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After the Amalfi coast we tried to sleep at the camp spot in Salerno but it was to loud and hot. So we drove 30 minutes to this perfect place in the mountains. Its very quiet at night and some degrees colder than at the coast. Some lights, so its not complete dark, but some darker spots.
Lyca 5G, Liad 5G

Quiet gravel place 40.72008, 14.84805

When coming from the east, this is a good spot for the night. You cross the railway and are behind a wall of sand so that you are not seen from the road. You only hear the traffic in a distance, not disturbing. Just the passing trains are an experience, but we only had one during the night.

next to a bush 24.19181, 48.53597

We travel by bicycle. Flat meadow above the river. Be careful the level of the river can change due to hydroelectric dam. We pitched our tent in a field just above the river.
There is water close to the bridge that we have drunk. Don’t know if it’s drinkable but it was ok.

Next to the river 39.72045, 21.03917

Clean showers for $20, no laundry as far as I was able to figure out. It’s one of the older stores but they’re building a larger brand new facility right next door which will probably have even better amenities.

Loves Truck Stop with dog park 32.26968, -106.92148

Electronics store that sells sims and top-up data without additional charge.

Boutique Bon Prix 7.12858, 0.73192

The ‘private beach’ is a highly recommended place. Spent here 2 days and nights. No one showed up.
For access 4x4 is mandatory due to some sandy passages if coming from harbour direction.
Temperature mid of April very hot during daytime (36-38°C); at nighttime 29-31°C. Due to high humidity - (60-75%) it feels very very hot..
a real pearl this piece of island!

Quiet valley, private beach nearby 16.72220, 42.15246

There is no car camping period. Got woken up at 3am by police officer l. said it was city ordinance. stating all of cannon Beach you cannot camp at. he said 6 to 7 miles down there is a tunnel car campers can go.

Elk Run Park - van/small RV parking 45.89567, -123.96008
Eelke Broeders

A flat place, about thirty off the road. Along this part of road there isn't much place for camping due to vegetation and slopes.
Big rigs will fit, but not invisible from the road.

wild camping next to the road to Kariba -16.77153, 29.02025

We just stopped here for a coffee and lunch. It is a nice spot indeed, lots of grass for good cover. Only down side is that the black flies were THICK today! 🪰🪰🪰

Nice camp spot next to the road -1.37232, 15.91946

Totally recommend that place. As there are not so many options in Swakopmund, this is a really good address. Very central in the city but when you enter the campsite you do not feel that you are in the middle of the city. It’s big, have a nice and big chill/Picknick area and the bathrooms are so so nice and clean. There’s also a cat and the cute Labrador dog around saying hello sometimes at your place. Wi-Fi not good like everywhere 😄 They are not finished yet with renovations (rooms, decorations etc.) 180 ND pppn - really fair!

Desert Sky Backpackers -22.68182, 14.52769

Came here with a broken torsion bar as this place was recommended to us from a local. The owner felt really knowledgeable and has a big garage. I think he also knows a lot of people and addresses if you have a problem. Seemed trustworthy. I don’t know if it was the fault from his secretary, but the communication afterwards was awful. He wanted to find the spare part for us and we talked about welding our broken torsion bar as last option (!). Gave him our number, he wanted to call us. Well, we tried to talk him the next few days as we haven’t heard from him. Then we were in contact with the lady from the office, who always said to us “we will keep you updated” but didn’t tell us at all what was going on. Until one morning she send us a message “they are welding your part right now, you can come pick it up later” - wtf? They didn’t tell us anything and then we had to pay 2300 ND for that. That’s just not okay. But the worst part was, that as we put it back in, it broke after few minutes again. We didn’t even drove. Just BULLSHIT!

Crazy Gecko -22.68181, 14.52771
Azalou Olowo

Retour affectif sérieux de mon ex [email protected] Appel/whatsapp:+229 52807556 -L’être aimé vous a quitté, et vous souhaitez qu’il ou elle revienne sans délai?

Vous vous disputez fréquemment avec votre partenaire?
Des commérages de gens jaloux et mal intentionnés vous font du tors et pourraient brisé votre couple?
Vous êtes sur le point de vous séparer?
Votre belle-famille ne vous accepte pas?
Une femme ou un homme, s’immisce dans votre couple ?
Vous aimez une personne, mais ce n’est pas réciproque ?
Vous vous posez des questions avant de vous décider à vous marier? etc.
Le puissant maître marabout voyant AZALOU OLOWO vous aidera à résoudre tous vos problèmes sentimentaux

Cabinet de voyance Azalo Olowo -2.08969, 17.44080

Local kite boarding school also with lots of equipment to rent. Very good kite spot at a nice beach. However the best is the people!!!

Also prices for kite schooling were more than fair compared to other places around in Diani area. Possible to obtain IKO licenses.

You‘ll find this spot if you turn in at the Amigos restaurant sign at the main road (sign in the pictures). Parking space for vans and 4x4s.

