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A beautiful spot to stay for a night. At the end of the dirt road, just before the campsite and the beginning of the trail to go to Tamul, there s a place to park near to the river, easy to swim, blue/green water...
We were here in Mid-December and we were alone. Quiet night with the sound of the nature.
Be careful, the road to go there is really bad (lot of rocks).


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Nice place to stay by the riverside. I got to town a little late around 4:30pm. Nobody was at the entrance. The road is bad even by Mexican back road standards, but I saw a corolla pass by. So it's doable in any vehicle just take your time. I washed my clothes and showered with the clear water. Definitely need bug spray.

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AMAZING beautiful spot, we fell so in love with it that we stayed for 3 nights instead of one. I felt like it needed an update in the description though. The road in is not so bad, you just have to go slow in some parts cause there are lots of potholes. There is a little gate and a few houses at the entrance to the whole area and even though we came quite late there was a guardian who asked us for 100$ per car (a totally OK price even if it was just for the night, but we spent 3 and nobody asked us for more money). The camping that's next to this overlander spot costs 150$/person so go figure. There is a big flat spot next to the river and off the road, plenty of trees where you can put your hammock and a place for a bonfire. There is absolutely no signal, neither Telcel nor Movistar. There are some cars and motos passing during the day but not many. It feels safe but when we went for a hike somebody took our hammock ropes that we left outside, so better not to leave anything outside if you go away for a few hours.

The river is beautiful - you can swim up and downstream, each way more gorgeous than the other, if you swim upstream you will reach "the end" of the river but its not really the end - you can climb up the rocks, then jump into the water on the other side and swim until you reach a little lagoon with 3 waterfalls. It feels like being in Avatar. <3

What's more, the hike to Cascada de Tamul is just around the corner it costs 50$/person but if you come before 8am or after 5pm there's a chance that nobody will be at the camping to charge you. The hike is awesome and you reach the top of the Tamul seeing the waterfalls from above - truly unique experience. Then you can hike down by really cool steep stairs and see everything from the footsteps of the waterfalls. The guides at the camping told us we can't jump into the water without hiring a guide or at least renting a life jacket, but we are good swimmers and my bf is a kayak and rafting guide so we decided to risk it and it was totally fine. The current is not strong at all in the place where you can jump in and it's a super cool clean jump, around 8m high. Alternatively you can climb down the rocks and enter the water a little bit up the river where the current is in fact way stronger but there are ropes that you can use to reach the other side and experience the waterfalls from the water level - REALLY WORTH IT.

Overall an amazing experience and one of the best overlanders we had a pleasure to stay at. Totally recommended.

For more info you can find us on insta and YT: @travelsinprisa

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we camped here next to the river.
in the morning we walked to the cascade Wich was amazing. the laders down are doable for a person who is afraid of hights. on the way back we paid 50pesos per person entrance.
we took a different way in than out to this place so only past Timo ones. with high clearance and 4x4 the other road is also really nice.

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So we got to the El Naranjito at about 3pm all excited and ready about this spot but we were quickly disappointed by the good that had the rope up. they completely refused to let us by, we argued with them for what felt like forever but this guy was not budging at all. He kept asking us to go to the down the road. He had a guide tshirt and a PFD on him. He insisted we needed a guide to pass the rope and kept directing us down the road. We ended up leaving and camping by the other river closer to town (I'll leave a review for this as well). So what we ended up doing was left after a frustrating haggling, slept at the other river spot. Woke up at 630am, drove back to this spot, there wasn't anyone at the time, drove about 3km and you'll find another gate, a lady came out of her house asked 40pesos and opened the gate for us, she gave us directions to the falls. drove and parked at this place, walked to the falls with our little kids no issue. swam and enjoyed the area all by ourselves and headed back at about noon. We saw the guide on our way back and he literally turned his back to us. We do understand that they are making money and we respect that but not everyone wants a guide. It's a very easy hike with good shoes and common sense. we did it with twin toddlers, they are 4years old and managed down and up the steep stairs. We respect that they have to make money but it would be nice to have the option of guide or no guide. So my advise would be either get a guide or go before 8am or after 5pm and stay the night. We preferred where we stayed though because this spot has way more bugs.

