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Life Remotely /blogs/1 Jessica, Jared and Kobus drive a 1997 Toyota 4Runner from their home in Seattle to Ushuaia and then north again to Rio de Janiero. The slept in ground tents almost every night and managed to keep working while on the road. These travelers value good wifi and tent friendly campsites with fluffy grass and a lack of stray dogs. They left home in October 2011 and returned June of 2013. 13.
Song of the Road Erica and Sam overlanding through north and south america in their Dodge RAM 3500 + XPCamper. 2013 - 2014.
CarpeViam /blogs/4 Brianna and Logan drove their Toyota Tundra with popup camper the entire length of the PanAm. They left from the states in January 2011 and traveled for 15 months, and even stopped to get married along the way. Corsin & Andrea (from Switzerland) shipped their beloved VW Norbert over to Uruguay to being their trip thourhg South AMerica. They travel in the 'guays, then south to Ushuaia and north all the way to Costa Rica before shipping home. They sleep in their van but stay in a mix of free/wild camps and pay sites.
AccountDeleted /blogs/7 Angela, Jason and Bode left their home in Alameda California in August of 2099 and spent more than 4 years traveling central and south america. They drive a 1971 VW Westfalia camper, which they proudly paid $800 for. Lothar and Martina are original from Germany. They drive a MAN truck with a custom built camper on the back. They started in North America in 2010 and are slowly working their way to South America. Michel & Ursi and their two dogs Sheelah & Miro shipped their car to Canada from Europe to begin their trip. They have a 1993 Toyota with a custom camper on the back and love wild camping. At the time of writing they are in Central America and intending to head to South America soon. Ken and Anka left their home in Alaska and headed south in their Ford Ranger with a 1988 popup camper. Their goal is to go all the way to Tierra del Fuego. Mark & Sarah from the UK, shipped their DAF 4x4 military truck truck with custom camper to Halifax, drove through Canada and the US, then continued all the way south to Ushuaia. They started in mid-2011 and returned back to the UK in 2013.
jorn.vango /blogs/15
Landcruising Adventure In 2003, Karin-Marijke Vis and Coen Wubbels swapped the rat race in the Netherlands for a life on the road.They bought a beat-up, 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser and set out for a journey as far east as the continent would allow them. Three and half years later they reached Vietnam. They shipped the car to Argentina and have explored South America ever since. While Coen likes to joke that they rob banks when asked how they earn the money for their life on the road, in reality Karin-Marijke and Coen work as a writer-photographer team. Their work has been published in 4WD/car monthlies as well as in travel magazines.
Get out of Town /blogs/23
Heather and Scott's Adventures /blogs/24
Neli's Big Adventure /blogs/25
Overland The World
ines.braun /blogs/27
jennifer.sparks /blogs/28
jeffrooney8 /blogs/31
gringorick /blogs/32

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