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water near the buliding, use your own Hose, dumping 10$ or 60l fuel, fuel much more expensive than others (diesel 17.06.22 2,42$)

Pétro Express water 60.92218, -137.88685

at noon lots very empty, selection of cakes, sourdough break (7$), same with cheese and green pepper 8,50$, open 7 to 7

Haines junction, Village bakery cafe & shop 60.92219, -137.88696

nice flights over the Mountain with stop at the glacier, small plane, amazing views direct at silver airport kluane Lake (flights from haines junction longer and much more expensive), one of the best things we did in our live, worth the money

iIefield discovery 61.02768, -138.40417

lovely campsite! we loved it, friendly owner and lovely staff. very good and delicious food at the restaurant. very nice hot shower, and clean ablution and proper campsite with shaded area. this camp is an absolute must. and it is for free for international travelers.

Kamanjab - Oppi-Koppi -19.62093, 14.84808

Parked in the beginning of the road to the side. There were no signs that said no pArking. The road had a closed sign even though you could drive on it and down the road it said no camping for 3 or so miles so you could travel down there if you wanted. But, No one bothered us at our beginning spot.

Gazos Creek Rd. 37.18715, -122.32870

Beautiful spot. Clearing off the forest road. Wild iris. Near gravel road but low traffic

NF-21 Spring Creek 45.35146, -118.30865

Road is now fully paved, construction finished.

Road construction -8.19396, -77.94801

Sorry, correction: NOT fully paved, many switchbacks are still gravel and abit loose/soft, go with caution.

Road construction -8.19653, -77.95071

Great sites and very cool beach spot. Water and electric hookups.

Deception Pass State Park 48.39870, -122.66015

I normally don’t write bad reviews but now I have to.
This place is terrible and the owners are really unfriendly.
We arrived here after a tour at the laguna route in Bolivia. We wanted to climb the licancabur and we were told you could find a guide here and stay before and after the trip.
Fact is, there is at the moment only 1 guide (also owner of hostel together with is wife)
They ask an extreme amount for guiding (1000 bol=160 usd) and a ride ($50) to the vulcanoe. The room and the building where extremely cold (-3 in the night).
We got a matrimonial room with a non functional bathroom (there was no shower for guests at all) for 120 bolivianos and dinner (40 bol) and breakfast (15 boliviano for 3 terrible pancakes). The bed was horrible. During our stay they ignored us, lied about availability of food and drinks and were really unfriendly. The WiFi costs 20 boliviano for half an hour! Probably the view from the licancabus is all worth it.. we didn’t go, also because there was snow and we just didn’t trust the guide. Never again… if possible try to avoid.

Hostal Licancabur -22.83113, -67.77879

Absolutely lovely place. We were the only ones there, after we drove down from Windhoek. Owner super friendly, it is a pity we could not stay longer as there are a couple hiking trails on the mountain that we would have liked to do. There is a 9 km in/out that takes you to one of the largest Quiver tree forest. Price was 200 pps. You can book through WhatsApp in advance.

Hauchabfontein Campsite -24.51572, 16.07533

has one Hot shower for women for 5$ o cole shower free for women and Men. a little shop and lancheria

tiene duchas frías gratis. para mujeres hay opción de caliente por 5 reales. pequeña tienda y lancheria. no compres bolos, están duros.
pasamos la noche aquí, tranquila, solo algún ruido de autobús

Posto Limonero -22.14822, -43.29474

Great campsite with friendly helpful staff. Free hot showers. wifi $5/day, but not fast. $36 cab ride to transit station to get downtown.

Poplar Grove Campsite 45.25747, -75.55354

Espaço para Motorhome com energia e Wi-Fi (mediante abastecimento ou consumo no restaurante). Local tranquilo para pernoitar. Não utilizamos, mas tem banheiros limpos e chuveiro.

posto graal -24.47592, -47.82877

Typical wall mart parking
We spent one night
Not that noisy
About 100 km from the ontario line

Wal-Mart 48.24334, -79.04225

Easy access to the sites along the main gravel road. The side roads are a bit rougher but still manageable for most vehicles. Perfect location 10 minutes to Bryce Canyon & Red Rock. Nice paved biking/walking trail across the road & pit toilet available at trailhead. Very busy location but plenty of space for everyone. Decent service on TMobile & Verizon.

