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historical site where they welcome visitors to stay.
toilets and bucket showers, loads of vehicle space, tent space under trees.
camping 50000gf pp
rooms 350000gf in either the governors house or where works leaders have previously stayed.
very interesting tour of casa palabra and Miriam Makeba's house.
Barry 00 224 612 20 10 10 WhatsApp
or Thierno 623 29 64 06

Casa Sili 10.68057, -12.26576

Still here today. We drove slowly and everything went well.

Speed trap 27.62112, -99.68784

Nice bar at the beach (closed on Monday), dirt track to reach it is very busy at the weekend. 7500+ for a meal and 1500 small beer, they don't have vegetarian food on the menu but they made something special for my partner (5000cfa), also Nespresso coffee machine 1500. Waves too extreme to swim here, it's true the nice owner Sebastian allows you to sleep outside & use of toilets/ shower as a customer.

There is no carpark, you park on the dirt track with no privacy and many cars passing during the day, we stayed 2 nights and on the second we were woken up by a huge argument and fight in the street, police turned up to arrest a girl.

The bar is nice but I personally cannot recommend sleeping here due to my experience. It's difficult as there are not many places near Abidjan, traffic to get here is terrible. For a better option consider Drogba beach a bit further along the main road in Bassam

Le Petit Bedon 5.21277, -3.81877

Easy border crossing, come here if you travel without CDP.

Leaving Ghana the customs guy took back our temporary import paper, then to another room for passport stamping. They take an unnecessarily long time to write down data like where did you come from where are you going & car details, profession. After all this they stamp us and we are free to leave.

Entering Ivory coast, parked on the road and walked up to the building, two different rooms for entering or exiting. Make yourself known and hand over the passports, they make you wait outside on the seats until they are ready for you. Very little English spoken, the guy inputs information in book like Mother/ Fathers name and your profession, then stamps the passport. I had a hotel address ready to tell them but they never asked. Outside there is a small hut to check yellow fever certificate.

After this we drive to customs to make the temporary import paper as we travel without CDP. One guy check inside the van and once he was satisfied sent us into the office to make the TIP. Simple enough, again very slow to input information but we got it in the end, the guy speaks only french and to my knowledge didn't ask for anything more.

On the road to Abengourou there are many police checks as well as 2 drug checks, one guy asking if I smoke crack or heroin, I just laughed at him. Some police checks sitting in the shade by the road blow their whistle just as I pass them, I didn't bother stopping and they never came after me.

Ivory Coast to Ghana 7.24283, -2.95688

Pasamos sólo el dia, espetacular vista, la arena es bien firme, no hay facilidades. No pasamos la noche porque habia mucha tormenta y decidimos ir a la ciudad, pero si no nos hubiesemos quedado la noche tranquilos!

Beach Front - Frente à praia -3.21835, -39.28257

Pasamos dos noches, água, energia, wifi y baños! Los chicos del posto muy amables. Bastante movimento de bus de turismo pero nada que incomoda.

Posto Freitas -2.90754, -40.43756

Good road to go Cahuachi. really deserved to go there ! we recommend!

road to Cahuachi ruins -14.88127, -74.99499

Really nice drawing of various animals in the hill. It can be seen very clearly from the viewpoint.
no charge, worth to stop!

Pasos de los felinos -14.61007, -75.19397

Nobody here today Saturday 13-04-24 at 6am.
Nadie controlando acá hoy sabado 13-04-24 a las 6am.

Police checkpoint 12.08302, -86.39602

Nobody here today Saturday 13-04-24 at 6am.
Nadie controlando acá hoy sábado 13-04-24 a las 6am.

Police checkpoint 12.06671, -86.47757

Nobody here today Saturday 13-04-24 at 6am.
Nadie controlando acá hoy sábado 13-04-24 a las 6am.

Police “Checkpoint” - Attempted Bribery 12.07887, -86.51122

Nobody here today Saturday 13-04-24 at 6am.
Nadie controlando acá hoy sábado 13-04-24 a las 6am.

police checkpoint 12.10101, -86.57141

Many beautiful ceramics that are made on site. They are also the ones who make all the bulls that you will find on the city stands. The door remains closed, you have to knock to return, it is not closed :) Very good price (s/25 for a big bull, s/10 for the little ones). We recommend, the people are very nice!

Toro Wasí pottery workshop -15.04306, -70.36774

Stopped here after a long day on the offroad route from Salento through the Carbonera wax palm forest. We arrived at the other pin just north (“toche”) and happened to meet the owner at the gate.

