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4 months ago
175.7 masl


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Military checkpoint. The road is blocked on one side and we went around the barrier. Waved through without stopping.


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Just smiled & waved us on our way, headed to Las Guacamayas!

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Couple of questions and waved us through.

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Still there. Waived us through without asking any questions.

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Few questions and asked to check our trunk with camping gear. No issues. Professional.

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Friendly, the ask our passeport and have a look in our rv.
Some questions and it was ok.

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Waved us through (heading to Yaxchilán), no problems.

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Waved thru (we were turning up to Las Guacamayas), no issues.

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Checked inside the vehicle, asked a few questions but very polite and professional.

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the road is blocked on one side and we went around the barrier. waved through without stopping by the military dudes.

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Discussed where we were going and waved us through.

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