State Route 12 Camping 37.72781, -112.24954
Snow & Curt

Really nice bathrooms and the water was nice and hot for us. it's a solar heater and we showered mid day. Wifi reaches the camper and is strong... speed is around 18-20. The owner is super kind and speaks great English. When you ask the price he will tell you it's voluntary... we will pay 25 sols per night for 2 people and a large van. Plenty of level parking area! Very comfy camp if you just need some downtown or if you need to get some work done. We highly recommend!

Hospedaje Patron -7.15202, -78.47688

There are about three access points for water, the one we used is located at the en of the picnic areas.

Rest Area 35.02878, -94.12115

Still 35kCOP per room and safe parking for a bike in the garage. Clean rooms, hit shower, good wifi.

Hotel Almirante 1.17538, -76.87821

Second year we have camped here over the Father's Day weekend. Campground condition relatively unchanged from previous year. Of note, signage on hwy 410 for the campground remains broken and ugly. More troubling, during this immediate visit there was no drinking water available at the campground. Campground uses a solar powered pump and it was not functioning. Camp host advised our group that we had to drive east on 410 to the nearest FS campground to get water from a hand pump. Round trip was about 15 miles. Water at that location has very heavy iron content. No ETA on when water source at Lodgepole is going to be back in service. Also need to note that the pit toilets in the lower loop along the river and servicing the campsites on the river were very odoriferous, more so than the pit toilets in all other locations. I felt like these needed to be serviced, and soon.

Otherwise a nice stay. It would have been nice to know ahead of time of the absence of potable water. Campsite condition was no different from last year, mostly level asphalt parking pads, incredibly large campsites, nice fire pits, stout picnic tables.

Lodgepole Campground 46.91670, -121.37980

Spent the night here from Friday till Sunday. It was pretty hard to find a empty spot for our van but managed to park after a few attempts. I didn’t see any other campers or RVs while being here. The locals don’t seem to mind if you keep quiet and stealthy. The areas is fine, I left the van there while exploring the city without any trouble.
10/10 would definitely stay again for visiting NY City.

Riverside Dr 40.80469, -73.96870
2gether 2

Great showers. if possible use the accessible shower so you can control the temperature the standard showers are extremely hot

Trout Lake Community Center 49.25551, -123.06517
2gether 2

closed as max parking is 3hr. best off parking on the street with homeless people. watch out for syringes - make sure your wearing good shoes and don't bring kids

Walmart 49.26005, -123.02608
2gether 2

closed place as parking is not allowed anymore

WalMart 49.25450, -122.73502
2gether 2

parking at rear last load 5.30pm. min $3 for wash

J&D Laundromat - Vancouver 49.26243, -123.05736

nice lakefront spot with picnic table near swim and fishing area. no posted signs stayed one night

Ocoee lake highway pull off 35.11231, -84.58062

we stayed here for 4 nights in am SUV and had no issues. parks rangers came by and emptied trash cans and didn't have an issue with us being here.

River Road Pullouts 43.14309, -79.04575

Currently drizzly and 93°F. East side definite smells, like an overused port a potty on a hot day that hasn't been cleaned.

Walmart 40.62618, -103.23513

Pull off about 8 or so miles from the entrance. Paved road until turnoff to open field. Big rig friendly, but might be a little difficult to turn around if real long. Somewhat level (with blocks). One class c was there with my travel trailer. If you continue on the pull off, there is space for several more camper vans and tents along the road, rvs should stick to the open area next to paved road. Very quiet, no cars passing, very limited AT&T and Verizon service.

Large open field good for RV or tents near Yosemite 37.82623, -119.95818

I tried the Snow Park across the street first and there wasn't any room down behind it and I wasn't feeling staying in the parking lot right next to the road with a few other large RV's, so headed out to find this one across the street. It was an easy spot to find and get into with my truck camper. The road is easy and it's not terribly far down, but far enough to not hear the road noise.

Cell is weak although AT&T did okay with a mimo antenna (15-20dl/2-3ul. I even broke out my Starlink and set it on my roof and while it got me connected, there are some really tall trees so, I was having drops every 45 seconds.

I never saw another person down this road so it made for a very quiet evening. Had I not had a busy work week coming up, I probably would have stayed longer, but I ended up back on the north side of Crater Lake on Hwy 138 towards Chemult where cell is much better. I enjoyed coming into Crater Lake from the North Side anyways as it's way less busy.

NF south Crater Lake NP entrance 42.75569, -122.06242

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