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What a beautiful spot. It does change with the season…July had higher levels of water (couldn’t drive across to the campsite), and it was clear green. Totally recommend getting here late afternoon with light, staying overnight, and walking to the falls without a guide (good shoes, bug-spray) around 8’ish and you’ll be back by noon when the tourists come. The ‘swimming’ spot at the top of the falls is a gem, and then you can descend the steep ladders to the bottom of the falls…where you are actually closer to the falls then you could get by boat tour (from Tanchachin, or Morena) and you can spend as much time as you want! Truly an unforgettable spot to camp, we slept with the van doors open and the screens on all night. Amazing. The workers in the morning charged us $25 pesos each to cross the small part of the ricer by boat (the water was too fast for me to swim, though my husband said we could have done it) The falls were beautiful, but even more so because there was noone there!! The road in is AWFUL! and not sure how the cars did it, we have a 4x4 van. After Tino’s, you are halfway there. It was worth it though to be there alone.

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Great place! We arrived in El Naranjito after 5, took the dirtroad. About 2 Kilometers before this place there was a gate. We paid the guy living there 50 Pesos and were let through. The next morning we hiked to the falls, no need to have a guide or anything. Just take good shoes, there are steep latters and the way is rocky and if you camp at this spot, bring bugspray.

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Nice peaceful spot. I got to El Naranjito at about 5.45pm, no sign of a gate. A guy sat by the roadside said it was fine to camp by the falls. Tino asked for $50 to cross his land $I queried it due to the comments stating $20 on here and we settled on $30).

Nobody collecting an entrance fee when I headed to the falls at 9am or so but I paid up my $50 when I left. Nobody else there for a bit; a few small groups arrived soon after. It was nice having it to myself but I suspect the falls would be better for photography in early afternoon; they were still mostly in shade when I left at 11ish (towards the end of December).

From talking to the guy at the campsite, it should in fact now be $50 to cross Tino's land. Camping at the site costs $120, which includes toilets, showers and entrance to the falls. I was quite happy at this free spot. Incidentally the water is lovely and clear here but so slow-moving as to be almost stagnant, so collects stuff on the surface and plenty of insects - there are nicer spots to swim further downstream towards the falls.

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Beautiful and perfect place to camp, relax and make a woodfire. The unique problem is that the river / waterfall that little will be possible will be able to see and enjoy. Agriculture is using the water from the waterfall and now when we were not had waterfall and almost nothing water in the waterfall, very slippery to get close to where you have water. I believe that has other waterfalls with water and beautiful also in this region that can be able to harness more!

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Perfect beautiful place to stay for a night or 2. You can swim here. Quiet, only birds, butterflies and cows :). Road is rough, but doable in any car if you take it slowly (and it is dry).
Walk to the waterfall from here is very easy and clear. Take the stairs down at the waterfall. It is gorgeous!

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Spent two nights here after enjoying tamul falls. The road to the ‘campground’ near by was cover in water so we decided to stay here instead. The campground is not very nice, I would recommend saving your money and staying here instead. We went into the falls before 8am when no one was there and didn’t have to pay admission. The road in is in very bad condition but we made it in our 1979 van, 6km road took us 45 minutes... payed the man at the gate 60peso to cross his land (4 adults and two vans). Beautiful spot and definitely worth the drive in

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A beautiful spot to stay for a night. At the end of the dirty road, just before the campside and the begining of the trail to go to tamul, there s a place to park near to the river, easy to swim, blue/green water...
We were here in Mid-December and we were alone. Quiet night with the sound of the nature.

Be carefull, the road to go there is really bad (lot of rocks).

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