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Good place with kind people. Owner spoke awesome English. It’s a car mechanic but I had issues with my motorcycle and they helped out. Really kind! Recommend the place!

Auto Clinic 21.52668, 39.16150

Free city dump station about a hundred yards from the city park that includes the campground. Has portable water separately from sanitation water. Pull through, so will be okay for big rigs. Included some photographs.

Acadiana Park 30.25445, -91.98835

Wonderfull service. We paid 2000$ for a really big basket of really muddy clothes.
checked in just before closing, check out the next morning.

Lavanderia Zafiro -54.51643, -67.19611

Good to stay as long as you're in the vehicle the whole time. We were outside smoking and a local homeless man came up to us, asking us what was inside our vehicle. Our guard dog scared him away. Be cautious at this location.

Cracker Barrel 27.46142, -82.58390

Small tienda just by the road. Good selection of sodas, water, cookies, … Also instant lunch available, which is prepared with hot water, served by the owner of the place. Good option if you don’t wanna eat at the restaurant on the other side of the road.

Tienda JR -18.40108, -67.75241

Zua Safari Lodge offers a full service restaurant, bar, pool, accommodation and camping. We are located 2km away from Majete Wildlife Reserve and directly on the Shire River. Relax, pitch a tent or stay in our accommodation. Find us on instagram and Facebook. We are Overlander Friendly, with spacious campsite parking.

Zua Safari Lodge -15.92486, 34.75935
Luan Lemus

Thousands of humpback whales do their migration route through salvadorian coasts specially over this beach spot, we as local tour operators offer whale watching tours from December to March which is the time of the year when they come across, if you're visiting Los Cobanos between these months or your visit is close to match and you are interested in to be part of this amazing experience, contact me for rates and availability to my number +503-7447-7642 -calls or whatsapp (english-spanish) :)

Humpback Whale Watching Tours 13.52463, -89.80569

Great gravel parkinglot. 200 m from Beach and few nice restaurants (open in winter also). Don't know if parking also is allowed in summer season not in winter months no problem at all. Stayed here with few others

Salema beach and town 37.06712, -8.82531
Ngäbe Costa Rica

This is a private beachfront camp ground on beautiful Ventanas beach Costa Rica, adjacent to playa grande. Permission is obtained through contacting the owner at +1 518 694 1174. via whatsapp. Nightly camping is $30/night. Discounts for extended stays. Access to amenities is 5 min away at a sister property. There is a rustic bathroom and shower, potable water, wifi, and electric to charge your devices. A pool at this location is under construction.

Kasiké Kamping Beachfront 10.34646, -85.85784

noone was there when we knocked. we camped on the southeast side of the river. ear the footbridge where you don't have to pass any fences/trespass. there is space for tents. river has some animal bones/poop nearby I wouldn't drink the water unless emergency. a paradise after 350km in the pampa

Old Estancia -50.29599, -71.72043

Good amount of washers, semi clean, good prices

Laundromat Supercenter 32.54064, -93.77470

Place is open from 23-07:00 hours. Overnight is for sure allowed. Stayed here with 10 campers

Parking Lidl 37.07897, -8.91380

Okay !


Speak spanish but he is so friendly give him tips ( a good one cuz it will change your day i assure you)

Make you pass faster, easier CON NO PROBLEMAS!

His number : 0050369604396

Puma Gas Station 13.59657, -87.76484

No issues staying here with truck and travel trailer. Pretty lake. Quiet at night

Dessie Smith Prescott Boat Ramp 29.00696, -82.61614

Didn’t stay the night, but had a quick stop here. Clean bathrooms and a Lage supermarket with everything you need 700m behind the gas station. Lots of charging stations inside

Shaded Park behind YPF -41.61222, -65.35472
Apenas por Aí

Next to the Haus there is a very large public parking lot, we spent a quiet night with little noise.

Ao lado do Haus há um estacionamento público bem amplo, passamos uma noite tranquila com pouco barulho.