He let us in but informed us that a tree was blocking the path, but that he would cut it. It was a windy and off-camber little trail to the hot springs. Anything wider/taller than a high roof Ford Transit van might not enjoy it.

The tree that fell was HUGE! I walked to the hot spring to check it out, but it was not even warm. The owner insisted he would be able to cut the tree quickly, but I didn’t think it would be a quick process. The rest of the family also didn’t seem convinced 😅

So to park far away from the water and with the temperature, we moved on. Seems like a peaceful place though. Family was super kind and welcoming. There is a sweet dog on the property, too. Probably amazing when the hot spring is hot.

Camping spot in a good location next to the river. 4.50960, -75.40737

"Las Aldas Guesthouse" seems abandoned. The people in the village say it's closed. They don't know if it opens again.
Camping "outside" is still open. Be careful in the deep sand with your vehicle!

Las Aldas Guesthouse -9.71217, -78.29384

As I arrived late afternoon and the visitors centre was about to close I decided to camp near the mountain. There are so many spots to choose from, but there is one relatively large cactus which I thought was a nice landmark.

Nice and level, 2 bars 4G and very quiet.

The big cactus 31.53655, -113.43303

beautiful family we talked a lot about travels and diferent experiences. we spent a ver nice days with them.

La Familia Zepamoya -23.10898, -70.44486

Lots of trucks, but not too noisy. We parked our camper van near the restaurant and the convenience store. It's got some food options (Popeyes, Subway) and clean restrooms.

TA Truck Stop (huge) 32.26979, -109.84671

Origens show from Wednesday evening to Saturday evening begins at 8 p.m. With the meal + the show: 170 bowls for adults, 50 bowls for children under 10 and 120 bowls for children over 10 years old. Without the meal the show alone is 120 bowls for adults and free for children. The show is beautiful and the food excellent. Only 3 dishes to choose from: Pork BBQ sauce with fries and coleslaw or chicken with mushrooms and quinoa sauce or pasta with mushrooms. More desert of the day. Drinks are extra. Only downside, a bit of a fair amount for big eaters. We recommend.

spectacle origenes du mercredi soir au samedi soir débute à 20 h. avec le repas + le spectacle : 170 bols pour les adultes, 50 bols pour les enfants de moins de 10 ans et 120 bols pour les enfants de plus de 10 ans. sans le repas le spectacle seul est à 120 bols pour les adultes et gratuit pour les enfants. le spectacle est magnifique et la nourriture excellente. seulement 3 plats au choix: travers de porc sauce barbecue avec frites et coleslaw ou poulet sauce champignons et quinoa ou pâtes sauce champignons. plus désert du jour. les boissons sont en plus. seul bémol, quantité un peu juste pour les gros mangeurs. nous recommandons.

Origenes - traditional dance show -19.05325, -65.25802

Nous avons passé 24h sur ce parking, nous avons été réveillé à 3 heures du matin par 2 abrutis qui écoutaient de la musique si non c’est tranquille. Il y a des wc 1 sol et douches 3 sols la journée.

Mollendo Playa 1 -17.03263, -72.01027

Campground requires some renovations. Two out of three restrooms closed. No toilette paper! Some Picknick tables broken. Besides that a great place to stay! A well equipped RV doesn’t care about my first sentences ;-))

Rocky Springs Campground 32.09014, -90.79972

We spent 2 nights here, very nice and safe ! There’s water at the station nearby. Quiet at night and close enough to the center. Very good option to visit Merida !

Street Camping 20.97625, -89.62084

We stayed 2 nights in a small travel trailer. We were able to park on the gravel pull off and not take much space. The view is gorgeous and the roaring river is fantastic go sleep next to. Be careful sleeping down near the river in a tent, but up by the Gravel lot should be fine.

Dispersed Camping Site 48.07301, -121.60220

Enter the park.
At the upperside of the hill in the park.

Alsos Panagioudas 40.93106, 24.38959

Nice spot! No one bugged us for one night. A horse or something ran by in the middle of the night. Definitely not hidden, so I don't know how many nights till someone would kick you out 🤷🏼.

Flat ground facing the mountains 25.93227, -100.47884

Big space to park and take pretty pictures besides the Irazú volcano. Very cold and strong winds - warning there is volcanic climate in here and it gets very bad after dark, also a 4x4 road and zone. Park rangers will patrol the zone at night but I would not recommend attempting to sleep here.

Faldas volcán irazu 9.98188, -83.83438

Me quede 3 noches,, es un hostal muy bueno y con buena gente, podrian mejoras lós colchones, pero en general muy bueno!
35 bolivianos la noche!