Contact Jumo: +254 726 272961

Kenya Kite Masters - Kite Surf School -4.32344, 39.57403

We found out that the visa is 4 weeks valid from the day it was issued. We droped the passports Monday and could picked it up on Friday. So, we habe lost nearly a week.
Sundays the costum gay is going in church they explain us and we have to wait for him. This was3 hours ago we still here.

Benin-Nigeria 6.63866, 2.73365

All as described - good hotel. Secure parking for bikes. Includes breakfast. I paid 2200AFN.

Khyber Hotel 34.53165, 69.16448

Very relaxed and easy to reach.
we picked up a big bag of garbage and brought it to Fischer canyon reception, so it will be more likely to get taken care of than the garbage that's laying around.

please do the same that's our responsibility as overlanders to leave it cleaner than before

Naute Dam -26.95722, 17.96861
Clerb RV

Great convenient spot. Pretty clean except the sand that gets tracked in. Bring your flip flops.

Also not a single hook in sight.

Good hot shower that takes a little longer to heat up so be patient. It’s a long run from the tap to the shower head.

Three minutes for each quarter you deposit- remember to push the button as you deposit! There’s also an app for paying online but I didn’t try it.

Outside kitchen cleanup tap was off but may be working in season.

All in all - would recommend!

Depot 44.40616, -71.19893

Ok hotel to stay in for the night while waiting to go to Accra or Kumasi. Cheap rooms: 80 cedis for single, 90 for double with toilets and shower outside. Most expensive is 200 cedis, if you want AC. Not super duper clean, but ok. No WiFi though, and when I was there, the restaurant didn't have any food. You'll also need an adapter, in my room the plugs were old English ones only.

Hotel Mubek 5.12454, -1.27380

Water spring with good pressure. Locals come to fill drinking water here. Bets with containers. Should be possible to connect water thief, but you would need long hose to connect to camper. At least 10m

Fresh spring water 40.87338, 48.93817

Nous avons passé 1 nuit, le long de la rivière, plat, grand espace herbeux, au bord d’un chemin caillouteux, facile d’accès, pas de services, plusieurs restaurants à 300 m.
Très bruyant le samedi soir: des jeunes avec leur voiture musique à fond….
Pas de problèmes d’insécurité selon les riverains.

We spent 1 night, along the river, flat, large grassy area, at the edge of a stony path, easy to access, no services, several restaurants 300 m away.
Very noisy on Saturday evening: young people with their cars playing loudly….
No insecurity problems according to local residents.

Along the river -2.89560, -78.77406

Nice hotel with a very nice campsite. Clean facilities, good food. We paid 290 for 1 night (1 4x4, 2P) and an extensive dinner.

Dar Ahansal Hotel & Camping 31.84632, -6.11267

Near the highway there is a dry lake and all over and around the lake there are several spots to park and camp. Hidden and open from the highway. In the morning shepherd are passing by and don’t bother at all. Very nice and quiet place to stay at night and day.

Dry lake 34.54192, 60.52061

very good hot shower, there are two showers (very small cabin), 30 Bob for 2 people (child was free). not very dry/clean so prepare yourself with a plastic bag or something!

Public Shower at Full Adventure -20.46228, -66.82206

100% disabled veterans get 50% off of "base rate" not actually rate of campsite chosen. Make sure you verify costs first before coming here so you know. Example; my site was regularly 35, and it cost me 27 after discount.

Dogwood Campground Eufaula State Park 35.40043, -95.62439

100% disabled veterans get 50% off of "base rate" not actually rate of campsite chosen. Make sure you verify costs first before coming here so you know. Example; my site was regularly 35, and it cost me 27 after discount.

deep fork campground 35.39968, -95.58350

In urgent need of communication: we found untitel E with strong signal on this little hill. It was good enough to check Emails and WhatsApp massages.

Unitel E connection -15.86959, 12.17224

Place near the small lake, not too far from the main road. Very calm and quiet. Be carefull durinng the rain because the road is muddy and sliperry. You can stay near the watter or in the meadow under the trees.

place near the small lake 44.18717, 44.40877

Perfecto spot to spend the night. very quiet at this time of year. We were alone as well and got to spend a wonderful evening strolling around and taking pics from the jetty in the rest area right on the creek! Great spot so please respect cleanliness. Pot toilets were still closed from the winter season however.

Cypress River Millennium Park 49.56295, -99.08425

good shower. cold but with these temperatures that's perfect.
i guess it is free if you buy something at the restaurant. nobody asked for money. the restaurant is ok, what you expect at a truck stop. very large portions. recommend.

showers at good truckers restaurant -16.58434, -72.79443

Entrance gate to Iona National Park. 3000 pp and 500 per car per day. The track is tough. My advice: If you leave it by 5m from the GPS route on Tracks4Africa even though that track looks better turn around and get back on the GPS route, it will get worse, you get stuck and you won’t get back to the GPS route. We got stuck twice and decided to get back to the entrance. Bring enough time, water and fuel. For us the landscape was not worth the effort

Iona National Park Gate -16.28970, 12.55493

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