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good spot for 1 night. a little parking area near everglades. Only a few fishermen at sunset. Quiet but you can hear the traffic from Road 41.


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Si vous voulez vous faire dévorer par les moustiques c’est par ici que ça se passe !
Dommage le spot était sympa, on a quand même pu apercevoir un crocodile

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Bel endroit pour passer la nuit, qq vr y sont. Sécuritaire et pêcheurs sur place qui font la pêche de nuit en aéroglisseur. Le bruit de la route n'est pas dérangeant.

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This was a great spot on our way from Naples to Key Largo. Google maps isn't accurate on the driving directions and tells you to stop on 41 and walk across a canal. Instead, look for a bridge next to a water plant just before you get here. Although it looks like a private road, it is actually public and leads to a wildlife management area. There is parking on the lower and upper trail. I saw one overlander on each. We chose the upper road because it was just a little farther away from 41. Good choice because we barely heard any road noise. If you do the same, be sure not to block the boat launch and leave plenty of space for them to maneuver. Airboats arrive early (6:45 AM) and they are loud. Also, this is in the direct flight path to the airport so you'll get more plane noise than cars. Although this would be an OK place to bring your dog, be aware that alligators are and will be present (even if you don't see them). Verizon service was good. You can probably find a level spot if you move around the rocky road area. If you have time, take a walk and see all the bird life

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stayed here for a night and half the next day to get some work done. Nice spot off the road. when you cross the bridge turn right and head down to the open area. A lot less traffic and airboats there.

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stayed here last night and no one bothered me. I was in my car and parked in the front parking lot. all the fishermen and airboat people left at dark and no other cars came through.

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We did really enjoyed this place!
been there 2 days, with our 40ft skoolie and 12ft trailer and had plenty of places! Two other campers were there and we weren't even close to each other!

stay on the upper level, it will be easier for you to turn around at the end!

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It's a good place to spend one night. Near Miami, close to Everglades on the way to Naples. Not totally quiet, because you can hear the noise of the road, but we had a good sleeping night.

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Great cozy spot. Pulled up at around 11, cooked dinner and went to bed. Nobody bothered. Woken up by airboats in the morning which is obviously to be expected. Everyone’s been friendly. See photo

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Good for a night. Some fishermen when we pulled in and stayed until after dark. Not to flat but it worked. Awesome sunset and lots of animals / fish. Very open site

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Stayed one night. Very quiet and room for any size rig.

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good spot for 1 night. a little parking near everglades. Only few fishermen at sunset. Quiet but you can ear the traffic from the road 41.

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