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This is a very well-equipped garage that fixed our tire. We had a tiny hole in the Tube and Sammy fixed it immediately. He also does welding, oil change, and much more...


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Wow what a great mechanic. Spun a bearing on our trailer. Had to remove axle. Worked all day on it. Replaced parts which where shipped in by Baja PAC to Gerrero Negro. Real mechanic. 5 star!

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Went to Sammy’s garage, just like any good Mexican mechanic knows how to improvise and work hard. Highly recommended :)

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tight shop but an oil change on G30 roadtrek w/350:
900 pesos and I furnished the filter.

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Had some issues with our car radio and couldn't get it out for replacement. after 1.5 hours they got it, charged 300 pesos for it. Friendly guys and good service

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Awesome! Lots of jammed up travelers getting sorted out here. We had a broken flywheel. Sammy had a friend pick one up in Ensenada, dropped our transmission, replaced it, and had us on the road in 24 hours. He was helping other travellers with a broken axle on a trailer at the same time. He can't accept credit cards, and there is no atm in town. The market across the street accepts credit cards and they helped us with cash. Fortunately he wasn't expensive.

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Great garage. Checked our faulty leaking tire, found a replacement (it’s an odd side for our vanagan, but he had it!) and replaced it quickly. Saved us! $60usd for the used tire.

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great! fixed our tire for 100 pesos within 30 minutes. speaks English.

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very fast service. Samy fixed our flat tire for 100 pesos. very nice.

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This is a very well equipped garage who fixed our tire. We had a tiny hole in the Tube and Sammy fixed it right now. He also does welding, oil change, and much more...

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