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Les 2 vagabonds

Big scam
The campground is 14000 pp the amenities are dirty and the water in the showers barely runs.
The lady is agressive because she deliberately lets you set up camp before saying that the price has gone up.
Van and campers must sleep in the car park.

Grande arnaque.
Le terrain de camping est de 14 000 pp, les commodités sont sales et l'eau dans les douches coule à peine.
La dame est agressive parce qu'elle vous laisse délibérément installer le camp avant de dire que le prix a augmenté.
Les van et les camping car doivent dormir dans le parking

Camping Lago Del Desierto -49.08438, -72.89317

This place is clean. All cement with power. We didn’t try the water. The pit toilets were close. Maybe cause is off season. 🤷🏻‍♀️ All the other campsites in a 10 mile radius were close.

Walnut Woods State Park 41.54205, -93.73959

great view, but not a lot of protection from the wind. Saw 3 campsites when we are there. Rhe one we were at had a fire pit.

Park Ranch Campground 32.11025, -104.40627

BLM perfect stop before or after Natural Bridge. Flat, clean large Space for big rig

BLM Wild Camp 37.50985, -109.65355

Nothing magic about this place but good for a night. The place lies just under the road next to the river (but high enough that you don't have to worry about high water levels). The entrance is stony and somewhat steep, for bigger rigs i would recommend backing down as there isn't that much room to turn around. Fairly level ground.
We spend a quiet night here, not much traffic and you are more or less out of sight.

Pullout under the road -12.49835, -74.82562

There are cameras and signs explicitly saying no overnight stays but when I checked with the manager (who was lovely) she said it was Frisco county that had imposed the rules but if I wasn't "seen" then it would be ok. I ended up sharing with about 20 other vehicles! In the morning, there was trash on the floor where my neighbours had been, 20 feet away from a trash can. No wonder places reject us due to a few bad actors.

Walmart 39.58763, -106.09585

Nothing special, but does the trick while traveling through! Grateful for this option!

Waylon Jennings Free RV Park 33.91228, -102.32642

Never heard so many trains or trucks go by anywhere in my life compared to here but it does work for a night.

Pilot travel Center 36.33155, -102.07334

Wild camp with strong 4G Verizon. Great view of 270 degrees.

Flat spot off Colorado 98 40.16507, -108.96941

A side road next to the bridge brings you down to a spot beside the creek. There is ample camping space, even for a car or truck. A large tree shades the whole area, making it a perfect resting spot even if you're not camping. The creek is deep enough to bathe in, and the water is cool and clear. It's right next to the bridge, but the tree blocks the view well enough.

I imagine the locals come down here to cool off as well since that's what this area looks like it was developed for, but I doubt they'd mind if you camp here. I didn't see anyone, but I was only here for an hour or so in the morning.

Shady Creek Side 17.01214, -95.39621

This place was perfect! Quiet and beautiful. Got here at 6:30pm. A bit chilly this morning.

Creekside 43.72746, -121.42314

great place to stay, we paid $5 to use the facilities, toilets, open shower, wifi, we did not have to consume anything in the restaurant, very friendly staff. There are tables, sits, hammock , that you can use, right in front of the beach, very very nice place!!!!

Playa Majagual 11.29746, -85.91480

We spent one night here next to the covered table. Very quiet, would definitely recommend

Beaver Mountain 45.56612, -62.15564

Does what it says on the tin. ! chicken and chips. soup first, small portion, tasty and hot. then whole leg or breast, salad and chips. crispy tasty skin, I never eat the skin but this was fantastic. Again super hot. Two very generous portions, 26bol. its off the square, set at the end off a passage way. The town seems to be full of chicken restaurants, but this was the only busy one.

Broaster chicken restaurant -15.29747, -69.97779

95 site rv park next to highway 87/287. Full hookups. Showers and bathrooms are available, although we didn’t use them. Sites are gravel and a little rough, but okay for $40 cash per night.

