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For free... Here you can shower (free) and take the toilettes... Easy :-) after you pay 2 dollars to park for 1 hour


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Cold (!!), not private, showers. You dont have to pay the parking fee if you stay for max 90 minutes.

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just to be clear, these are public outdoor beach showers that are obviously meant for rinsing off after the beach. men's and women's showers are visible from the parking lot and beach and openly facing eachother, so ain't no way you can be naked and properly clean yourself here. if you are particularly desperate for a shower I guess you could shower with your swimsuit on, but there's no changing stalls with doors/curtains or privacy or anything. toilets were closed today, maybe they are seasonal. really beautiful beach though!

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Hot showers, changing rooms, clean toilets and sinks! Perfect spot to freshen up.

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Very nice place, mens toilet has no door so kind of sus. The shower is great, it has a wall so a bit of privacy during shower. The water is nice too

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showers work great :) no doors in men's bathroom thiugh

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There are stall doors in the toilets now.

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No doors on stalls!!!! Cleaned daily through COVID. Everything open and cheap , safe area

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I just couldn't do it there are no doors on the toilets and there was a bunch of little kids getting ready for the beach inside the bathroom. will work great if you dont mind making eye contact while you shit.

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men's cubicles have no doors... if you're into that

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For free... Here you can shower (free) and take the toilettes... Easy :-)

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