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Tienda en la que venden comidas, bebidas y artículos esenciales.
La dueña es muy amable y nos dejó pasar la noche debajo del Pavilion que está junto al restaurante.
Tienen agua en tanques pero no es bebible y es escasa, así que lo mejor es llevar agua para beber o comprar allí.
Siempre es una buena idea comprar algo para ayudar a la subsistencia de la tienda.


Store that sells food, drinks and essential items.
The owner is very kind and she let us spend the night under the Pavilion next to the restaurant.
They have water in tanks but it is not drinking water and is limited, so the best option is to carry water to drink or to buy it in there.
It is always a good idea to buy something to them to help the business survive.


Milla 27 Store 5.70956, -58.48220

Super friendly staff, good stock
we changed our tires there without appointment
high recommended

Autoworld -17.84801, 25.85595

Lieu de camping parfait: 10$/camper accès douche, wc, piscine, petit espace de cuisine en extérieur avec prises électriques. Front de mer calme et ombragé. Les propriétaires sont sympas et prévenants.

La Virginia -1.83348, -80.75146

$34 to car camp with 15amp power. They also have tent camping spots. Threaded hose spigots to fill water tank. We asked to fill water even though we were at a car camping spot in our van- no problem. Coin-op laundry and super clean heated bathrooms. 4 bars of 4G on Verizon. Awesome place.

Wonderland RV park 38.29797, -111.40348

Tim Hortons adjacent a Home Hardware, 24/7 Tim's
Semi Trucks will come and go constantly as it's the place to go for Tim's, but if you can sleep through that it's very peaceful. (I enjoyed the background noise, which actually helped me sleep)

Behind Tim Hortons 46.31012, -78.71089

This place is permanently closed.

Motel wirh camping 27.64730, -113.38548

quiet place without no parking signs. in front of houses, close to the sea.

Residential close to mesa beach steps 34.40022, -119.73068

This place is permanently closed.

Desert View Village 33.74681, -112.00773

Gravel parking lot with no amenities, no signs providing camping. Stayed one night after hiking the beautiful lakeside trails with no issues.

Corney Lake Campground Rec Area 34.21913, -93.14614

Description are ok. Really quiet, first come first serve. Clean. Didn’t ear the dog. $20 cash only.

Cottonwood Campground 36.15049, -109.54082

O lugar é bem tranquilo e seguro, mas o estacionamento agora é pago e pertence a empresa terceirizada. Ainda é possível pernoitar por uma noite sem custos, mas a partir da segunda é cobrado R$100,00 a cada 24h. Além disso, ficou um pouco confuso se eles ainda disponibilizam pontos de agua, energia e chuveiro. Eles estão em processo de mudança e cada funcionário tem uma informação diferente. Para nós foi informado que não havia chuveiro nem pontos de energia disponíveis, apenas os banheiros da loja. Porém quando conversamos com outros viajantes que também estavam no local, eles disseram que foram informados que havia a possibilidade de usar energia, agua e chuveiro. Portanto é muito importante tentar se informar com o gerente da loja antes de dormir no local para não serem surpreendidos na saída.

Havan Canela -29.36238, -50.83379

Lugar tranquilo, bonito com montanhas ao redor.

Pela manhã os caminhões fazem os barulhos da saída, mas foi uma noite tranquila!

É possível tomar banho!

Ongarato 500 -24.77989, -48.21026

I spend 3 days here because high winds and rainy days , I paid 140 rand per night 1 person whit a bike, I use the kitchen to avoid the winds, the personal was very nice.

Froggy Pond Resort -34.20449, 18.45461

Some of the only water I've found that hasn't been winterized.

Craig Park 39.52258, -87.14790

Good spot to spend the night.
Sign does say no overnight camping but doesn’t say no overnight parking 😊
Restrooms & running water.

Wagonhound Rest area 41.63720, -106.28844

Bel endroit 4 saisons! Sentiers de randonnée et raquettes accessibles aux chiens (respectez la signalisation!). Accueil avec toilettes et douches super propres. Pavillon Desjardins à 400 mètres avec espace commun, toilettes, etc. 18$ pour le stationnement + 8$ pour l’accès aux sentiers et installations plus taxes. Ça vaut les frais!

