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about 4 years ago
432.0 masl
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ADMIN NOTE: No overnight camping allowed, please respect the wishes of the locals.

Update: camping my is not allowed here anymore, even with permit. We were kicked out by the military then tried to get permits in San Ignacio and were told camping is not allowed here.


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Can’t stay here or wild camp anywhere else in the park without a permit anymore. We got asked to leave by the military.

Permits can be purchased in San Ignacio for 5 BZ pp per night at the permit office located on corner of Melhado street and Buena Vista. But the permit office said that even with a permit overnight camping is not allowed here.

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Great spot to stay if your self contained. The recent fires have destroyed the pit toilets. Place is great stayed two nights. Tried to get permit at check point area but no rangers around. No one bothered us here

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Stayed 3 nights, loved every bit of it. Beautiful views and pools to swim in. Relatively close to all of the other waterfalls and caves.

Primitive camping, so be prepared with food/water and such.

Upon entering the park we were told we needed to get a a permit to camp (it is still free but you now need permission) located back in San Ignacio near the police station. We didn't want to drive back to San Ignacio, so we asked the military guys within the park grounds if it was okay and they honestly could have cared less. We were never bugged during our 3 nights about the permit.

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Great spot! We spent 4 nights here and absolutely loved it. Drive to the military check point first to get permission to stay overnight. Don't miss Rio Frio Cave and Big Rock Falls. There were a few back flies, mostly at dawn and dusk.

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We stayed here 4 nights for free. PERFECT spot and good hub for exploring the pine ridge. Rio on pools, five sister falls, big rock fall and Rio frio cave just around the corner. Friendly military was checking on our safety every afternoon. Besides lunch hours we had the whole picnic area for ourselves. "Private" pools just down the stairs with water for treating. Beautiful at night. We didn't have mosquitos and the temperature cooled down to enjoy some nice sleeps.

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We camped here for a night and went to the ruins the day after. The pools are nice to cool off and you will see a few tourists in the afternoon, but no one is around at night.

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We were told in San Ignacio you need 4x4 & high clearance which we have BUT you don't need. We took road from SI not Georgeville. there are a couple of rough patches but nothing insurmountable by most vehicles. Go; it's worth it. we did not camp but you certainly could. had a great swim.

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The pools and waterfalls are beautiful but the campsite itself is just alright. There are some picnic tables if you needed to get out of the rain. The day we came no one else was around. Free

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After going to Caracol we pulled off at Rio on Pools and camped at the picnic tables. It was a beautiful spot with only a couple other tourists during the day. And a nice refreshing bath after the hot day at Caracol! Free!

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Primitive camp next to the river. Lots of poils here you can swim in to cool off. Temps still hot but not as hot as other parts of belize!

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Here you could also sleep if you want. Unfortunately it rained for us and we continued. The Rio On Pools are then removed 2-3min walkway from the car park.

Price: Free

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