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5 months ago
259.2 masl


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Update 17/11/2022: We just paid 40.000 Gs each for the entrance and camping with our van. arrive in the night and start the hike the next day early in the morning. we didn't pay extra money. the road was very difficult for us in our Kombi VW the last 2 kms before arrival.

THIS IS TO CLEAR UP PRICES. IF YOU ARRIVE AND LEAVE THE SAME DAY (NO CAMPING) 35,000. IF YOU CAMP FOR ONE NIGHT 50,000. PRICE PER PERSON. If you want to stay a second night, camping is another 50,000 per person. Restrooms, quincho, bbq, grassy and nice spot. 1 to 2 hours hike up the top of Cerro Tres Kandu (highest point in Paraguay) 2.7 mile hike.


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50.000 guaranís per person for overnight. Not sure about the price for just parking during the day. There are toilets and showers (cold), they are not very clean but still good.

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we spend one night and start the hike very early in the next morning. just pay 40.000 Gs pp plus 10.000 if you want to buy globes (for ropes when climb). no pay extra money.
beautiful place and Victor was very gently and help us fixing our van with a wheel problem.

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The hike up the mountain is quite an adventure, especially after some rain. It has steel ropes (watch out, some are partially broken) and is really steep. It took us 5hrs up and down with our 5-year old and is about 5km one way (signs say 3km, but my GPS said otherwise). There are monkeys and all different kinds of small interessting animals on the way. The view is stunning although you manly see agriculture/ crops. We enjoyed the hike very much.
Camping is a different story, the „dueno“ is not very welcoming and asked 35‘000 pp, which would be a fair price if he really cared for the place. Sanitaries are not really clean, showers cold (although there are heaters). He first wanted to charge us another 2000 pp for using the bathroom, extra 5000 pp for the showers. We ignored it, and just used the sanitaries. He didn‘t ask for more money.

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Nasty dirt road to get there but OK in the dry. Massive confusion on the price. I was told the fixed price is 50,000 per day. Camping and entrance. If you want to then camp at the top and stay 2 days, you pay another 50,000. I tried my best to understand but then the old guy got really wound up and said if I don't like it I can leave. Quite extreme, but anyway. I was there to make the climb. Probably just do a quick up and down rather than pay twice.

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We stayed just one night there because the next day there was a forescat of rain and the road to get out is difficult: muddy and slippery even with 4x4. The current price per person is Gs. 35000 and camping up the hill or down in the administration area is Gs. 15000. Climbing the hill + camping is Gs. 50000 p/p

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actual price 35.000gs pp entrance, 50.000gs pp entrance and camping.

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25,000 pp entrance fee. 35,000 to camp. Restrooms, quincho, bbq, grassy and nice spot. 1 to 2 hours hike up the top of Cerro Tres Kandu (highest point in Paraguay) 2.7 mile hike.

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