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118.7 masl


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bridge limit of 3.5 tons. we have a Ford E350 and made it withtout problems


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We parked on the street in front of a hostel for like 4 nights and the police came to tell us that my car wasn’t allowed on the island because it was a minibus. which is not true its registered as a van so it was officially allowed on the island. But they were still assholes about it and telling me i was taking up too much space which was also bullshit there was more then enough space for other cars to pass even when i had my doors open. They made us move otherwise they would ticket us and told us that we couldn’t sleep in the car. Be carefull if you’re gonna camp here. The police are dickheads and make up their own laws.

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I’m way under the limit but didn’t see anyone there checking. However if you’re in a big rig stay off the island, even the main loop road is quite small at places. The free spot called ‘parking lot near the water’ has space for bigger rigs but you might as well find a nicer spot on the mainland

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It's not really a bridge limit in the structural sense, the bridge would take way more than 3.5T, it's just that they don't want large vehicles on the island. There's a police officer on the bridge stopping any vehicle looking over 3.5T. If you look light, you'll probably get in ok. If you're too big, it's easy to park at the Mall (big open car park, free) and walk over.

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bridge limit of 3.5 tons. we have a Ford E350 and made it withtout problems

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