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Very nice neighborhood. There isn’t a sign for 72 hour parking anymore, but nothing that says no overnight parking. We stayed here one night and there was very little traffic. Would stay again.

Sausalito residential 37.86254, -122.49952

I was told that there was no accomedation in this town, so I decided to stay in this warehouse near the factory and police station. There's a bigger room and a small room behind. I chose the small room, which was hidden from the main road, and didn't have so much broken glass on the ground like the bigger room did.

Abandoned Warehouse -26.42199, -70.31831

gorgeous location next to creek, minutes walk to downtown. right on bike path. it's a parking lot for a municipal building so it says no public parking mon-fri until 5 pm. we pulled in at 5 on Friday and slept overnight with our vans pop top up. no one bothered us. leaving now around noon. a couple other vans were here when we arrived and gone in morning.

Public Parking 40.01394, -105.28633

I don’t know if it’s OK to park and sleep here anymore. At around 1130pm cops came and told each car one by one that they can’t stay there overnight.

Smith Island Road 47.99904, -122.17705

Basic but clean hotel in Oporapa situated at the back of the petrol station . Only 4 rooms, I was charged 40,000 COP for one person for the night. The owners let me keep my bicycle in a garage attached to the petrol station overnight.
If full, there is another hotel around the corner

Hospedaje El Rosario 2.02450, -75.99579
Nomad Katia

It's an old hotel, with heating water problems nowadays. Only electric showers now, and not everyone works. I looked in 3 rooms to find one that heated up a bit: freaking cold weather! I was told the new owners (about an year ago) will build new cottages, and demolish the hotel. I came with my motorcycle. The young fellow who received me spoke English and was so very kind. Price was 33€/person/night during Eid holiday, but he accepted 30 (only cash accepted). Excellent breakfast included. The rooms are relativelly clean, but only electric heaters work. The views of the mountain and hiking are very worth the stay. The restaurant is a gem: warm inside and delicious food, for reasonable price. Hotel faces the paragliding ramp. Follow the paved road up from the city (google will try to divert you to a dirt variant).
Climbers come regularly. Average wifi available, cell signal kiks out every now and then.

Hotel Karbeyaz 38.16116, 34.16429

The location is very good to reach the viewpoints and the falls. The place is in the middle of a forest, calm at night. 8500 kwacha ppn a bit expensive for what it is because the toilets don’t work anymore and there is no shower.

Kuchawe Trout Farm -15.35303, 35.30039

We were passing through the CKGR again, this time from Khutse up via Xade to the Matswere gate. As a stopover we booked Xade 2 again in hopes it had been cleared out, as it is in such a beautiful location and a nice 10km away from the main gate.

It has actually been cleared and grated since we last were here 2 years ago (you can now actually see it is a sandy campsite with braai stand, while 2 years ago we had to kind of guess where it was in high grass and panga some away) but it has begun to overgrow with devils thorn again. but no grass yet. Still the most beautiful location at Xade. We ended up camping on the main camp because we were running low on fuel and water, and wanted to be able to be in slops instead of shoes as protection against the thorns. The Xade staff happily let us fill up on water from their borehole and camp at Xade gate. Friendly here!!

We would suggest just checking/asking if Xade 2 has just been maintained, because then you have the most beautiful spot you can have!!

Xade Campsite CKXAD-02 -22.34190, 23.10382

Alcohol is pricey in Jordan. Amstel beer half litre can JOD 3.5, Petra beer small can JOD 2. Also sells strong beer, wine, and liquor.

Bajali Liquor Store 31.71231, 35.79418

Lake is still dry, small river is left, but a nice place indeed. ground for us was filled with little stones which made it easy for 2WD

Nice place but dry lake 41.77449, 73.08854

Súper nice family.
T'hey have a good garden, clean toilets, washing machine (15soles), friendly animals around.

We paid 10 soles x night with our van.

They are really welcoming, and have a vegetal garden where you can take some vegetables if you need.

The kids are lovely, too.

They have Internet.

In the morning we walking to the watterfall, 45/1 hour.

Nice place!!

Family garden in Socma near waterfall hike -13.31239, -72.24511

Nice place to park for the night next to bike path, there is now a local brewery on corner if you need a beer or bathroom, they close early so no drunks out later, the trains like a good toot in the morning otherwise it’s a perfect spot.

