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MODERATORS NOTE: No Parking overnight signs posted.

side the sea ( beach) little noisy (road)


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They must have recently added no parking signs (2am-6am) all along the road here. they weren't here when I stayed here many times in the spring. I'm not sure how much they're enforced.

there may be rats but most likely the comments below are referring to the multitude of fluffy bunnies.

gorgeousness views and ocean sounds.

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Signs along the road that say ‘no parking 2am - 6am’. There are other vans here but maybe park here at your own risk!

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No Parking 2am-6am
Sunday evening was busy but fit my 40ft bus at the end with space for other cars. only parked for a few hours to go down to the beach.

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Beautiful views from a cliff on a side street with free parking. We stayed overnight. Not crowded, beautiful driftwood artwork and even a house made from driftwood. This is a great destination. Thanks for the recommendation.

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Stayed one night without any problem. No signs prohibiting an overnight here. A few other vans were set up for the night as well! Parked by the fence at the end of the road and overlooked the ocean from the cliff. Train and traffic aren’t too bad at night, it’s mostly drowned out by the ocean anyways.

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Update: sheriff stopped by during the day today asking if we had been staying here. He shrugged when I asked if it was okay to stay here and said “people do it anyways,” and then “I’m not going to kick you out.” He also mentioned that he thinks the county will be getting signs up soon.

Check in to see if there are signs in the near future, otherwise seems okay.

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Stayed here for 2 nights without issue while we did hikes in Los Padres. Each night had a train or 2 pass but they come and go without event, otherwise a beautiful beach spot.

pretty sure the "Giant rats" were actually bunnies. There are a ton of them and they're adorable.

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At the end of the road next to what looks like an abandoned house are 4 marked parking spots. On a cliff over looks the beach. Perfect spot to watch the sunset. Next to train tracks and freeway so can be noisy. Stayed one night and would stay again next time in the area.

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🌱 pros: pretty good spot! no giant rats lol
we stayed here for a night, but you can probably stay more. beach access right next to the spot.

cons: this beach has oil spills on it and has a sign that air and water can be hazardous to humans. it definitely smelled like asphalt and oil for the first few hours but we got used to it. this beach is also dog friendly, we saw a bunch of dogs off leash.

follow our instagram adventures! ☺🌿

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BEWARE!!! GIANT RATS! We saw rats in the garbage near here, but stupidly didn’t move on.... we had giant rats in our car! We ended up having to play loud, high frequency noises while driving away and banging on the walls at 3 AM. Unless your car is TOTALLY 100% rat proof, I’d stay away.

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decent place for a night. looks like 2 spaces that can accommodate 25 to 27 footer and other spots are car sized. noisy trains 2 times last one at 11pmish. backs right to the beach from a 40 foot cliff. channel islands clearly visible. hwy 1 traffic constant. earplugs recommended

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Nice spot, if you go a few steps back the road, there‘s a way down the beach with lots of good firewood. We stayed one night there and there were 2 trains making a loud sound.

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officer told us its illegal to sleep in a vehicle in santa barbara county. was nice enough to let us leave in the morning. but told us not to stay overnight again.

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free and no hassle. can hear cars from highway. as close to the ocean as youll get. occasional train passes through.

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This place is ok for one night. It‘s very noisey because of the highway and the train right next to this location. There is also a lot of garbage and a fallen fence around. But nobody borthered us.

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Good place, most noice from the sea and Very Little from road. Much better then expensieve campgrounds nearby. Water and toilets in park 0,5 on the road. Path to the beach

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side the sea ( beach) littel noisy (road)

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