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2 months ago
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Telefone no. 0022236189569 (wasap too)
He is kind, know every body and you will stay in the border no longer 1 hour.


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5 stars service.
too many procedures for who dont speak French..

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We were arriving with three kids, Chceikh was helpful, he waited for us in the row and did the insurance while we waited for the Visa. We got 30 days for car and insurance. For us was very nice and smooth crossing.

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As described in the previous posts... if you are fluent in French the border should cause you no problems, but I would recommend this service anytime, because you can just hang back and have somebody who can handle this process very easy.

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Chceikh is the man for getting visa, insurance.
Phone number is still active, so write him 1-2 days before you cross the border and he will be there and he gives you infos what you need. He is also available if you come by plane. He is the best fixer and extremly helpful. He charged us 20 Euro and invited us for some food and tea. He also gave us a contact for the Senegal border and checked the day after if everything worked out.

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We used Cheikh as we passed through here from Morocco-Mauritania. Arrived at Moroccan side 1530 vehicle searched with a dog and X-Rayed, were through to the Mauritanian side at 1645. Cheikh was mega helpful, not really sure what the process was as he got us through in 30 minutes. Visa’s were more expensive than they needed to be as we only had USD, would recommend arriving with Euros or MAD.

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This border is kinda easy border if you can speak 'French' since all the officers speak freanch only as a foreign language and the processes are similar to other borders in Central Asia except buying a insurance for vehicle.
But I had a problem with communication in french language at that moment then this guy showed up.
I didn't know who he is but he is the famous guy! He looked like a Michael Jackson among fixers.
He took everything in 1hour and half including insurance. I arrived at the border after 5pm so I was thinking about setting a tent there but everything finished happy ending. The final process for the insurance was crazy. More than 10 fixers rushed into the booth and made a mass. But he finished it in 15 minutes.
I paid 15 euros to him and that was all euros at that moment. He said ok. I said 'Thank you'. Happy ending!!
I liked this guy because he kept convincing me and tried to make me feel comfortable whenever I was worried about the time I was spending.
He is a trustable man. I recommand.

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Telefone no. 0022236189569 (wasap too)
He is kind, know every body and you will stay in the border no longer 1 hour.

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