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Came cycling (2 ppl). Javier is a nice guy (dentist) of +-45 y old and welcomed us (he didn't asked our names though) in his motoposada where he lives alone. He answers quickly on WhatsApp.
His schedules are very odd and he doesn't give the house key to anybody so it doesn't make it simple to organize yourself. Here is why: we wanted to stay two night at first. He leaves for work from 8:30am till 12pm and then goes back to work from 2:30pm to 7:30pm. First day he welcomed us at 1:30pm and left for work at 2:30pm. He was home at 9pm. So think twice: if you go out for buying something, you stay outside till 9pm. When he came home he was slightly more different (weird?) than at 1:30pm... Second day he left at 8:30am and never came back, not even at night. We wanted to go for a walk but were trapped, so we just left and went to a hostal.
There's a hot shower, basic kitchen, no WiFi (and data connection is pretty bad), beds in different rooms, sofas, no real table nor chairs, but you can invent some. You can also camp, small yard is nice (with some chickens). Place is overall not so clean (a "Peru-thing" I suppose) with some catpee smell and catpoo on the floor. No bin 🗑️, so you have to collect your own trash.
Price: volunteer cooperation.
I can't advice this place for solo girls traveling.

Motoposada Abancay -13.62695, -72.87233

Great place with electricity and water for free!
Dump station at the entrance.
Based on donation.

Andrews County Chamber of commerce 32.31778, -102.55459

We were able to sleep in the parking lot without any problem. 2 free small glasses, 1 white and 1 red for tasting.

Nous avons pu dormir sur le parking sans aucun problème. 2 petits verres gratuits, 1 blanc et 1 rouge en dégustation.

Pudimos dormir en el parking sin ningún problema. 2 vasos pequeños gratis, 1 blanco y 1 tinto para degustación.

Bodega vasija secreta -26.06376, -65.97251

Checkpoint. Just south of Monclova on 57. We were waived through but travel buses - 3 were pulled over.

Monclova 26.76481, -101.41144
Mad or Nomad

What a find!!!
My wife and I had just rode a very long off road day from Pinal de Amoles, and by the time we reached this town it was raining and with thunder and lightning so we decided to make a stop in this cute town.

we tried a few hotels and then found this one. the owner, Ceaser, speaks perfect English and was super friendly.

The rooms are awesome! loads of space, super comfy beds, fast WiFi, the best (hot showers), great view from the room, secure parking for motorcycles and vehicles and a short walk to an excellent takeaway pizza place.

this place was 700 pesos and a brilliant stay.

Hotel Meson Doña Lupe 20.91513, -99.56414

Beautiful place with stoves, basketball court, swimming pool, games for children and gymnastics, canteen, artificial lake with water from the Rio de los Huesos, open from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

LoberĂ­a -38.17741, -58.76615

Very knowledgeable motorcycle mechanic that works on off road bikes and also ATVs. Thoughtful about the bike repairs and clear in his communication on how was going to help us. Close to Twana Backpackers Lodge as well which is very convenient. He had a nice stock in his store as well.

Peter: +27 82 376 2657

Adventure MX Motorcycle Maintenance -25.79666, 28.36891
Honey and Me

Lovely campsite! Super clean and well maintained. Room for rigs of all sizes. Water faucets at toilets (pit) as well as garbage cans. We will be back! Would have stayed longer than one night, but we were out of cash.
There are 2-3 sites at the end of the loop with electrical hookups. Not sure if they are FCFS or reservable. And whether they are more than the $5 fee. Really nice handicap site that is reservable.

Datil Well Campground 34.15288, -107.85809

Al Khiran Big mall with all operators _ STC, Zain et Oredoo..

Al Khiran mall SIM card 28.67746, 48.35191

Bridge that is not really a bridge is fine now! See pic

Broken bridge/road -28.46616, -67.11698

nice park and Marina. you can find the spigot at the entrence/Exit of the park.

Marina on Lakeshore drive 42.48721, -79.33785

We had trouble renewing our 90 day permit online. We found Jessica’s company and in a matter of hours she had our renewals (paid by credit card) making the process simple thanks to her contacts in the Immigration office. Highly recommended. +57-315-556-0314

Visa Services 3.44178, -76.55321

Proche de l’entrée Est de Zion NP, beaucoup d’emplacement,très tranquille,route accessible pour van ou roulotte off road car énormément d’ornières

Poverty Road 37.23643, -112.81352

Very clean laundromat! Everything in the original posting is still accurate. Within a cute historic downtown main street area!

Express Eco Laundromat 44.30326, -120.85135

We checked in at Sportsmans Warehouse, and they said it is OK to park here. Four vans here overnight. In the morning, people with bikes show up to access the bike trail.

parking lot of climbing gym 32.33016, -111.04988

GPS tried to make me turn right at the cemetery but the turn is 20 yards past the cemetery to the right. As noted by other reviews, lots of broken glass no big deal, other trash like tires, etc. but it’s free! I did not encounter noise like the other reviews. There was no noise from any mine. No highway noise. All alone up here and it’s great. The road inn is narrow and a little rough. Presto bushes may come close to scratching the wider rigs. Camped here in a 20 foot trailer with pick up truck.

BLM hill 32.32084, -108.72986

gas station open. 11.29 for diesel fuel on april 19 2024

Esso station 22.05810, -16.74268

Dormimos uma noite neste lugar, no estacionamento do ginásio. Em frente tem um posto de gasolina. Banheiro e água dentro do ginásio

Ginasio Ivo Silveira -27.80646, -50.30772

gas station was open, diesel price was 11.29

Shell 22.03405, -16.78275

We spent a quite night here after asking the administradora. Initially wanted 100L but managed to spend the night for free on the small parking lot behind the station. Security camera and armed guard present all night from around 8pm.

Uno Celaque Gas Station 14.58324, -88.57722

CLOSED. By gate. looks like a great place but the gates were closed when I arrived.

Wentworth Provincial Park 45.62971, -63.55539

Beautiful spot! Once you pass the bridge there is a fork in the road. Make sure to turn left right away. The owner was super sweet and helped us get into the spot. There were a few low hanging branches which he cut down for us to pass. 30gtq ppn.

Campo Alegre 15.30975, -91.49328

Gate closed. But you can park in front of the gate. Very beautiful.

Gulf Shore Beach 45.87267, -63.62652

ducha quente 1000 pesos por pessoa
7000 pesos por pessoa camping
4500 pesos o veĂ­culo

Camping El Ovejero (Operado por Bomberos de Calafate) -50.33672, -72.25869

small honesty Shop next to the road (2 boxes with some cold drinks, biskuits and handycrafts). Nice surprise coming out of the karoo.

Honesty Shop -32.72455, 20.48774

Great free sump station in the chile capital!!!

Circle K. Travel Plaza 32.67135, -107.15311

Internet is indeed very fast. Had a video job interview here and it was perfect. I was also able to install software updates, download a few spotify playlists, google maps offline maps and a season of a tv show on amazon prime.

Kato Café -32.88754, -68.85810

Legit military checkpoint asked for passports TIP. Couple of questions who and where. That’s it.

70km south of Sabina’s 27.22310, -101.22496

Ok place for a night. Some shade at some sites. Not a blade of grass anywhere.

We asked for a dry site. Our site has electricity and water - $25 + Tax = $26.59.

They are doing some work on the place so maybe no more dry sites?

Checkin is at the General Store - nice friendly folks.

Route 66 Campground 35.32970, -112.88473

Easy pull, nice clean setup. Good water quality.

Paria Contact Station 37.10864, -111.91308

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