Visviri, Chile to Charana, Bolivia | Customs and Immigration



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just visited it, Chilean side was very formal, No fruit and veggies in! Bolivian side was sleeping.


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Little border with almost no people. We came from the Bolivian side. Everything has to be made at the border on the Chilenian side, except of the Bolivian customs. The Aduana building for that is on the left side of the road at Charana's exit towards Chile. It's almost impossible to miss it.
After that you go to the Chilenian side. First we had to get our exit stamp at the Bolivian immigration container. The guy in there was a bit weird at first, though. He ask for a document called "relacion de pasajeros", what we didn't have. So he first wanted us to drive back to Charana to get it somewhere. Our Spanish isn't very good, so we had to ask him several times for the exact location in Charana and the name of the document. Suddenly he said, that he's going to ask at the Chilenian immigration container right next to us. When he came back, he started to create the document for us with his computer. Why not immediately - we don't know?
After that, the Chilenian immigration and customs was smooth. Finally a little luggage check and we were ready to continue.
Actually, all very nice officers. Only the start with the "missing document" was a bit weird.
The N19 from La Paz to Charana is almost completely dirt road by the way. So don't expect to be able to drive to the border in a short time.

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We went from Bolivia to Chile.
Sometimes, the policeman of Bolivia is not present on the migration office.
Thats why, it's maybe better to stamp your passport (for the exit of Bolivia) in the police station in Charana.

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Not possible to cross to Peru in this point. Not with chilenean car and probobly not with any other car. There is no peruvian immigration and no peruvian aduana. Apparently there is no agreement between Chile and Peru . You have to cross in Desaguadero (Bolivia). The officers were very nice and called around to see if we can cross or not. Apperantly also in Arica you can not cross as extranjero with chilenean car.
You dont have to go over La Paz. The shortcut over Achiri was in quite good condition and saved over 100km.
The bolivian immigration is also here. The bolivian immigration run out of copies of a paper called "... de pasajeros". I had to buy it in Visviri. You get it in the restaurant near the plaza (4copies for 800pesos)
The bolivian aduana is in the next village called Charana. There were deserted buildings on the left saying aduana, but thats not it. Go passed the barrier, to the right there is a big building. Go through the locked gate to the very far end. There is a sign saying aduana. Very friendly guy. Didnt check for food.

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Only border crossing Chile to Bolivia. It is not possible to go to Peru by car because there is no Aduana for Peru. If you want to go to Peru you have to go to direction La Paz and then Peru. Other Option is Arica but the officials in Chile warned us that the Peruian officers don't let you pass if you are an extrangiero...We didn't try to find out...So it is possible to cross in Arica from Peru to Chile but not the other way round....funny...

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Cost for visa for US citizen was $160. Need the light blue Vehicle Import paper from Chile, title or registration and current immunization record.

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just visited it, Chilean side was very formal, No fruit and veggies in! Bolivian side was sleeping. We just needed a tire fixed, so sneaked in the back door got it fixed and returned to Chile.

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