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Visitor center is open but the box has a padlock and an “Out of Order” sign. Spigot by the bathroom has no handle.

Oasis Visitor Center 34.12887, -116.03721

Unpaved Carpark. Quiet, about 30 minutes walkingtime to Littlelton.

Lytteton Boat Ramp Freedom Camp -43.61059, 172.70631
Wendy & Graham

The entrance is on the main street beside the casino. The sites are tightly spaced but we fit in fairly comfortably with our 6m length and 3.2m height. Anything bigger would have a problem although there were a couple of trailers. 1800 pesos per person per night plus a one-time fee of 1800 pesos for a camper.

Camping y Cabañas Millalen -42.90747, -71.30704
Wendy & Graham

We were told that money would be available at 1315 so we turned up at 1245. However, we did not realize that you must get a number. When we figured it out, we got #19. We waited two hours and they ran out of money. Frustrating.

Western Union - Hollywood Kiosko -42.91136, -71.32127
Wendy & Graham

We arrived at 1545. There was some kind of system problem and it took 1.5 hours before we received the money. The staff worked hard on our behalf.

Western Union - Superkiosco Tres60 -42.91546, -71.31856

gas station with bathroom in night, hungry Jack's, something about 10 parking lots, I stayed the night here, nobody bothered me

Near gas station and restaurants -30.32061, 153.08704

bathroom, big parking area, good place to overnight staying

rest area on highway -29.65977, 153.13355

Fresh water tap outside the toilets at Beechworth station, on the rail trail. There is another tap at the end of the goods shed.

Beechworth Station -36.36293, 146.68927

Still looking good, busy in the holidays

Pioneer Bridges -36.44281, 146.52441

Southbound at midnight, waved through without inspection in a Transit van.

Military Checkpoint 27.29019, -112.92673
Ikoma safari camp

Ikoma Safari Camp is a lodge set in the midst of an incredible scenery of Accasia woodlands. The lodge has 12 rooms made up of woods each under thatch self-contained with a private veranda overlooking the impressive acacia tree and bushes of the Serengeti and a larger area for camping. The central restaurant and bar area boast a large camp fire an ideal spot to unwind with chilled drink after a long day of exciting game view.
The Camp is ideally situated at the border of the Serengeti national park on the North West side of the park which is 7 kms from the The Fort Ikoma gate. The lodge is also along the corridor of the migration from Serengeti to Maasai Mara which is absolutely exciting especially from the second week of May where you get to see wildebeest concentration.
Ikoma Safari Camp being located 40 minutes from center of Serengeti National park, bordered Ikorongo and Grumeti Game reserve on the other hand. This gives our guests an opportunity to explore the larger part of the park especially the western corridor including Kirawira area up to Lake Victoria.

Ikoma safari camp -2.13561, 34.66181

Took the local ferry at 10:00. Paid 100ep. People told me the ferry before was at 6:45.

Ferry to Sudan border (local) 22.34186, 31.61171

even though it's next to the road at night it's quiet and you don't hear much traffic, the sound of the sea is stronger. you have to be careful and pay attention when driving the few meters because there is a lot of sand and some parts are soft

Public Parking -23.52365, -45.21139

Basic place for your stay in Tichitt. Traditional rooms with mats (comfortable!) instead of beds, basic bathroom with shower and toilet (no tap water in town when we visited).
Room is 400, dinner 300, breakfast 70. Homemade hot bread served with every dish!
Lady doesn’t speak any foreign languages, but will call her English speaking brother when in doubt.
We stayed 3 nights. Bring earplugs as the village generator is close. Also bring sleeping bag and mosquito repellent, it’s an oasis :-)
Very good mobile internet connection with Mauritel/Moov. Not so good with Mattel.

Auberge Eravga 18.44191, -9.49473

MasterCard also possible (+1% as well). New & clean toilets.

