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Last Visited: 27 days ago
GPS: -17.36072, -56.76690
Altitude: 0.0 masl
Place Website:


Electricity: Yes - At Sites
Wifi: Yes - Average
Kitchen: No
Restaurant: Yes
Showers: Warm
Water: Potable
Toilets: Running Water
Big Rig Friendly: Yes
Tent Friendly: Yes
Pet Friendly: Yes
Sanitation Dump Station: Unknown

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Beautiful spot alongside the river. B$ 40.- pp/n.
Spotting a jaguar, blue macaws and an iguana made it definitely worth the money. Electricity available noon to 2pm and 6pm to 6am. Reasonable wifi around restaurant. Breakfast B$ 30.- pp, lunch or dinner B$ 60.- pp
Camping sites mostly shaded with concrete floor, tap & sink and shelves. Electricity, some outlets with 120v others with 220v.
English spoken in reception/restaurant. Several options for accommodation as well.
Ask for boat tour at the reception. B$ 950.- for 4 persons for a complete private day tour, without coming back for lunch and did not have to pay extra gasoil! Lot of wildlife and a lots of Jaguars...


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we love the place and the tour! very good place for Motorhome - along the river, personal quincho with water and électricity. 40pp/night. children didn't pay.
Cost 1100real for a private tour full day 7am to 5pm! our boat driver Antonio was very good to see animal and respectfull! we enjoy it si much!!! we Saw 2 Jaguar. could observe one during 2,5 hours. so crazy expérience !!!!

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Camping on the river as discribed. They offered us a tour (2p small boat) for 700 R 4hours, starting at 7 am next day. We finally agreed on a full day trip for 900 incl lunch, out in the Pantanal. After 4 h the captain returned to the port and terminated the trip. He had some argumenting during the last hour via wireless. After some discussion the boss insisted on the 700 but offered us a free lunch, we finally accepted. There were some new tourists at the place, I expect he could sell a trip for a better price. I cannot recommend this place.

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Stayed here 1 nite. We were swamped with mosquitos here. Only place open in town at this time of year. Went on 4 hrs (650reals for 2 inclusive 1 nite camping ) jaguar tour but didn’t see any. Lots of birds Saw hyacinth macaws. Dirty toilet n shower.

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One of my few negative experiences - but it doesn’t have to be. Everything about the description is accurate but it’s just a bit worn down and little effort is going into the place. The staff might be the laziest people on the planet - you need to walk into the reception and wake them from the discolored white couch to get anything done. I empathize - really - it’s 38 degrees and humid as hell, but the lack of effort is an effort in itself. We actually booked our boat down the road a bit as these guys simply couldn’t be asked!

The shower was fine and the bathrooms acceptable - it’s more a comment on apathy. If we were to do it again we’d finish the boat at 17:00 and go back to one of the lodges mid-route. The sites are very buggy - again, understandable, but they are not being maintained.

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Camping au bord du Rio Cuiaba 40R/p électricité de 12h à 14 h et de 18h à 6h. Les sanitaires ne sont pas bien entretenus mais en faisant soi même le ménage ça va.

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Probably the best stay for overlanders. Nice riverside view and a lot of wildlife around. But dirty bathrooms and a lot of trash around, hot showers only when the generator runs the night...
We did a private boat tour to see the jaguars here with them. Ask in the restaurant at the desk. We paid B$ 950.- for 4 persons for a complete day tour, without coming back for lunch and did not have to pay extra gasoil! We saw a lot of wildlife and a lots of Jaguars...

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We liked it here. 40rpp to camp. Boat was 750 r for 4 people + extra gas (first 20L Included). So we paid 440R for two people for a full day tour and saw 2 jaguars - then we were very lucky to get invited to another group's boat for free 3 more days for free and saw 13 jaguars in total! If you want to be almost 100% sure to see the jaguar it is important to go for a full day tour. The type of boat didn't really matter - we tried several types. Camping by the river was beautiful, you have a hut with a sink and electricity for yourself and shade under the trees. Bathrooms are not very nice but the only one with a hot shower is clean and the lady's bathroom in the restaurant is also nice. We spent here 6 nights. Many of the other guests are fishermen and the owners are not very friendly but Benicio who manages the place is very friendly. Food is expensive so we didn't eat at the restaurant. Electricity 6pm to 6 am and 12 to 2 pm. Wifi 24h at the restaurant. Several blue macaws live here too. We liked the settings much more than Jaguar Camp that we checked before coming here.

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Don't go there. Although a few of the amenities looked almost new they already seem to have stopped cleaning the place. The toilets were all extremely dirty (literally full of s***), the campsite huts were very dirty (leftovers and rubbish) and the guys at the reception could not have cared less... wanted to charge 40 reais pp, we turned around and went to Jaguar Camp, which is a much better option.

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40R$ pppn, Jaguar tour per boat (40hp, with sun cover, max 6 pers) 700R$ incl 20 liters of fuel. Additional fuel 8R$ per litre.

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Major update of main description is well overdue as the original is way out of date.
Three Blue Macaws visited every day (their nesting hollow is just behind the first camping shelter) and a pair of Giant Otters patrolled past our site several times a day.
Earlier reports of rubbish are obsolete as two workers were constantly on the job, even raking leaves.

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We try to check in Porto Joffre possibilities to ship with our car to Corumba, no way. People in this place are just interested by the jaguar business and tourists currency. If you are not decided by paying 1200 BRL (350€) to shot a photo to a poor jaguar pushed to the banks of the river Cuiaba by people radio-linked with the driver boats it is not worthy to go to Porto Joffre : animals and birds are present 70 km on north.

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40R per person for the camping, 70R for open buffet dinner and 850R for whole day boat trip. We didn't use any of their services.

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Beautiful spot alongside the river. Sanitary facilities are clean, but too much garbage lying around. 25 reais a night (2 persons + car) was too much money considering the facilities. But spotting a jaguar, blue macaws and an iguana made it definitely worth the money. Owner is Oscar.

Price: R$25 per couple + vehicle

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