Peace park 49.24225, -122.75202

Beau petit camping près de l'autoroute avec tous les services. 55$ un peu dispendieux. Parfait pour passer au lavage. Des gens gentils.

Starved Rock Family Campground 41.37155, -89.01892

Just beware of your surroundings here as there are a lot of homeless in the area. Make sure you keep your car locked at all times.

Cracker Barrel 40.05595, -85.65185

I went in and asked if I could get 10-15 gallons of water after I filled up with fuel. She was hesitant at saying yes…she said “we’re not supposed to let anyone use it so make it quick.” Despite the red handle and right next to a locked dump station I didn’t get sick as I’ve been drinking this water for a few days.

Phillips 66 Station 36.74655, -93.22350
Track World Travel

Couldn't find a spot to park. Coordinates are exactly on the road. Something went wrrong creating this spot? I closed this point.

Bushcamp Mountain Road 39.61520, 28.77363
Track World Travel

You need medium sized or smaller 4x4 rig with clearance to get there. We did 't stay.

Among Trees 39.51069, 29.69465
Track World Travel

Perfect! We took our spot just after the first 100 metres along the leading dirt road. The first bunch of trees on the right gave us good wind shade. On hill top too much cold wind. We stayed for the weekend. Nobody there and very quiet.
39.5666714, 30.1488225

Frig/ Phryggea limestone hill top 39.56934, 30.15139

Be careful not to take the truck lines when entering USA. We saw a height limit for the vehicle line so we went on the truck line and they were not able to deliver a permit nor to deal with particular vehicle. We had to go back on the normal vehicle line which was very difficult.
Otherwise everything easy and friendly border agent.
They did not ask anything about our 2 dogs.

Nuevo Laredo, Colombia Crossing 27.69495, -99.74913

We had some electrical issues and renew our oil here. The service was perfect and the price is also really good.

Our car is a Chevrolet N400.

Fabian mechanic -22.08294, -65.60923

Still didn't charge extra fee. You can park in front.

banco union -22.09060, -65.59516

An really nice old woman runs this place. Typical bolivian food and the nicest selfmade Empanadas. Also cheap prices and cold beer.

We parked our car in front of the restaurant.

Little Place with fresh Empanadas -22.08966, -65.59602

Très bon spot pour 10S. Il faut s’installer en face du restaurant car sur le grand parking les camions arrivent à la nuit tombée. Le restaurant a des Baños et de l’eau à l’extérieur. C’est un bon emplacement à 3200m d’altitude pour redescendre des 4000m de la réserve de pampa galéras.

Restaurant La Finca De Pachan Lucanas -14.61700, -74.26414

Quiet little rv park, linda was super nice and welcoming. We took a site with electricity only for 10$! We slept great and felt safe.

Alaskan RV 32.31470, -109.44886

Lodge and camping in a very nice garden. Lot of different people and a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of things to do, don't forget the fantastic big market in walking distance. Nice bar and restaurant with a real different menu than what you find elswhere. Lovely staff and dutch owners. We camped here 5 nights. Kw 14.000pppn.

Blend Lodge and Kitchen -15.37934, 35.32214

Great spot off of trail that is wide enough for trucks. You will want high clearance and four-wheel-drive. If you are here in the mud season. Summertime dry season would probably be OK with a smaller SUV that has some ground clearance. Not going to work for cars. Unable to get here in the winter time this is a snowmobile trail.

Trail pull off 46.32093, -69.43994

Parked up on the dirt area under the tree, there seems to be hourly police visits very reassuring, I think a one nighter here is the max. There’s a few blood suckers around even now.

Chinook, Montana 48.57986, -109.23192

This was the nicest spot to camp in El Chalten. We had a peaceful night and good sleep.

Visitor Center - El Chalten -49.33611, -72.87983

few tap available in the street, on the main road on your right hand when you are arriving from beberibe

water tank with taps in the street -4.18145, -38.08227

*Barraca de teto*
Estacionamento com ponto de luz e água para motorhome com segurança. Ao lado de posto de combustível que funciona 24h e da lancheria Matinhos que também fica aberta toda a noite. Banheiros muito limpos. Tomamos café da manhã no local que também estava ótimo! Precisamos de mais locais como esse.

Parada Matinhos -26.39287, -50.22536

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