Dumas RV Resort 35.82281, -101.97219

Not for motorcycle riders, or older folks. The walk in is difficult. I had to hire somebody to help. Then, after parking where being told, near someone's house, that you pay extra for, staff came and told me at 2:00 in the afternoon after my first night, I had to move the bike to an unsecured place right on the highway. Gave no options. Either leave in the morning or move. I'm leaving. This is a cool place, but IMHO badly managed. Biker beware.

Lost and Found 8.67459, -82.21963

Nice place to stay. Check in was fun. Nice people at the club. Quiet and relaxed stay. Right next to the Mississippi River.

Hubinger Landing. City of Keokuk 40.38784, -91.38793

closed for winter. no Info when open again.

Water tap at provincial park 50.75659, -120.86467
David Bartholomew

Huge parking in front of Lowe’s. Asked and obtained permission for all campers to stay overnight. Well lit with lots of food choices within walking distance. Limited street noise and some big rigs parking near by..

Lowe’s 38.78039, -97.61086

Tem um ponto de energia no poste e um ponto de água, tem wifi nos estabelecimentos, peça a senha, mas pega sinal tim, claro e vivo. Não tem banheiro.

Antiga estação ferroviária/Centro Histórico -9.62568, -37.75536

Central peças
Especialista em peças de veículos leves e pesados

Central peças -27.86390, -54.48480

We spent one night there with our van, just before the « private property in 500m » sign. It was really quiet (apart from waves sound). The sunset was terrific !

Lapointe Rd 46.66268, -60.97479

We were there around 8.30 am, we were the first ! We had the cenote only for us during 15-20 mn ! Then a lot of people from 9-9.30 am… We did 2 cenotes, very nice ! Bathroom and showers very clean.

Suytun Cenotes 20.69741, -88.12475

Pretty large parking, we were at the back with other RVs and Van. We slept in our DGC. Highway not too close so not a lot of noise. We slept great and felt safe.

Walmart 35.19154, -101.79288

Just as described :) take exit 208 off i-40. pavement turns to dirt eventually, road is a little washboardy but not really a problem. when you come to the blue gate, it is kind of hard to open. push up on it while you pull the bar. I'm a very small person and it took me a couple tries, but I got it. nothing really out here except a couple fire rings and places to park, but that's exactly what we needed. beautiful when the sun rises.

Martinez Road Dispersed Camping 34.99802, -105.78463

Agree with last post. Great sunset/rise. Miles of slick rock to walk on. Beautiful views. 2 bars Verizon . Had place to ourselves as far as campers. Final approach to arches presented some cliff exposure this 72 yr old didn’t want to take. After 2 nights I hate to leave.

Colonnade Arch Trailhead 38.57499, -110.08996

Magali and Carlos are simply the best! Incredibly kind people who made me feel very welcome and at home. They genuinely love hosting and meeting guests from around the world and showing them their little slice of paradise. It's a quiet place to rest and relax with birdsong and a variety of pets to keep you company. Not to mention Magali cooks amazing food with most of the ingredients grown at home! I'm so glad I decided to stop here and had this lovely encounter.

Hospedaje Illariy -9.01739, -77.53802

it's a parking lot for cars. If you don't want to occupy several parking spaces at the same time, motorhomes have no place here.

City parking by the river 37.08692, -113.56114

Clean beds. we had double bedroom for 350, with ac and shower. Breakfast not included and is an other 85K p.p.

BEWARE: they have cockroach-situation. so at 2200 we asked for an other room, in the main building. in that room, we found 1 cockroach. in the morning there were 2 more, in the bathroom.

Langila Lodge -16.80915, 26.99526

The gas station is being rebuilt so there is no service. There is usually an old man reselling gas outside, but it's expensive and only low octane, no diesel or Premium. Plan around this issue since there are no other gas stations to speak about between El Salto and Concordia.

pemex 23.73084, -105.68006

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