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Nice place right at the big dune. 50 MAD per night. Good for being in king tours with camel or 4x4. Sometimes a bit loud because of quad entering the desert.
Restaurant open.
Toilet and showers clean
Friendly staff.

La Gazelle Bleue 31.09081, -4.00452
Jamie Z

I paid 300 pesos.

First room I got, #3 had bedbugs. They switched me to a new room, no questions asked. This new room, #5 appears to be clear.

Super slow wifi. Hot water. AC. Courtyard parking.

Obviously the bedbugs are a concern, but they can happen anywhere, and the folks here responded to my concerns immediately and without question.

Hotel Paso Hondo 15.68280, -92.01696

Its a parking, there is a toilet, and it close to the border. Nothing special. Walking distance to the centre of town. And still 5.000 per night.

parqueadero 0.82349, -77.64641

Lovely finca with a big terrace on which you can pitch your tent. Fernando and his family are very welcoming, we absolutely enjoyed our stay here. Breakfast in the morning if you want. You can take a direct bus to Salento (from there to Cocora Valley) just in front of the Finca. Highly recommendable! Muchas gracias.

Finca el Peniel 4.62714, -75.61866

The price is now 5500 pp for foreigners- at January 2023

Parque Nacional Tierra Del Fuego -54.83504, -68.44496

Dormimos uma noite bem tranquila. Tem água e tomada.

Mercado Municipal de Paraibuna -23.38640, -45.66392
Franz Schuster

Nice place to stay and not busy.Felt comfortable and safe. Travelling with family of 4 (wife and 2 daughters) Close enough to main area. Walking distance down the road or along Beach. Heard that the place was very busy and crowded during Christmas holidays up to New Years. 150 tents or so.

Camping Paradise Point 10.29621, -85.84457

Beautiful, peaceful lake. several camping sites with picnic tables. I preferred parking my van right on the shore by the boat ramp. Several other campers but very quiet still. I was there on a Thursday. No facilities other than trash cans and picnic tables. Perfect!

Rosie Jones Park, Lake Murvaul 32.04598, -94.47448

we recommend this place ! when we arrived we where welcomed with open arms. my husband was doing some work on the car and they brought a piece of cardboard so he wouldn't get dirty. afterwards we had a good dinner in the restaurant and a nice breakfast the next morning. all very affordable for a roadside restaurant and tasty. everyone was very friendly right down to the woman at the toilets. and it is very clean. but it is still a Pemex so there may be some road noise

Pemex cafe km118 19.85623, -100.04204

Lugar tranquilo para passar a noite, possui banheiros limpos

Graal Holandês -23.46961, -48.77642

Convenient and safe spot to park for the night, but definitely NOT quiet. The facility sits at the intersection of two major highways. 18-wheelers with Jake brakes all night. Many stores and restaurants available here. Excellent cell coverage.

WV Welcome Center Rest Stop 37.36268, -81.04586
A sudden leap into boondocking

low clearance. 11 ft. ... can go to gravel area on far left but very iffy. I'm at 11' 3" and managed to get through going in the left lane gravel shoulder drop off. many air conditioner parts and antennas in the ditches. very little warning and nowhere to turn around.

Natchez trace exit to 241 35.43922, -87.47617

Parfait pour RV la nuit et le soir. Il suffit de repartir le matin pour éviter de se faire avertir.

Back Parking Lot 26.05453, -80.16627

Really cool place, you could set up your tent inside or outside. WiFi is working very well. The kitchen is ok. The place was really clean and the shower was really hot ! 5000 CLP per person.

Adonai camping -44.32589, -72.56029

On of THE spot on iOverlander, certainly the best spot we ever found since the beginning of our trip. Super friendly family welcome us. They live in a house, in front of the beginning of the path to the mirador on the hill. If gates are closed go ask them to open it. Shower with good pressure and restrooms. Incredible view on the valley and the hill. Hamac, tables, small mirardor and sound systems available. We've spent 2 days here for free, we were all alone, they close the gate for the night, after the father park his 4x4. $2 to walk up to the hill with the mirador. Police pass few times a day. It was super safe and very quiet. On WE it's a restaurant/bar. Don't follow Google GPS, go through the village Comasagua and then follow sign El Peñón. Bad signal with Claro.

Mirador El Peñón de Comasagua 13.60122, -89.37237

Great beach when it's calm and no wind. you check in at mini Market on the main road, cross the street, then pass the guard and down to beach. nice wind proof palapas are 600 pesos, 4 rather large but not as sturdy palapas are 400 pesos. no water or dump, just porta potties.
Beach is steep downhill worth lots of cone shaped shells.
we were there mid week, only a couple of overlanders. must check out by 11am.

