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$4,50 for 20 minutes in gym showers. currently being renovated

UPDATE: $4.50 after 6pm for all amenities on Tuesdays and Fridays. $9.25 for a drop-in pass during the day ('drop-in' means that once you leave you can’t come back in unless you pay again.) All day pass is $14 (They have all of the information on the website!)


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I paid $4.25 after 11am for the gym and shower. If you go into the universal change rooms, they have private showers.

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free wifi in the carpark, pretty strong 3 hour parking limit

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$4.50 per person for a shower if you are out of the building in 20 minutes. They charge you $9 and have your receipt time. If you come back to the desk within 20 minutes, they refund you $4.50. Or between 11:00-1:00 you can pay $7 to use the building with no time limit. Separate mens and womans change rooms with public showers or 4 private shower stalls in the family change room.

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9.25 dollars for drop-in (only one entry during the day).
50% off on Tuesday and Friday between 6:00 pm and 9:30 pm.
Every activities are available (sauna - hammam - pools - fitness...).
Great place !

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They aren’t open for public drop ins or showers due to Covid.

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Great location. Think I paid 8.95 for a drop in. Used the pool, spa, steam room, sauna and showered after. It is a public shower though, not individual

Saw a few other vanlife vehicles in the car park

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Showers: 4.50$ if you take your shower in 20min or less, otherwise they will charge you 9$ since they will assume you are using the other facilities (pool, sauna, gym, etc.)

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After 9pm (And before 9am) it’s a little under 5 dollars for a drop in pass including showers, pool, and work out facility. :) otherwise I believe a drop in pass before that is $8.75 (drop in meaning come in but once you leave you can’t come back in unless you pay agin) otherwise they have a day pass which is like 10 or 12 dollars? Personally I find that very reasonable if you’re going to use in the morning and at night. Super nice facility and very affordable. All the information is on their website as well if you want to know more!

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still woks fine 4:50 20min they have saunas and spas too, showers are a thing they do, no need to hustle or anything... just ask.

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4,50 for 20 minutes in gym showers. currently being renovated.

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