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Beautiful small lake. Site is easily accessible with 4x4 vehicle.

Belanger Lake 45.28143, -75.88786

Beautiful spot by the water but very close to the road.

Shiner Lake - Crown Land 45.28140, -75.88783

Nice place to stay. Economy. Shared rooms

Lo de Rosario -34.83255, -54.65507

They can weld, including aluminum.
They fixed the aluminum-made rear pannier rack of my bicycle straight away. It took them less than half an hour, they charged 30 ringgit (about 6 euros)

Chop Chit Heng 5.41676, 100.33211

Nice and quiet. Dimmed lights in the back and they have extra security cameras for the RVs

Cracker Barrel 43.98710, -75.94329

Locals just drive through. We had to stop after the booth and go into the building. Visa on the laptop was fine. You need the gate pass from UAE. It got 2 stamps on the back here.

Saudi Border 1. Step Immigration 24.12882, 51.57325

Fabulous. Chris the host is very passionate and knowledgeable about Kenya and in particular the locality.
Lovely lodge and great camping area.
Highly recommended!

Mango Tree Campsite -3.43293, 38.55329

Very nice and helpful. Also drew our attention to euro 5. 300,000 for 50 liters

Euro 5 Diesel 36.52033, 48.77758

Large park. Very nice place to stay. The security came and asked if we were sleeping here. We felt very safe. quiet night.

Haljerd Forest Park 35.90568, 50.89425

Very nice place with very little trash. Beautiful views on the snow-covered mountains all around. No one bothered us although they saw us arriving.

Lake Van 38.79221, 42.88115

firstly, Kaliombo was never closed! Secondly,it is a great place. pool, Lapa ,tents, and camping area are clean and in top condition. Very quiet, safe, and secure.

Camping Kaliombo Safari Lodge -21.96342, 16.23935

In the direction Chuncheon to Sokcho, successio of three tunnels >1 km forbidden to bicycles. Narrow and heavy traffic. The first one cannot be avoided by a secondary road.

Tunnels forbidden to bicycles 38.02902, 127.84623

It is pibor market إنه مكان رائع لكن لا يوجد أفخم الفنادق

Khorsraff 6.80167, 33.13098

Nice quiet place, even on a weekend. Some afternoon family campfires and fishermen but no other campers. Spots along the lake or in the small woods. Roads are dry and easy now for any vehicle. 4G on Turkeycell.

Near lake 41.58527, 26.85198

Very nice, well maintained, clean, professional and friendly staff. Was quoted 34€ for 1 night, 1 person, but at checkout they said 25€. Good views, close to the city. Try pizzeria "I Conzari" (they open at 8).

Camping Jonio, Catania 37.53271, 15.12010

Ok place to stay overnight. Free hot showers, friendly staff and good 24h store to buy some snacks and drinks.

Posto Mirian - Vilhena -12.75264, -60.10634

we weren't allowed by the director to camp inside. since we had booked a tour for the next day, we decided to camp at the gate, where we were welcomed by the friendly guard. The tour was beautiful, but we saw only the apes in cages. mandrill you have to announce before if you want to see.

LEKEDI PARK -1.80190, 13.00279

Amazing restaurant buffet with a lot of traditional plates. Good price 12€ 2pax with 4 plates and drinks

Damdi 43.30114, 68.26741

Very nice. Road in is pretty good. Works in google maps

Alice Falls -31.39706, 29.70239

Super helpful bike mechanic. Although they didn't have the spare part I needed, they helped me a lot on how and where to find it, according to my route and schedule. The owner even went to a store in the city to make sure they didn't have what I wanted.
They changed my cassette straight away, it took them 15 minutes and they charged 20 ringgit for the labor.

Trek Bikes Reseller 5.41799, 100.32220

Here you can by pork. Nice and friendly owner

Pork shop 28.19244, 83.97191

Small RV park that is best for self contained rigs. Owner is great and hosts a happy hour daily for her guests. There are no bathroom/shower facilities. Only 30/50 amp service and sewer. We needed a place for 1 night and were very welcomed.

Betty’s RV Park 29.95319, -92.14334

Semble illégal pour un overnight mais nous avons passé la nuit stationné près du monument. Ok pour une nuit mais beaucoup de va et vient.

1921 Fort Fisher Monument 33.96928, -77.91785

They first say 9, we say a little lower please, then they say 7, we ask for 6, and it settles at 6. They fill directly, no problem at all.

Delia Gasolina -19.56449, -65.77181
Ed Augusto

Ponto de apoio particular em Brusque.
Final da rua: R. Nicolau Schaeffer, 107
Lugar muito bom, um ponto de apoio com tudo que tem direito: luz, água, internet, banheiro e bem limpinho e organizado. Parabéns ao Joselito por proporcionar aos viajantes um lugar top como este.

Apoio RV - Fotógrafo Joselito -27.08681, -48.91075

I do not recommend taking water from here, the water is very cloudy with a lot of sediment. Our ceramic filter was clogged after 15l.

White Building -46.62283, -72.67432

I couldn’t find this ATM. The coordinates are for the parking lot. Inside the guard told me there is not an atm here anymore with USD. You can take 3,000,000UGX out of the ABSA ATM inside though, with a 34500UGX service fee. I took out 1,000,000 with a 11,500UGX service fee at the DFCU atm.

Orient bank ATM US Dollars 0.04370, 32.44402
Travel cats

Let us stay 1 night. Better to ask manager for permission. The area frowns upon wm camping. Peaceful rest. No problems. Good Italian food nearby for lunch specials.

Walmart Boonton 40.90260, -74.40710

Here you can fill up your water. Easy access, good water quality. 1/2” thread.

Public Water Station -0.52566, 15.91161

Open 8h-17h
Saturday until 13h only

Mascom -21.41244, 25.58262

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