Part 2 - DIJ Vehicle Inspection to Ship Vehicle | Customs and Immigration



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This is the location for picking up your papers after you complete the inspection. Bypass the line outside and go through the double doors. Take a pen with you!

Process can take over an hour.


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Parking in this area is difficult. Check out this street, C. Jose Holgin for parking (8.965262, -79.546812).

Go to the building, skip the line. Two police officers will ask you what you want. If they try to point you in a different direction, be persistent and get inside the building.

There is a seating area and AC. You will need to fill out a form and have the original documents with you. Bring a pen. You don't need any copies. You need to know your shipping company (probably Cosco).

We arrived at 9 am and it was "relatively" fast (about 1.5-2h).

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Today we got our certificate. We artived at 10.30 as recommend by Overland Embassy and they said, they need one hour. After 2 hours we left the building to eat something and came back around 2p.m. and we waited for another hour or more. -.-
I would recommend to go there, skip the line outside, go inside and fill out the form there and then come back 3 or 4 hours later.

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just added a new picture of the entry. and take a pen with you for filling out the document. The don't have one at the front desk!

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Slick, took 10 minutes.

If you need more copies there is a copy shop just across the road.

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We were thereby 1.45 p.m.. Less then 15 minnutes we got our report 🤗

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Just wanted to add a photo of the building. use the bridge to cross the busy highway especially if it is raining hard as the roads here were pretty flooded when we went to get our paperwork.

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As described. Circumvent line and explain to person at desk you are leaving country with vehicle. We were told to arrive at 2:00. We were there at 1:30. They made it clear we wouldn’t be seen until 2:00. We were only overlanders there. Process went as described. Departed at 2:30. Parked at step 1 location. Very pleasant.

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Since no one else described "the process" I will. Enter the doors and tell the man behind the desk you are there to pick up the inspection report for vehicle salida del pais. He'll tell you to sit down on the chairs. Shortly after two pm you'll be called up to provide one copy of the documents discussed in part 1. You will fill out a little slip with passport number, shipping company and destination port and method (barco). Then you will sit down and wait..Eventually they'll call you up and you'll be given the paper. Free to go!

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You will find parking here if you look for it, I park 200 mts from the offices ,with a 30 ft motor home.

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If you have a big rig, you will not find parking here. Park at the DIJ inspection area parking lot, and walk to will be easier!

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You need copies of your ownership, passport and TIP.

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Good description. Took us just over an hour from start to finish.

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This is the location for picking up your papers after you complete the inspection.
Bypass the line outside and go through the double doors.

You will be assigned a number and wait to fill out another form

Process can take over an hour

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