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For renting the best cars and 4wd vehicles.

Contact: +597 8588933
Tillystraat 69
Suriname - Paramaribo

4x4xJankie Car Rental 5.84720, -55.19683
Shady Grove Campground

Checking in as the owner! Thanks to all who've come to visit us from iOverlander. Y'all always have super cool rigs that we love to admire!

Our rates have changed in the last couple years and there's been some confusion from some folks because of some outdated information here so just wanted to say please check our website and/or give us a call for the most up to date information.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Shady Grove Campground (RV park) 39.29768, -102.86936

La tierra inicia en Roropolis y finaliza en Medicilandia son 250 kms de un camino malísimo que hay que evitar pasar con lluvias. Nosotros lo pasamos ahora en Abril y no tuvimos problemas, pero muy malo el camino. Nuestro motorhome es de tracción simple americano.

End/Start Asphalt Road -3.44463, -52.89886

Compramos empanadas de queso y carne. La niña muy amable.

Shop, toilet and shower -3.57001, -53.21416

Cargamos Gasilina aquí a 6,7 real el litro. El personal muy amable. Sin embargo dormimos en la shell de más adelante porque tiene mucho más espacio, está detras y hay una señora que lava ropa. Pasamos 2 noches ahí sin problemas

POSTO BR -3.71299, -53.73190

Friendly folk and service with a smile. The fill station is out behind the building on W. Main St.

Stone County propane 35.86830, -92.12057

Overnight camping available if you have a tour booked with the company. We booked a bear watching tour for early the next morning and asked if we could park overnight in the designated RV parking spots. The clerk said it's usually 10 dollars but it was free for us as it was so quiet (early April)

Jaimie's Whaling station carpark 49.15117, -125.89836

We came to the vineyard to do some wine tasting and the owners Lek and Supot kindly allowed us to stay in the parking. They are a family run vineyard and studied wine making in Australia /America. The wine tastes very good and views are beautiful. They also let us use the toilet and shower. The shop is closed at night and we had an extremely peaceful sleep. If you come here please do support them! Also temperature at night was 26 C in April. In Bangkok it was 40 C!

Alcidini Vineyard 14.54445, 101.60070

30c 1 gal, 90c 3 gal, $1.50 5 gal
$1.25 10 lb ice, $2.00 20 lb ice

Watermill express 32.88951, -105.95779

potable water and ice dispenser. self serve, open 24 hrs.
25c 1 gal, 75c 3 gal, 1.25 5 gal. cheaper than the watermill in the same lot

Ice House America 32.89001, -105.95737

Just off the road. There are some trees but people could still see you. But there was no one driving by anyways (only two cars).

Nice spot -23.33497, 16.52098

we too slept (well) lulled by the roar of the water. Very hospitable people! The bikes a short distance away, safe.

Restaurants & small shops 39.45737, 68.41206

great place for one or more days. quite, lots of room.

Diaz Lake 36.56521, -118.05732
Alveto Expedition

We met Gaskin at the beach while wild camping and he asked to add his contacts and what he is offering to this App, as it may be useful for some other travellers looking for a traditional cultural experience in Togo. Gaskin is offering a room at his house to stay, close to the beach, with breakfast, lunch and dinner, with some sightseeings of the city (as he is a professional guide working at the Slave House Museum and a president of Global Culturama Association for tourism in Togo)
At his house he has a parking space for a bike/bicycle only and for bigger rigs he is offering a safe parking at the Slave House Museum. All of this for the price of 20,000+ Cefa to be arranged and negotiated the details with him.
Again: we didn't try his services but his prices are quite competitive compering to the expensive hotels and restaurants around, for those looking for a local experience. Give him a call and decide for yourself.
Gaskin K. D. Mensah: +228 9013 5956 (WhatsApp also)
Email: [email protected]

Global Culturama Association 6.20311, 1.48001
Alveto Expedition

We stayed 2 days at the beach near the Bar-restaurant or Chez Herman (Zyka's brother). We ate at the restaurant (not cheap and got some beers) also they gave us some water, which we filtered and could drink. The locals are very friendly and didn't bother us, so overall we had a very nice experience. Herman is planning to build a camping site in the near future and make it safe and affordable for the travellers. We believe, this is one of the safest and nicest (even though not clean) along the Togo coast. Big rig friendly, we saw a 40 seater coach bus driving and parking in here.

