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Nice one hour hike to a look out point over the whole valley. The place is a little remote so take along plenty of water.


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Great hike with stunning views, about 45’ to 1 hour to get to the cross,from there you can carry on a do a loop but… there are a few things to take into account if you want to do that!
I have added the screenshot of the loop trail from our GPS for reference.
We did the loop without any info (blind so to speak) and, we’ll we are still here to write about it however:
1- not for people with vertigo or a fear of heights, a decent section of the trail is on a cliff edge of on a ridge with a cliff on either side (red section)
2- wear shoes with good grip!!! If you slide, we’ll that might just be the last thing you do!
3- take a GPS with you as the trails isn’t used often and disappears in the tree/ brush sections. You’ll find it again if you have a GPS with the trail depicted on it, we Used Gaia and had no issues.
4- if you are arachnophobic you might have issues, once you head into the shrubs (as you go down into the valley) you’ll be dealing with hundreds or more spider webs… we took a stick to displace those that were in our way.

The views are amazing and the hike is an adventure, it took us about 4 hours to complete the 6 kms hike but we stopped heaps for photos etc… we were lucky we didn’t get rained on, on a wet day it would have been dangerous.

The section from the cross to the top of the rock is on the edge of a cliff, the path isn’t very easy and good footwear is recommended (orange on the screenshot). There is a cable to help you up the very steep section.
You will be right on the edge of a cliff for a short part of the climb, so keep that in mind. In all honesty, I’d recommend turning back there and heading back down the way you came.

The next 1.5 kms you’ll be hiking on a ridge with cliffs either side(the red section on the map screenshot)… then you’ll spend a km or so wondering where the trail went (blue section on the map screenshot) and clearing branches and spiders out of the way until you eventually enter a farm paddock where things get better as the cows keep the area clear… from there just follow the river down to the road. (The purple section)

Fun hike, just better when you know what you are getting into!!!

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I'm posting this to let everybody know I was a victim of a terrible attack in the Mandango viewpoint, on Dec 7th 2017. If you want to read the full story you can do that here: https://www.facebook.com/andiecarenzofranke/posts/1529322680511909?pnref=story
One of the attackers has been brought to justice, is being processed and waiting for trial. But there have been other cases since 2011 or 2012 and they are not assigning any security to prevent this to happen to anyone else or giving the proper information. Vilcabamba has some great trails and I encourage you to visit, just be extra careful. Get together with other travelers and visit in groups or hire a guide, it is truly a beautiful place. I don't want what happened to me happening to anybody else, it was a horrible and traumatic experience. Be safe!
I also encourage you to speak up if something bad happens to you when traveling. Go to the police and get it on record. Otherwise, this will only get worse. Don't be afraid of speaking up! We need to ask for justice and security for everybody.
Spread the word. Thank you.
Estoy posteando para que todos se enteren que fui víctima de un terrible ataque en el Cerro Mandango el día 7 de diciembre de 2017. Pueden leer la historia completa en uno de estos links: https://www.facebook.com/andiecarenzofranke/posts/1526189567491887?pnref=story
Uno de los delincuentes hoy se encuentra detenido y siendo procesado. Pero se han suscitado muchos hechos de inseguridad en ese sendero desde el 2011 o 2012 y aún no se toman medidas preventivas y sé por otra viajera que aún no informan sobre las medidas de seguridad a tener en cuenta. Vilcabamba tiene unos senderos muy lindos, y NO quiero desalentarlos de ir, sólo que tengan mucho cuidado. Agrúpense con otros viajeros o contraten un guía, es un lugar realmente muy hermoso, pero tengan cuidado!
NO quiero que esto le pase a nadie más porque es una experiencia horrible y traumática. También les pido y los aliento a que si en algún momento son víctimas de un robo o un ataque violento, no se queden callados, muchas veces eso es lo que espera la justicia, que los turistas no digamos nada. Denuncien y persigan la justicia y la seguridad.
Corran la voz. Muchas gracias.

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