Seronera -2.43696, 34.81924

Highly recommended boat cruise to Pansy Island from 10am-3pm for 1800 Mt pp. The owners are just lovely and you see that they enjoyed making us a great time. Braai on deck included, bar on board. The view during the cruise is amazing and you have lots of time to swim in the ultra warm water at Pansy Island. Make reservations via +258 84 054 9311

Barra Vida Boat Cruise -23.78316, 35.48411

a lot of car slots, KFC, McDonalds, gas station, there is trucker lounge here, you have to ask the gas station cashier for the key of hot shower inside of lounge

Service Center on highway with hot shower -28.86157, 153.51635

You like pastry, cake and fresh crispy baguette?
Stop here!

Zone Cafe Yawgui Bikom Sweet 26.12850, -14.48135

Great place to hop in the water. At low tide the water is very far away, but at high tide there are no waves and it’s easy to go in and get refreshed. There’s a trash can close by otherwise not much. You have good service here. Saw a sealion!

Punta perdices -40.78343, -64.84673

We came to the parking lot right by the lake and pulled in, assuming it was the spot. The highway noise was still pretty audible even with all our windows and curtains closed. I guess we were wrong about the spot being okay for a night or it’s just typical bored cops trying to make their infraction quota because at 3am we had a cop bang on our window and flashing a bright flashlight at us through the curtain crack waking us up demanding to know where we came from, where we are going and how long we are staying. A huge jump scare and felt like a total violation of privacy, he didn’t knock first he just went for a full peek. He told us to move literally 10 ft across the other side of the parking lot so the cop coming onto shift at 6am wouldn’t give us grief? How does moving all of 10ft make a difference as to whether it’s 24h or not?! We didn’t see any “no camping” or “no overnight parking” signs? Wouldn’t recommend this place at all due to the highway noise and the fact cops seem to love patrolling the area.

Horseshoe Lake 45.90198, -122.74398

Stayed a quick Thursday night traveling east. As others mentioned the “road” looks like someone’s driveway and is very steep. The promaster, with new KO2 tires struggled to make it up. Stayed at the first lot which was level and had a great view. A pickup or 2 drove up to the second lot once or twice. Never bothered me. Some truck noice from the highway down in the valley. ATT & Verizon coverage

Round Mountain National Forest 42.82616, -83.26061

Nice place. Probably the best coming from Tahua, at the northern exit of Salar de Uyuni. Clean, warm, comfortable. Great meals, both dinner and breakfast. 200 bs for a matrimoniale with private bathroom. Same price for a double. Nice owners. Hugo’s phone number: 72310134 / [email protected]

Eco Albergue Turistico Suk'Arani -19.63335, -67.67737

This hostel doesn't exist anymore. Tried it yesterday. The lady who lives there is not hosting people.

Emilia House and Camping -53.16007, -70.89323

Very nice and tidy beach, good for a few nights. Some locals came to bbq at the few pavillons, people have been very friendly to us. No problems whatsoever.

Nice Beach 23.80044, 57.58094

They charged our Mercedes 4x4 truck 5,000 CFA as a class 4. We argued that we are class 2 and this is way too expensive. It got heated so in the end we paid but asked them to stop overcharging tourists.

Bridge Tax 12.01210, -15.68580

Crooked cop pulled us over saying we did a dangerous manoeuvre on the road while we were just driving normally. Wanted 1200 pesos or he said he would do various things like tow my car or take my plate. I refused to give him my real driver’s license and only gave him a copy, which after what happened felt like the good decision. Ended up giving him 500 pesos and he let us go.

Crooked policia 20.75614, -105.33762

Quiet safe place to sleep, machine yard and City Hall buses. Flat land and well lit.

Local seguro tranquilo para domir, patio de maquinas e onibus da Prefeitura. Terreno plano e bem iluminado.

Pátio ônibus e Máquinas Prefeitura Bertolinia -7.62829, -43.95486

Its open!!! big rigs allowed, Ana it's owner its a friendly person.

Camping Club Danés Patagonia -41.08436, -71.16881

A good place for the night, very quiet. Its a street next to a school, lots of Shadow in the afternoon.

Behind school -36.66029, -69.82793

Duplicate check-in, sorry

Didn't sleep here but in Playa Puyenca.

Puerto Pesquero -16.22801, -73.69719

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