Agbodrafo beach. 6.20309, 1.48002

Fantastic spot. Road pretty rough and slippery on both sides after the rain.

By the Qora river -32.39082, 28.45940

Nice spot but some cars in the night (not totally calm). You can also continue the way (not allowed) and sleep on one of the fields.

Official fire place and some benches available.

Lindenplatz am Rundfunkmast 47.60045, 7.63976

Nice Bakery with fresh bread, cakes, samosa. A minimarket is next to the bakery.

Zion Bakery -8.91170, 33.44679

Here you can print out your documents and visa for the Malawi border.

Internetcafe -9.25770, 33.64510

Here you have a really nice local car wash with small ramp. They also do engine cleaning and wash your car properly inside and outside. Nice people :) You can even have a snack or drinks here.

Champion spot Car wash -22.65690, 14.54835

All as described. Underground parking for bikes. They have a nice sauna.
I paid 3500 Afghani.

The Sadaf International Hotel 34.34853, 62.21978


Iran customs exit is a bit time consuming. You go back and forth to different people until they find the right sequence to eventually stamp your CDP.
Because there is no set sequence to process the vehicle a member of the customs team is assigned to you and he will guide you through the steps.
Immigration is last and fast.
Total time 1 hr.

Afghanistan entry fast. They were happy with pre applications of visa/road pass/provincial permits.
No CDP required. No insurance required.
I asked about stamping CDP - they said I had a road pass so CDP not necessary.
(So I guess the road pass is some type of TIP.)

After exiting main gate money changers on right hand side. They give reasonable exchange and it’s safe there.

No copies of docs needed.

* I wasn’t able to secure a local SIM/data - a bit difficult to obtain one. I used MobiMatter for eSIM 7 days/1gb/$10USD to get me by. All hotels I stayed at in Afghanistan had free wifi.

Iran Afghanistan border 34.70888, 60.99936

Stationnement pour petits VR (Classe B max). Très silencieux.

Parking Centre Sportif Alexis Berube 46.85073, -71.21230
Luc & Celine

same as described
quiet and secure night
toilet accessible 24/24
vending machines
resto open during the day

Capital Region Welcome Center 42.42861, -73.80200

The exchange office was closed and all three ATMs didn't work, but you can pay with dollar at the Carrefour (1$ = 1460 IQD, so quite good, better than at ATM) and get back IQD.

Family Mall-Carefour -ATM 36.85239, 42.88336

Everything is completely broken down, the huts are fallen to pieces lying on the ground. and dirty. A guy wanted money from us just for having a look a the camp.
Not worth the bumpy ride up there.

Kisiba Campsite -9.33624, 33.75744

Completely broken, the huts have fallen down, dirty. This is not a campsite any more.
Even the only flat Place in front of the lake was covered with rubbish..
A guy wanted money for just taking a look.
This is not worth the bumpy ride up to the lake.

Kisiba Campsite -9.33624, 33.75744

the best mechanic in the region. Excellent work on various types of vehicles. quality service and fair price. During maintenance, if necessary, it supports travelers with energy, showers and water. I recommend it to everyone

o melhor mecanico da região. Excelente trabalho em varios tipos de veículos. serviço de qualidade e preço justo.
durante a manutenção se necessário ele apoia os viajantes com energia, banho e água. recomendo a todos

Mecânica Minosso -25.49237, -50.64800

There are only a few places in this Valley where you can camp. It is a place between the river and the railway.
Currently there are works on the railway, which means that trains sound their horns every time. That woke me up at 4 am, otherwise it is a quiet place.

tent spot next to the river 41.98294, 43.36863

The camp is still there and in very good condition. Everything is super clean. Cabins are airy with mosquito net windows. Each bed is equipped with a framed mosquito net.
All accommodation options are fairly cheap given the quality you get.
Small cabin with shared bathroom 1250 MZN for 2 persons, large cabin with veranda and sitting area 2050 MZN for 2.

M'phingwe Camp -18.04046, 35.20177

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