Rancho Grande 29.78854, -114.39498

Great kayaking here, there's a kayak launch just beyond the first gate. I spent two nights here, the Sheriff showed up the second evening but was just patrolling, no issues with being there. Anglers, kayakers, and walkers showed up before sunrise each morning, they were so quiet I had no idea they were there until I got up for my morning walk. Mosquitos were still present after sunset, but not in large numbers. Would definitely stay again.

Lake Martin 30.22912, -91.91384

Safe residential area with multiple streets around allowing parking without restrictions. We stayed there for 2 nights without any problems. At the corner of Marigny and Chartres, there's a bar and that can be sometimes loud late at night but no one knocked on our doors or were disrespectful. One block further than Marigny there's an old building with 2-3 businesses on the 1st floor on one side and a electric power plant on the other. Some homeless people has set their tents directly on Elysian Fields right next to the plant as well.

Garbages are collected early on Thursday so you might get wake up by the truck and the train whistled early in the morning several times around 7:30 while we were there. There's not that many cars during the night passing by.

Frenchmen street is a 5 min walk away from the spot and is a must see during the weekend. Everything is pretty accessible and you would definitely enjoy to walk to get to the French quarter or back to your van. Location is awesome and totally worth it if you are willing to wake up early and/or tolerate a bit of noise. Don't hesitate to drive around with your van so that the spot don't get too crowded over time and end up with restrictions.

Enjoy New Orleans!!

Good safe for small rigs. 29.96350, -90.05508

Beach was fairly quiet on a Thur night, trash was minimal. We got to watch a whale shark for most of the morning just off the shore. Got I and out easily in our 4Runner. Not a lot of people, great stop before going into La Paz.

Beach on La Paz spit 24.17431, -110.41706

We decided stay the night in the next street, because it was little noisy, it was without lights, but very quite and safety.

Praia do Costão -24.33348, -47.00244

Cheapest in Abu Simbel. I paid 500 for two night (the owner wanted 600). Not clean at all. Found a cockroach. Cold water. But very quite. Bike in my room.
3 km far from the temple. And 500m from the first shops and cafés.

Abu Simble Village 22.34821, 31.62076
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

What a find! We passed a very peaceful and quiet night. No one drives those roads after 11. We were even treated to a view of the full moon over the river. And wifi worked great.

Riverside 30.23908, -98.65264

super friendly day host, sites with water and toilet, shower with hot water near the common area. electricity available at the bar. there is a pool too, but I didn't use it.

Bushman's Desert Camp (Sossus on foot) -23.62619, 15.86700

We arrived here around 16h, and were alone until about 18h. They charged us 6 Bolivians.

Chegamos aqui por volta das 16h, e ficamos sozinhos até umas 18h. Nos cobraram 6 Bolivianos.

Aguas Termales de Polques -22.53514, -67.64988

Still 150 BOL for foreigners, and 30 BOL for residents. There is no structure, and if you need bathrooms, you will need to pay 3 BOL more. We asked about phone numbers or radio frequency if we needed help inside the park and couldn't tell us 🙄
Ainda 150 BOL para estrangeiros e 30 BOL para residentes. Não há estrutura, e se você quiser usar o banheiro precisará pagar 3 BOL mais. Perguntamos sobre números de telefone ou frequência de rádio, caso precisássemos de ajuda dentro do Parque e não souberam nos informar 🙄

Andean Fauna National Reserve Ticket Office -22.83262, -67.77928

Still open! Very quiet place and friendly hosts, the perfect place to have a closer look at the crooked tree village. Parking on grass with a view at the lagoon and they let you use the bathroom with a shower inside an unoccupied hotel room. Still 20 BZD per van per night. Great stay!

Jacana Inn 17.78270, -88.53166

Beautiful place. It is definitely not allowed to camp here just so you know.

Next to Laguna Verde -38.69687, -71.62018

Stayed there one night.
Now 25Q per night and you do the “checkin” inside the store and they write down your name and phone number. Or free if you buy some gaz.
Lots of camera everywhere so it’s safe.
It’s nice because you park behind the store so no one from the road can see you.
There are some toilets too.
4G claro
IG: on.vagabonde

Don Arturo 15.44210, -90.40378

Indeed a good parking lot close to The Strip and just opposite MGM.
But there is OYO security making their rounds, just go to the OYO reception and ask permission. To us they said it’s okay without any cost and sent us over to their security desk, just 30 meters beyond the reception.
Only lots of noise from the airport

Oyo Hotel Overflow Parking 36.09913, -115.16613

Wide open grassy area just north of Ashford on the river - limited spots with water view but good swimming holes on other side to north, turn right other side of bridge (limited space so cars only). Smelly long drop with no lock (stone supplied) and bins. Pleasant enough parklike setting otherwise.

Severn River Restt Area -29.29777, 151.11753

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