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Fenced dirt lot off a road opposite Pemex 7719, about 1/4 km. a few hundred feet south of the San Miguel toll booth. 300 Pesos (15 USD). No facilities offered: no electricity, water, dump, WiFi, bathroom or shower. Per previous visitor, the owner is planning to install RV hookups and start offering these in Jan 2019, but during our visit at the end of March 2019, only dry camping (boondocking) for 300 pesos was offered.


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Our experience was quite different than the previous poster's. Nice clean bathrooms and showers; no bad smells. Perhaps the strong north wind took the smell somewhere else? And perhaps someone cleaned up? The whole place is clean and tidy - no garbage; grounds recently raked.

The dogs are ok. The big black one is very friendly.

Yes, in Mexico we expect more for 400 pesos. But on this day I needed good wifi. And the good security is always nice.

Note - when we arrived the outer gate was chained and locked. Looked like no one around. While stopped at the gate considering our options, the caretaker shuffled down the road to the gate to let us in. The folks that arrived later just honked, so maybe that's the drill.

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Smell of a feedlot
We couldn’t breathe
And filthiest bathrooms in our 5 months on the road in Mexico

Would only return if I had zero other options

400 pesos for no services at all except WiFi

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Big change in price, went from 200, to 400, which I can’t justify in any way. I use no service at all. I won’t be back . This is unfortunate, as it was a good stopping point. Pemex next time

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nice spot. convenient stop between san carlos and mazatlan

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Highly secure place. Outer fence line is a large area with no hookups. In the inner fenced in area you’re in with ducks, goats etc. and electric fencing, if it works. Jonny is the man. Even though I speak Spanish, he practices his English on you. Los Mochis area has been missing a stop point for quite a few years.
Today, even the empty lot beside the old Chinese restaurant wouldn’t let us park because of Covid-19. But El Jito opened their gates for us. Thanks Johnny. $250 pesos for dry camp and $500 pesos with power.

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Update as of March 2,2020: that’s a dry camp but it has hot showers very clean and very good pressure ! The wifi is one of the best we have used so
far in Mexico and the owner Señor Johnny and Anita his wife were there to welcome us and made us feel like family ! It is a very good stop for a night when stop and go ! Double fenced : 200 pesos still. Quiet and safe , vigilante on place all night.

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Very nice basic family run place to park for night. They have hot showers now. Not much else

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Its a perfect place for one night. Very friendly people. Clean washroom with clean shower. Wifi is OK. A safe place behind a electric fence. OK for all size of rigs. Easy access from the Hyw 15 D.

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Great overnight spot. Felt very safe in big gated area with electric fence.
Owner was very welcoming and speaks English very well. Invited us in for drink and chat.
Clean bathrooms with shower. Mirror and sink outside. Wifi code right on mirror. Paid 200 pesos for dry camping but services available if we needed them.
Down: you can hear traffic and trucks from the road but we’ve been too much worse places.
Definitely recommend for a safe stopover.

There is even a small basic playground and farm animals.

(Family of 3 from Quebec canada)

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Presently under development so Dry Camping Gated compound very easy access from 15D . Northbound turn right opposite Pemex 9917 stay straight. Small sign visible near gate. 200 pesos /night. Before San Miguel Toll. Photo is of business card below for contact phone numbers.

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Fenced dirt lot near 15D and Pemex. Previous visitor in december 2018 mentioned that the owner would start offering hookups in January 2019, however, when we visited end of march 2019, still no facilities available (no electricity, no water, no bathroom, no WiFi). Pretty much same experience as camping at the secured gas stations in Los Mochis (free) but El Jito charges 200 pesos (10 USD). This would be more acceptable if any services were offered but not even a bathroom is available at this time (unlike at Pemex where you can use the bathroom and even pay for a hot shower). We camped in the outer fenced area as the small inner fenced area has 3-4 dogs running around who didn't seem too friendly to our dog.

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Pretty much as described. I was directed inside which was a mistake for my 34 foot 5th wheel. Backed out and parked in the outside area. The man who speaks English is not here, an elderly farmer who spoke no English is who I have seen . Don't know price yet. Remember big rigs outside!

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Un buen lugar para dormir. Muy tranquilo. Silencioso. Todo muy básico. Agua. Electricidad...

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Just to clarify a few things since the previous post was purely informational. Not sure why location is called RuizRanch. I chatted at length with the owner who speaks good English and whose name is Adrian Felix Gutierez, but he likes to go by Yani Felix. He showed me the sign he had painted with the name of the RV park: El Jíto. He was very gracious and friendly and willing to help us any way he could. The campground was made up of both an outer fence and an inner fence. He’s created two separate camping compounds: a fenced outside compound intended for larger rigs, and an electrified fence (¡No toques la valla, señor!) inside compound for smaller rigs. We stayed in the inner compound, which is also Yani’s farm, full of ducks and geese, pigs, and other farm animals. He has fruit trees all around. All the information in the previous post (see pdf link in website address) is accurate. There is no WiFi or amenities of any kind, unless you count the lime trees and electrified fence. We didn’t need any water, but he would have probably given us some if we asked. Yani says services will come maybe one month, maybe two. He proudly showed us around the farm, including the paplapa he had built for future RVers. The fenced campground on the right is easy to miss, but as we were driving slowly, we noticed a señora waving at us. Our price for one night was ten American dollars, certainly pricey for no services, but Yani’s hospitality and a good night’s sleep was worth it.

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This is a new place. It is currently dry camping, but will have the start of services for RV's (electricity, water, sewer) starting in Jan 2019. It is off a road opposite Pemex 7719, about 1/4 km. a few hundred feet south of the San Miguel toll booth. Please note the checked amenities are in progress.No website, not sure about WiFi. The linked pdf contains info. It is accessible lboth north & southbound off hwy 15D. Oxxo store in walking distance. No idea of prices for dry camping or with services, but they will be reasonable.

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