump station and free potable water. 49.03834, -119.49830

vem viajar conosco, passamos a noite aqui, tranquilo, tem banho, wi-fi, água filtrada. tirando banho gelado o restante não teve incomodo nenhum 😃

Posto Serra Verde -13.00230, -41.37921

All as previously described. Campsites have a tap, bin and ‘sit’ braai. This is a karoo type area so shade is minimal on most sites. The owners have planted lots of young indigenous trees. When you need a remote type camp, this one ticks all the boxes. As the place name indicates, we heard jackal early evening. The peace and quiet of the bush was a balm. Highly recommended and we hope to return. Pd 150pppn. Wood supplied for the donkey boiler and wood for sale for your fire. (Disappointingly 🤪) for those needing a signal, there is one of varying strengths.

Jakkalsden Wildcamping -33.85616, 20.29333

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