Puerta Agua Verde | Established Campground



Last Visited: 27 days ago
GPS: 25.52462, -111.07349
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: No
Wifi: No
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: No
Showers: No
Water: No
Toilets: No
Big Rig Friendly: No
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: No

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Camping at the beach of the headland before Puerta Agua Verde. Fantastic as a campsite can be! In the evening we could buy Camerones directly from the fishermen and sailboats anchored in the bay. We would, however, strongly discourage people with similar sized cars to come here. The last 50 meters to the beach are steep and the road full of deep bumps, we partly slipped away. This was clearly too dangerous, but to reverse the road along the ocean was not possible.

4wd with low range is no problem. Anything much bigger than a full-sized pickup/camper may be an issue. Check it out first.


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This is a pretty incredible place, but it'll be the next Bahia Concepcion unless it's cared for. What you need to know:
-- Now it's peaceful and dark at night. This isn't the place for cell service (there is none), sparkly lights on your 5th wheel (you have stars), thumping Eurotrash beats (thank you sailors), your generator, or your drone (hike up one of the hillsides instead).
-- There is/are a couple "caretakers" on the beach...an older guy who lives in the house (Jose? and his dog, Lola) and another younger guy who didn't introduce himself. Jose has a long history there--apparently used to keep the road passable--and isn't doing well healthwise. Super nice, gracious dude, and he'll tell you to "Pick a place you like and enjoy." We brought some coffee and Masa flour for him, and sent veggies with another overlander that were headed there from La Paz. The other guy was very friendly, couldn't tell if he wanted a donation or was just chatty. We offered to share lunch with him but he went about picking up a little on the beach.
-- Clean up after yourself. This especially includes toilet paper. Please don't come here if you can't put your used TP in a baggie and pack it out. Yeah, you can't see it after you bury it, but then the wind or surf uncovers it, sends it aloft, and then little toilet paper flags hang on the bushes and trees all around. We filled our trash bag with not just the typical beach trash that washes up, but with camper trash. Comon.
-- Clean up your campfires. The second caretaker asked us to put our ashes in a can that he came and collected later. We cooked on a campfire one day, kept the fire small and in a pit.
-- The road in has been repaired. I hesitate to say this, but you read this far, so maybe you will at least come with the respect this place deserves. You turn in on a sandy path, climb a little bit, then there is a steep scree downhill. This is the only part that is at all treacherous, but the locals drive it, it's wide, nobody we saw had any problems. No high clearance needed, we used 4LO on this stretch but I don't think it was absolutely needed. I wouldn't try a trailer or a large RV on any of the road to Agua Verde, much less this section. We didn't see anything larger than a 3500 truck here or on the other beach.
-- While the road is fine for cars, you should be careful walking under the road between here and the town at low tide. Rockfalls are common.
-- Leash up your dog if it can't be well behaved. We ran into the same problem dogs at Bahia Concepcion and all over, snapping at people or going after their dogs, followed by the excuses..."He's really friendly but just blah blah blah." If your dog is scaring others he has no business roaming free.
-- There is a woman and her daughter walking the town beach. There are rumors about scams, a man in the shadows, and thefts. What we do know is that she's friendly if you give her something, and that she has a story about either the need for medical donations to the town, or for herself. Most everybody in our group had a little different experience, and some of the long-term gringo residents warned us about "them".
-- Fishermen on the beach will sell their catch, the restaurant is good (they made a dinner of home cooked mole, which is no simple task, and fish tacos for our group on New Years), wifi is slow.
-- Snorkeling and tide pooling are pretty awesome...my daughter was in the water a bunch and saw turtles, an eagle ray, dorado, and more. Walk the beaches at night to see the color-changing Mexican pipefish lurking in the surf. Go easy on the fishing.

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Beautiful place. Please give the old man something (Money or Food) as a present. He is friendly and nice and will not ask for this. Last part of the "Road" is really hard. Had problems to get up again in our 4x4 Vanagon T3 Synchro.

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As described, no 2wd, nice spot and nicely protected. Pack it in, pack it out please.

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What a marvellous place!!!! The best of Baja? Probably... whatever direction you look: nothing but beauty. Good snorkelling, sub, swimming, fishing, fish jumping out of the water, a lot of wood, friendly people and dogs. We love it here! The road is really only 4wd. Take care and enjoy!

