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9 months ago
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a very beautiful artisanal mezcal factory. people are very friendly and the mezcal very good ... you can also visit the propeety and see all the processus.
very nice
we asked to fill a 4liters bottle and it was 1600 pesos for a really good one


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Did the 250 pesos tasting here, was pretty good and in English. Tastings are little sips, but pretty interesting to taste some different types of agave back to back. We arrived around 4pm and they close at 5pm, and it seemed kinda rushed like they didn’t want us to be there. We asked if we could stay the night if we did the tour and they said if we did the tour and bought a bottle (bottles are 1200 pesos) so we didn’t stay.

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Prices are now:
200p for a tour + 3 mezcals + 2 gins
250p for a tour + 5 mezcals + 2 gins (although we actually tried about 10 mezcals, they were happy to pour literally everything they had in the tasting room).

It’s definitely steep considering that you can taste at other great palenques for just a small tip, but it was really nice to have the mezcal process explained in English (I only understood about 60% of our previous tours in Spanish, so this was worthwhile for that alone). AND they let us camp for 2 nights within their secure gated compound! The staff are really friendly, as is the security guard, and we loved sleeping in our van right in front of the agaves. Beautiful!


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Indeed this place is nice and the mezcals are good. Although for us it felt a bit too comercial already, but that's personal preferences :). One issue where we felt a bit betrayed is that they charged us 2x 150 Pesos (it's 100 for smaller variety tasting and 150 for "extended"), although only one of us did the tasting, the other one had to drive and did only take 3 very small sips from the other ones glass.

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Awesome spot! Great tour! It is not a tiny little one family factory, but it’s a young eco conscious business and they make gin (out of agave! Very unique)! they are also attempting to cultivate the wild agaves which is very neat.

100 pesos pp for tour, includes tasting (we got to try ALL of the mezcals and gins). We did the tour in Spanish, didn’t ask about English availability. Bottles were 500-1000 (small bottles 250)

Pricey but recommended. Cool, polished, and very informative (more so than other tours we’ve done).

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Stopped on our way for a visit but it was all closed because it is Sunday. So keep in mind, They are only open from monday to saturday.

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They have an amazing and huge Airbnb house to rent if you want to splurge. $75USD/night but three bedrooms, king size bed, two baths, massive eat in kitchen, bar, a million dvds, patio, wifi and very beautifully decorated. Free mezcal tour and tasting included. I would seriously consider vacationing here again. The mezcal is really great but per 750ml bottle they range from approximately $500-950p. We also were able to fill a 5L water jug with Mezcal Espadín for $1250 ($250/L) if you ask nicely. They also make incredible Gin!

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Great tour in English. Heavenly Mezcal. Also, abuelito makes great chocolate. They take credit cards.

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Wonderful tour in English, Mezcal is heavenly. AND don’t forget chocolate from abuelito.

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Don't go on a Monday. The lady was very nice and gave us a bit of a tour, but the production was closed for their CV day off. Not so interesting.

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We had a wonderful tour through the pruduction of Mezcal with much information - in english. We met the Mezcalerols and could ask them all. After we had a taste - and we loved it and went out with two bottles. If you are looking for a good Mezcal don't miss it.

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a verry beautifull artisanal mezcal factory. people are very friendly and the mezcal very good ... you can also visit the propeety and see all the processus.
very nice
we asked to fill a 4liters bottle and it was 1600 pesos for a really good one

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