Haus Petrolina -10.51010, -40.32680
Apenas por Aí

Next to the Haus there is a very large public parking lot, we spent a quiet night with little noise.

Ao lado do Haus há um estacionamento público bem amplo, passamos uma noite tranquila com pouco barulho.

Haus Petrolina -9.40407, -40.49633

Great area. Strong tmobile signal. 15 min to Yuma. You keep switching from mountain to pacific time when you goto Yuma. 10 min to parking lot to go across the border to Los Algodones. Trains once in a while but not bad. No services. Can’t ask for much more except maybe a Caribbean beach

Pilot Knob LTVA 32.74154, -114.75583

Parked at the Garden Center. Very quiet and no problem.

Home Depot - Marathon 24.71271, -81.08460

This small camp site is in a family's backyard. You will be greeted by a very enthusiastic old lady that speaks no English, but that won't stop her from showing you around the place. She was a hoot!

She charged us:
5000pppn adult
1000pppn child

5000 pesos for a wheelbarrow full of firewood and she included kindling and starting fluid.

The place is on a lake and she said we could use the cool little row boat. We didn't have time to try, but I bet it wouldn't cost much to use.

Includes bathroom and showers. Not much hot water, but there is some. Each spot has a fire pit, table, and roof over that table. A few flood lights at night.

The campground goes right down to the beach where a small creek drains into the lake.

She said the water was drinkable. We only used it for cooking. It looked a little yellow to me.

A few stray dogs were annoying, but not terrible. And NO bugs at the beginning of January. We liked it, simple with a great view.

Camping Don David -42.64788, -74.05897

Restaurant and parkinglot still closed. But you can park in front and walk to the different viewpoints close by. Nice natural arch, no entrance fee.

La Portada -23.49968, -70.42874

Don Nacho is the sweetest campsite right by the beach! Camping spots with tables, benches, built-in lights, electricity, and fire pits. Super clean bathrooms and quincho - hot showers too (just take 30 mins for the wood burner to work). Very friendly dog too - always a plus!

We went down to the beach to collect our own mussels for dinner and Nacho offered for us to cook them in his own kitchen if we wanted. We had cooking stuff - but then later he brought us out some warm homemade bread :’)

15.000 clp total for two people, a tent, and a car. Great find.

Agrocamping Nacho -41.86645, -72.79282

Camping very organized and on the edge of the dam.

Camping Prainha -28.50219, -52.55130

They have 6 cabanas next to station. Clean, kitchenette, AC, wifi, breakfast included. In front of room parking for bikes - relatively secure. Good value. I paid 3500 pesos.

Puma Gas Station -36.20246, -61.14230

Hier kun je inderdaad water krijgen. Er zit geen slot op. De pompbediende was erg vriendelijk en behulpzaam.

Water at Shell -53.18322, -70.92683

Very delicious seafood rice, garlic octopus, shrimp paste, ceviche. We drink Berraquillo (contains borojó, wines, energizer...) all satisfied and happy! They take time to prepare but are worth the wait!

Cevichería Comvinatt 5.31648, -74.91166

Super atencioso, ajuda os viajantes no que for preciso! Cede água e internet, a rua dele muito tranquila e sossegada pra quem deseja dormir!

Home of Miguel Morador -21.04225, -40.83036

5500 pesos argentino !!! per person if you're foreigner. Happy new year

Parque Nacional Tierra Del Fuego -54.83504, -68.44496

Meanwhile at this location is a nail studio but the young lady takes the laundry to give to a couple washing it at home. Unfortunately I did not settle the price before. They charged me incredibly 40‘000.- for 2 baskets!
No recommendation!

Cybersurf -34.40061, -72.02343

Cute camping right on the lake. Choose between meadow or graveled beach. Hot showers, fireplaces, tables, etc. Everything fine. 5000pp.

Camping on Lago Huillinco -42.64743, -74.05941

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