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We came to this place in 2013 and named it “el Paraiso” it still is. Beautiful double bay. With calm water ok both sides. Mostly pebbles but in the middle there’s sand. An abandoned house and a house of an old very friendly fisherman. Last access down to here is with 4x4 only as steep and loose. To find this place take a left where the big tire is on the ground off the main dirt road. At the end of the road is the small village with a restaurant, a little store and bathrooms with shower for 20 MXN.

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what a special place! we spent 9 days and finally decided to leave to get more supplies. No fishing here for the next 5 years (Nov 2022 will open again) we were told fishing isn't as good here this time of year. Unfortunately that meant no shrimp & fresh fish as previous reviews mentioned. you can still fish by line within 50m of shore (see picture for sign and regulations) Great place where sailboats come and go every day. eco cruise shows up every Monday with 65 passengers that hoard the beach.

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Truly wonderful spot! But be aware, that reaching this place really gives your car a beating. It's at least one hour dirt road one way and the last few meters are in fact very steep. For the way back up 4x4 is a must. Locking differentials might be necessary as well. We did it with our 4x4 Sprinter. Take one of the last left dirt roads from the main dirt road where two old tires lie on the street. The old man, who lives there is very nice and didn't charge us anything. You can swim, paddle or kayak over to the main beach to get some delicious food.

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Let’s just start with access. In truck camper with 4x4 and needed it for the descent as we are pretty heavy. Would not recommend anything larger like a class B as the corners are very tight and loose. At the bottom, one can turn left and camp at Ranchos San cosme or continue the extra 8 Miles to Agua verde About 3-4 wild places to camp on the way to Gaus Verde. The first road on the left past Rancho san
Cosme leads to private land but after that....,it’s free and beautiful. Arrived late in agua verde so spent the night on beach. Woke up to fisherman unloading boats FULL of red snapper. Bought beer from the one restaraunt and found some camping closer to Rancho. Rancho is nice and has
Access to hot spring but it’s just a gravel parking lot.

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Este lugar es único, solo 4x4 para llegar. Durante los fines de semana y vacaciones puede llegar más gente. Estuvimos solos por 3 días. Procuren traer todo lo necesario. Solo Hay una pequeña tienda en el pueblo.

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Very crowded on the Easter time. The road was no problem in our 89 Toyota Pickup 4WD. Some people do their poop etc. on the back of the beach and partly leave their paper, that is simply not fair... so we left because it was to full.

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As described, beautiful place! Definitely one of the best Baja camping experiences! Quiet and secluded, awesome bay with snorkeling and flat water for SUPing, far enough away people aren’t always trying to sell you stuff but close enough to a little town if you needed something. Road in is rough, no motorhomes. Please be respectful of the man who lives right on the beach. Don’t tear up the road (he goes out and fixes it by hand), ask permission to camp there, bring him a gift (food) and he won’t even ask for money.

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Did not stay here. There were 10 sailboats in the bay and somebody at the campground(?) on a boat was yelling at us because of the dust?! After that we turned around. As others said, going uphill requires a 4x4 or plenty of speed. There is a sign „Solo 4x4“ at the top of the hill. No problem in our car.

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Beautiful place. If you don't dare to drive down to the bay or are in doubt if you can make it up when leaving, there is a possibility to turn around just before the final descend. We saw a couple of people doing so. We, however, found it easy to drive in our Toyota Landcruiser (4WD station wagon, low gear box, 5.40 m (18 ft.) long) with a pop-up roof (no cabin).

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beautiful beach as described previously. the road is pretty wild at the very end, I suggest walking it first before making a decision. we made it in a 86 Toyota mini motorhome with 4wd. going down was ok, up may prove to be more challenging. worth the drive if you can make it. secluded, beautiful blue green water, sailboats, just lovely. can get water and basics in town, but best to bring what you can.
fyi- Mondays big 100 person cruise ships come and bring passengers ashore

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Camping at the beach of the headland before Puerta Agua Verde. Fantastic as a campsite can be! In the evening we could buy Camerones directly from the fishermen and sailboats anchored in the bay.

We would, however,

strongly discourage people with similar sized cars to come here.

The last 50 meters to the beach are as steep and the road as full of deep bumps we partly slipped away. This was clearly too dangerous, but to reverse the road along the ocean was not possible.

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