Beautiful 4-season location! Dog-friendly hiking and snowshoeing trails (respect the signs!). Super-clean reception area with toilets and showers. Pavillon Desjardins 400 meters away with common area, washrooms, etc. $18 for parking + $8 for access to trails and facilities, plus taxes. Well worth the fee!

Parc régional du Massif du Sud 46.62985, -70.46766

Quiet and peaceful place to spend the night with pleasant rain. However, I got in around 3am and my GPS took me down Hamm road and after about 40 minutes of being here, a cop found my car and asked me what I was doing here. Apparently, there are two lockdown facilities on the peninsula. One is a rehabilitation juvenile detention along Hamm road and the other is a mental hospital for criminally convicted psych patients at the very end of the peninsula. The parking lot is directly between the two with woods in between. Because I came in so late and stopped at a stop sign for two minutes, he said the juvenile detention facility thought I was helping someone breakout because that happens from time to time apparently. The cop told me they had me on camera and started doing bed checks and went into full lockdown mode. The cop was very nice and after checking out my ID and realizing my story checked out and I was just wanted somewhere to sleep, he let me be. He told me that this area is pretty save because there is a ton of police activity, so that might be the cars others are talking about coming and going in the night. I am a white man, so take that for what it is. So needless to say it made it a little spookier but I still stayed the night and everything was fine. Might consider staying the night again but would hesitate to arrive so late.

Blue Blazes Trailhead Parking 35.03993, -85.33536

Perfect to Visit Tallahassee.
$35, 10 min Wall from downtown.
HUGE field can accommodate any size
Élect. and water. 50-100 spots.

North Florida Fair Grounds 30.40504, -84.27823

gas station with perfect Service. fair price. Very nice staff. 48 Liter, 300.000 rials

Fuel Station Euro4-Diesel 32.19636, 53.98715

We went a bit further on the track to find good shade.

Peaceful place in the nature without anything or anyone to disturb you.

Close to the road but very hidden ! 9.85964, -9.69718

Nice visitor center and staff, a gal told us we could stay up to 3 days and have us theirs Wifi password. Free coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Big parking lot, we parked at the farend of the parking lot by an open field w\a dirt road. We took a walk after dinner, it was nice.

California Visitors Welcome Center 34.11952, -116.42647

This place is permanently closed.

Camping Búho -27.10327, -55.70244

Stayed here during the eclipse. Bunch of rvs/ people camping out. There was someone either shooting up or high off their mind outside of the Walmart late at night but other than that really quiet. Just be safe and you’ll be fine!

Walmart 44.44090, -73.12134

Buen lugar para dormir, pasan algunos lugareños durante el día, no hay señal de celular o es baja con entel. El paisaje es espectacular.
El camino no está pavimentado es estrecho pero se puede transitar con cualquier vehículo.

Rio Vulcun -38.85500, -72.61669

A realy nice direkt on the lake. I made a day Tour and I see is beautiful

Penduka Village -22.52645, 17.01537

Nous nous sommes garé au fond du parking avec l’accord du Monsieur qui entretient les lieux. Très aimable.
Nuit très calme et nous avons pu aller faire la promenade le lendemain sans aucun souci.
Sanitaires très propres

Sendero de los Arrayanes -41.05232, -71.54009

J’ajoute quelques photos :-)
Seul inconvénient: emplacement à l’ombre

Sendero de los Arrayanes -41.05242, -71.54000

It looks like an old abandoned municipal campsite with many gazebos, each with water, many showers and toilets. We spent a quiet night here; there was no one there except us.

Front of Municipal Campground -37.22044, -72.38933

Stayed here a few nights for the solar eclipse. Weekend was loud, but weekdays quiet and beach to ourselves. Felt safe, a little buggy at dusk and dawn.

parking in Unesco street 23.18504, -106.39814

Awesome place to hang out for a few days and nights. Unfortunately we drove down by the water and hit a soft spot in which point we got stuck. AAA decided they couldn’t help because they were scared they’d get stuck as well! An amazing human ended up realizing this and he came down and pulled me out, he just told me to pass it forward. Overall we had a good time and enjoyed all the art work. They do have a spot when you first pull onto the beach that some people use to hang out, has a fire pit, lights, and seating area. Would definitely stay again :)

Bombay Beach 33.34718, -115.72905

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