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Only Customer Parking up to a maximum of 3 hrs. Woke up with “Unauthorized Parking Notification”


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So once again a few disrespectful a-holes have forever ruined a boondocking site for hundreds of future travelers looking to spend a night or 2. I personally saw the aforementioned jerk in the fifth wheel who stayed many months with his generator running all day/night as well as others leave heaps of garbage and even DUMP THEIR BLACK TANK in this Wal-Mart parking lot 🤮! Pigs! No wonder this location is now closed. All boondockers need to show decency and respect wherever they stay or we will all lose our privilege of staying in convenient locations. We need to speak up when we see these a-holes abusing sites or we will lose them all!!! Happy travels to all :)

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Woke up with “Unauthorized Parking Notification”

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Woke up with an “Unauthorized Parking Notification”

It says that I’ll be towed the next time I stay. Attached picture of the letter.

There was one RV and nobody else so I should have taken that as a sign when I got there late at night.

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As mentionned, there's a lot of people "living" here. I asked at customer service if I could stay the night and the lady said it wasn't a problem. She did mention the RVs that had been there since summer and asked to leave but I guess they didn't do anything about it.

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The long term population living here, dollying off trailers and being disrespectful of the area is growing. I fully refuse to stay here for a night. The housing crisis in the lower mainland is becoming worse and worse, wish more was being done about it.

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Asked to leave. After camping there several times over the past several years, we were woken up at 4:30 am and told that we would have to leave "in the morning". Honestly, this place has turned into a gong show w/ every form of camper, unattached 5th wheel, and generators running at night. Can't blame them.
I'm curious if everyone else is getting this now.

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Was woken up at 4:30 am by security saying we'd have to leave first thing in the morning. First time this has happened after staying here several times. Place was full of campers, as usual.

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looks like another great place to spend the night, plenty of campers on left side (facing store) as previous poster mentioned. even a few people (including myself) sitting outside their RV enjoying the beautiful evening.

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Thank you Walmart for another night of overnight parking. Lots of fellow campers. Seems most rv and overnights park on the left if your looking at the store.

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not very quiet place to sleep but there's wifi here, and also toilet from Walmart whenever they open.

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We called and were given permission to park on the perimeter of the lot. We parked on the left side, facing the store, where there were about a dozen other RVs. The parking lot is large and mostly level. It was a quiet night. There was good ATT and Verizon cell service. The Walmart is well stocked.

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Awesome spot!
Lots of shops near by and tons of other RVs and vans.
Some people looked like they were here for a while.
Nice and clean too.

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level spots easy to find.......................

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Yay a free Walmart with plenty of fellow campers

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Your good old usual walmart parking, with no eviction signs posted! It has a noisy/smelly/ugly wildlife, but most of them are inoffensive, if not drunk driving their car! Enjoy your stay, drink water, and dont expose your naked self to the surveilance crew..

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