Hostal Oasis -18.13682, -68.97480
MindBody MotoGirl

Amazing place. I stayed 4 nights, paid $70 a night including 3 meals a day, and 2 excursions every day. But I believe that was a low season rate as I saw that it’s normally $100 per night for Venezuelans and $125 for foreigners. You can also camp if you want for $50 a night but it’s extremely hot. Rooms have AC and there’s a pool. Food was good they will accommodate for your needs. Excursions were amazing, the area is full of wildlife. We went out by boat, bicycle, and horse at different times. You see tons of birds, cappyberas, any eaters, crocodiles, pirañas, and more. The landscape is beautiful and the amount of wildlife there is insane. Sunsets and sunrise are also so beautiful. They have lots of baby cows at the ranch and horses. The staff is incredible wonderful and great. Super nice place to visit and experience in Venezuela. There is plenty of space for Moto’s and Vans. The road in is easy all paved to get there and about 3 miles of dirt but flat.

Hato El Cedral 7.42998, -69.32279

save place but Saturday night a lot of trafic and at 3 o clock in the morning more and more young peoples with cars, motorbikes and loud music, so we decided to go away in the middle of the night.

Next to the pond -31.43221, -64.17926

I came here with a French friend, we are both cyclotourists. Just that day there were two other cyclotourists. When we arrived, around 18:15 he told us that they were already sleeping (which was a lie because the next day they told us that they were waiting for our arrival to share some time).

First he gave us the option to put the mat on a floor and soon after he offered us a bed for each of us, only that one of us had to share a room with Joel. I had no problem sharing. My friend went to bed a little earlier and I stayed with him chatting. After a while he offered me a ritual with coca leaves (supposedly this was done when the hotel was open with clients). After a while he was lying to me, that if you have to take off your shirt, then take off your pants and panties, as you are a cyclist I will do your legs, he told me. He was covered with a towel and tried to take it off when I put it back on and held it with my hand. I admit I didn't cut when I started to feel bad and uncomfortable, but I never thought he would do something like that.

Then he made me turn around and started rubbing himself on top of me touching my ass and so on, I could tell he was excited with his breathing altered. After a while he jumped on top of me, then I pulled away and he said "I'm sorry, I thought you were .....", as if to say that I liked men. It has nothing to do with being gay, I respect them deeply. In my opinion he had this totally planned, that's why he didn't want us to share with the other cyclists, that's why he offered dinner to us and the other two no...

For me he is a depraved person who took advantage of the visit of a traveler to do what his perverse mind proposed him to do. I don't want to think how I would have felt if I had been there alone with him. Do not go, be very careful with this type of people. Then the misfortunes that we all know happen.
NO VAYAN A ESTE LUGAR!!Llegue aquí con un amigo francés, ambos somos cicloviajeros. Justo ese día había dos cicloviajeros más. Al llegar, sobre las 18:15 nos dijo que estos ya estaban durmiendo (cosa que era mentira ya que al otro día estos nos dijeron que estaban esperando nuestra llegada para compartir un tiempo).Primero nos dio opción de poner la esterilla en un piso y al poco tiempo nos ofreció una cama para cada uno, solo que uno de los dos tenía que compartir habitación con el Joel. Yo no tenía problema en compartir. Mi amigo se fue un poco más temprano a dormir y yo me quedé con el charlando. Al poco me ofrece hacerme como un ritual con las hojas de coca (supuestamente esto lo hacían cuando tenían el hotel abierto con los clientes). Al poco tiempo me fue mintiendo, que si tienes que quitarte la camisa, después quítate los pantalones y calzones, como eres ciclista te voy a hacer las piernas me decía. Estaba tapado con una toalla e intento quitarla cuando yo la puse de nuevo y la aguante con la mano. Reconozco no haber cortado cuando empecé a sentirme mal e incómodo, pero nunca pensé que haría algo así. Después me hizo darme la vuelta y empezó a refregarse encima mío tocando el culo y demás, se le notaba excitado con la respiración alterada. Al tiempo se tiró encima, entonces yo me aparte y me dijo que "lo siento, pensaba que eras .....", como queriendo decir que me gustaban los hombres. No tiene nada que ver el ser gay, los respeto profundamente. En mi opinión tenía esto totalmente planeado, por eso no quiso que compartiéramos con los otros ciclistas, por eso nos ofreció cena a nosotros y a los otros dos no......Para mi es un deprabado que aprovecho la visita de un viajero para hacer lo que su perversa mente le propuso hacer. No quiero pensar como me habría sentido de estar allí solo con el. No vayan, tengan mucho cuidado con este tipo de gente. Después pasan las desgracias que todos conocemos

The Spirit of Pachamama -13.32460, -74.20844

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