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Melaque Paradise Melaque Paradise is a resort that has Trailer Park area, camping, terrace for events, pool and house! Here you will find everything you need to make your stay comfortable, enjoyable and unforgettable! The Trailer Park has space for 20 caravans (RVs), terrace, club, ping pong, pool, lounge chairs, gardens and green areas, grill, garbage collection, laundry, water, electricity, drainage, security and privacy!! We are located in Villa Obregon just 3 blocks from the beach! Enjoy the comfort of your RV or camping tent! It is the ideal place to camp! Ask about the rates for these services. Also we have a private parking for your cars. Don't think too much this is what you were looking for! .. and best of all .. Accessible! Come adventure in Melaque Paradise, the place that has it all! Contact: [email protected] Cel (331) 70 90 744
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Panamericana 2013
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On the Pan American Highway
Tener Samula Trailer Park Anita Coleman
Only the Wind Knows Russ and Julie took off from New Jersey / New York City in El Jeepo in July 2013 to explore the world. They drove to Buenos Aires, leaving El Jeepo behind twice - once to explore the Middle East and once to explore Asia. They shipped El Jeepo to Africa in Nov 2016 and became committed overlanders, traveling through southern and East Africa.
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Its the journey that matters
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peaks, pampas and panniers

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